Things to Know Before You Adopt a Pet to Be Your ESA

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Everyone needs a little animal companion in their life. If you’re thinking of getting an emotional support animal (ESA), then adoption is surely a great way to go about it. When you adopt a pet to become your ESA, you’re getting a life-long friend. Not only are they kind and sweet, but they’ll also improve your mental wellbeing!

Dogs for Adoption: You Save Them and They’ll Save You Right Back

When you rescue a furry friend from an animal shelter, you are giving them a new chance to be happy. Most cats and dogs who end up in shelters have been abandoned. In reality, all they want is love and companionship from a kind and dedicated owner.

But it’s not just adopted dogs and kittens who are saved during the pet adoption process! Plenty of studies show that humans thrive when they have an animal by their side. They provide people unconditional amounts of love, companionship, and even a new sense of purpose.

Adopting a pet is a win-win situation for all parties involved. You bring homeless pets happiness and they make your life better in all sorts of ways!

Interacting with Pets: Psychological and Physiological Benefits

People have adopted pets for thousands of years. Something about the human-animal bond is very satisfying for us. Maybe it’s seeing these cute furry bundles of joy playing around in a silly manner. Maybe it’s the cuddles they give us after we’ve had a bad day. But one thing is certain: there are plenty of benefits to adopting a dog or cat.

Having to care for an animal gives us purpose. No matter how tired, lazy, or depressed we feel, there are always things to do in order to care for a pet. A great example of this is avoiding spending all day in bed because the cat needs to be fed or the dog must be walked.

Pets also have the amazing ability to make us feel happier. Anyone who has had dogs knows how funny they can be when they act silly. Similarly, cat owners know how calming a kitty’s purring is. All in all, there is nothing sweeter than a loving pet. Our endorphin levels go through the roof when we’re around our companion animals.

When You Need a Little Help: Enter Emotional Support Animals!

Emotional support animals make everyone’s life easier, especially those of people suffering from a mental health condition or illness. From calming us down when we’re anxious to cheering us up when we’re depressed, ESAs are the best.

It’s been shown that owning a cat as an ESA has a lot of benefits. These owners usually have lower stress and anxiety levels when around their cat companion. Their blood pressure levels are also lower and their risks of dying of a stroke are slimmer!

Similarly, emotional support dogs better the lives of their owners. ESA owners get more exercise and, thus, have healthier hearts and lungs. Additionally, owning a dog pushes people to interact with others, making it easier to overcome social anxiety. Lastly, their dopamine and serotonin levels are usually through the roof — even if they have been diagnosed with depression!

woman kissing dog at an animal rescue site with other pets in cages

Any Dog or Cat Can Be an ESA!

The best thing about emotional support animals is that virtually any breed will do. It doesn’t matter if they’re pedigree or not, all that matters is that you build a meaningful connection with them. After all, they will become your life companions, and hopefully best friend!

This means that if you’re interested in becoming an ESA owner, you can get a cat or dog from an animal rescue today! Find an adoption program near you and you’ll find the perfect pet in no time!

How to Get Your ESA Letter Once You’ve Adopted a Pet

In order to own an ESA, you will need to get an emotional support letter. This letter is what gives you and your companion animal rights. It can only be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional (LMHP) after an evaluation.

But how exactly can you get one? Well, the process starts right here at CertaPet! The first step is to take our short 5-minute pre-screening test. Then, if your answers show that you may qualify for an ESA, we will put you in touch with a licensed mental health professional. They will be the ones issuing your precious emotional support letter.

Once you have the letter with you, all you’ll have to do is enjoy spending time with your furry buddy!

Two Important Federal Laws that Protect ESAs

In the United States, ESAs and their owners are protected by two important laws. As an emotional support animal owner, knowing these two federal laws is crucial!

Firstly, there is the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). It allows owners and their ESAs to travel by plane together at no added fee.

Secondly, there is the Fair Housing Act (FHA). This legislation gives ESAs and their owners the right to live together in rented accommodation.

Awesome, right? But remember, only people who have an ESA letter are protected by these laws!

Puppies for Adoption Near Me? When You Adopt a Puppy They May Be Too Young to Fly!

Taking in any type of pet is a humane and kind thing to do. But there are some things you need to watch out for when going through the adoption process… The most important is where the animal rescue organization you will go to is located.

