October 23, 2017

30 Fascinating Cat Facts You’re Dying to Know!

cat facts

You know that your little furry friend is special, but there’s so much more to your cat than you realize! From special ways of communicating to having incredible talents, your cat is unlike any other animal in the world! Here are some fascinating cat facts you’re dying to know: Image Source

Check out These 30 Cat Facts That All Cat Lovers Should Know!

30. Cats LOVE to Sleep!

A sleeping cat

Cats love to sleep! They sleep for anywhere from 12 to 16 hours a day. In fact, cats sleep for nearly 70% of their lives! What a life! Don’t you wish you could sleep for 16 hours? I know I do! Image Source

29. White cats are prone to deafness

A white cat with heterochromia

While not all white cats are deaf, a study by Cornell University found that up to 85% of white cats with blue eyes are partially or fully deaf. Don’t worry, even if your cat is hearing impaired he or she will still be able to communicate with you in other ways! Image Source

28. Cats rule and dogs drool!

Two adorable siamese cats

Cats are extremely popular in the United States. There are more than 85 million cats in the US, but less than 75 million dogs. Although that shouldn’t really come as a surprise since we all know, “Cats rule and dogs drool!” Image Source

27. Cats love to play fight!

Cat playing with a furry toy

You’ve probably noticed that your cat loves to play fight. When cats “hit you” with their claws retracted they are purposely trying not to hurt you. Cats have so much fun chasing after you and their furry siblings that they don’t want to ruin it by accidentally scratching someone. Image Source

26. Cats are crespular!

Cat in candlelight

Some people think that cats are nocturnal, but that’s not the case. Cats are actually crespular. That means that they are most active during twilight, which is the darkest part of dawn and dusk. That’s why you’ll sometimes wake up to your cat running around like a maniac at 5AM. Image Source

25. No one knows exactly how a cat purrs.

A cat stretching under the warm sun

No one is quite sure how a car purrs. While scientists have figured out that it involves the diaphragm and larynx muscles, they aren’t sure how these two muscles work together to create the sound and vibrations. A cat’s purr promotes healing in the body. Image Source

24. A small town in Alaska has a cat for a mayor.

Cat mayor behind a vase

This one is a cat trivia that may seem unreal but is actually true: For the past 15 years the small town of Talkeetna in Alaska, has had a cat name Stubbs as its official mayor. Yup, mayor! You read that right! We think that any town that is willing to name a cat as its mayor is probably one of the coolest town in all of the US! Image Source

23. Colby Nolan, MBA CAT

A portrait of Colby Nolan the MBA cat

Colby Nolan was a 6-year old black cat that belonged to the deputy attorney general. He spent most of his days lounging around and mooching off his owners. We only say “mooching” because he had an MBA and still wasn’t applying for jobs or moving out of his human’s house. Colby Nolan’s name was used in a 2004 investigation of at Trinity Southern University and other universities. Officials wanted to know if the universities were granting bogus degrees. We think it’s safe to say the investigation was a success! Image Source

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