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Posted on: 9-28-2017

Scammers are everywhere these days. And this includes the supply of ESA letters for your pet. So how can you know which are scams and which are legit? Luckily, they’re easy to spot.
Checking for these 6 warning signs will reveal if an ESA letter isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on:

1. Are they offering a “registry”?

Answer: Scam

There’s no legal requirement to add your pet to a registry. It offers no legal protection and is just a way for scammers to make money. If a registry is all they’re offering, keep your credit card deep in your pocket.
Companies with names like “US Dog Registry” and “Service Dog Registry” are not offering legitimate ESA letters.

2. Is the ESA Letter approved instantly?

Answer: Scam

For a pet to be approved as an Emotional Support Animal your application MUST be reviewed by a licensed mental health professional. This takes time. So if a website offers instant approval you’ll know that nobody’s reviewed your case. Anything they send you therefore gives you no legal protection.

3. Are they only offering "ID packages"?

Answer: Scam

Vests and ID badges may look official. But anybody can get get cheap vests printed and fake badges made. The fact is that both are unnecessary. What you DO need is an ESA Letter approved by a qualified mental health professional.

4. Does the ESA Letter last a lifetime?

Answer: Scam

Getting an ESA Letter is like getting a doctor’s prescription. It only lasts for as long as you need it. Your rights to an Emotional Support Animal have to be reviewed every year. So any ESA Letter sold with a lifetime guarantee is a fake.

5. Does the ESA Letter let you take your pet Anywhere?

Answer: Scam

An ESA Letter gives you a lot more freedom on where you can live and for taking your pet on planes. However, you still can’t take your pet anywhere. There are public places, like restaurants, museums, and libraries, where you’ll still have to ask permission.
Only service animals, like guide dogs, have the freedom to go everywhere with their owner.

6. Is the ESA Letter surprisingly cheap?

Answer: Scam

If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And this applies to ESA Letters.
If an ESA Letter is being sold at a low price then it likely hasn’t been approved by a licensed mental health professional. They may have cut corners in other ways, too.
You may think you’re saving a few dollars, but in the grand scheme of things, you’re not. When you actually need your ESA Letter it will cost you more when it’s rejected and you get evicted or barred from flying.

With So Many Scams, Who Can You Trust?

Running through the 6 questions above on an ESA Letter service website will help you avoid most scams. However, the best way to avoid any risks is to get your ESA Letter from the internet’s #1 ESA Letter service: CertaPet.
On the CertaPet website you won’t be asked to register your pet and the only time you will be able to purchase an ID card or vest is after you’ve purchased your ESA letter. All we offer is 100% lawful and legally compliant ESA Letters.
You can find out if you qualify for an ESA Letter in less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is answer a few questions on our website. We then pass off your answers to a mental health professional licensed in your state. They’ll review your case and if approved you’ll get your letter within 48 hours.

Find Out if You Qualify Online in 5 Minutes

We may not be the cheapest. However, our price is competitive and includes the fee for an online consultation provided by one of our many, fully licensed mental health professionals.
If your pet is your best friend and source of support, don’t put them at risk. Make sure you avoid all scammers by working with Certapet to get your application reviewed and approved by a licensed mental health professional. Anything less will only cost you more in the long run.

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