14 September, 2015

10 Foods Dogs Can’t Have

10 Foods Dogs Can’t Have

It’s dinner time and your dog is at your side, staring at you with those big, sad brown eyes, patiently waiting for you to share whatever it is you’re eating…

We’ve all been there, and although it may be very tempting (or too easy) to give in, you need to be careful when you decide to share because some of the foods dogs can’t have may surprise you.

The truth is, that even very small amounts of some foods can be very harmful to dogs, and can even lead to some pretty serious side effects.

grapes are one of the foods dogs can't have

Are grapes bad for dogs? – Although it isn’t known why, grapes are one of the foods dogs can’t have due to their potential toxicity.

Some can even kill your dog.

In fact, there’s a lot of “people food” that’s bad for your dog, and some of it may surprise you.

That’s why we made an infographic of 27 Foods Toxic for Dogs and a list of foods dogs can and can’t have.

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