Flying isn’t safe for dogs of all ages. In fact, when they are very young, it can be very dangerous — not to mention traumatic! Thus, you need to make sure the puppy you’re adopting is housed near you. Make sure you can bring your perfect pet back home by car or bus. Always avoid planes if your puppy is still quite young! Airlines have actually put age restrictions on pets. Make sure you check out the ariline’s ESA policy before planning a trip with little Fido.

dog sticking nose through fence waiting for pet adoption

How to Adopt a Dog or Cat: The Pet Adoption Process Explained!

The first step of the adoption process is assessing if you’d be a good owner. The volunteers at the rescue organization will ask you some basic questions about your home and lifestyle. Does your house have enough space for a dog or cat? Will you be away for long periods of time?

Then, it will be time for the fun part: the meet and greet! You will get to see the different pets housed at the rescue center and interact with them. This will probably be the stage in which a certain animal will become attached to you — and you to them!

Taking the Next Step When You Adopt a Pet

After choosing which furry friend to take home with you comes the boring part. This is the stage in which you will be asked to fill out the adoption paperwork. In most cases, you will need to leave some personal information and sign legal documents. But don’t be intimidated! There will be a staff member there to answer your questions.

Prior to closing the adoption, you will be asked to pay a fee. Every adoption center has its own fee, but they’re usually very accessible! Depending on your financial situation and age you might even see your fee waived. No matter what, the money from these fees goes toward a good cause: bettering the life of the animals still at the rescue.

Animal Shelters Near Me: The Best Way to Find Dogs and Cats Looking for Furever Homes!

There are thousands of cat and dog shelters and rescues all over the country. Which one you choose depends entirely on you. Some things to consider are the location of the shelter, what type of pets they have waiting for a new home, and how much the adoption fee is.

Many shelters even have a spay or neuter program. This means that they give all animals their spay neuter surgery at no charge for you. This cuts down on your veterinary care bills and makes dogs and cats more “adoptable.” This is especially important for multi-pet families looking to house another furry friend in their home!

Search “Adopt a Pet Near Me” to Find an Animal Rescue Site

We are willing to bet there is more than one animal rescue site near you. A simple Google search for “adopt a pet near me” will show you just how many rescue organizations there are in your area. Either call or pay a visit to one to kickstart the adoption process!

Looking for Pet Adoption Centres Near Me?

There are many people who dedicate their time and effort into rehoming abandoned or surrendered dogs and cats. Here are some of the biggest organizations:

Paws Chicago

Paws Chicago is a great group that is doing what it can to ending the life of pets due to overcrowded shelters! 5 Stars to this organization!

Orange County Animal Shelter

These animal shelters are all over the place! They try their damndest to rehome shelter animals by various means. You can

PetsMart Adoption

Well done PetsPart! This is a pet store, but instead of selling puppies, they organize adoption events and try to get people to adopt rescue animals!

West Valley Animal Shelter

Follow West Valley Animal Shelter’s Socials to find the perfect pet to adopt! These people deserve more than medals for the good they do on behalf of our furry friends!

ASPCA Near Me!

The ASPCA is one of the largest and oldest animal shelter groups. You will find one in just about any city (or even towns). They are all about charity. They do whatever they can for the animals in their area and should be lauded for their efforts! is a great Pet Adoption Website!

Chances are you’ve heard of Petfinder. You can find just about any pet under the sun on this website! Keep scrolling until you find your match!

Dogs for Sale? Stay Away From Buying a Dog from a Pet Store Near Me!

Buying from a pet store is luckily no longer legal in many places. Don’t support puppy mills or backyard breeders. Get a pet from a reputable breeder, or better yet: from a shelter.

Pet Adoption Events Near Me? You’re Sure to Find One!

Another great place to rescue a kitty or puppy is at a pet adoption event. Again, a Google or Facebook search for these events will show you a lengthy list. At these events, you can ask volunteers all your burning questions. Whether they are about the animals, how to care for one, or how their adoption process works, you are bound to get answers!

At these events, you will also be able to purchase pet essentials for your new best friend. A leash, dog and cat beds, food and water bowls, treats, and toys are some of the items you can get here. You won’t have an excuse to not adopt a pet!

Dog Adoption Near Me? Find a Pet in Your Nearest Animal Shelter!

If you already know of an animal shelter near you, great! Half the battle is already won. Now, you should call or drop by to arrange a meet and greet with the pets up for adoption. You will get to play with them and ask questions to their caretakers. Who knows, you might walk out with your new best friend in your arms!

dog lying in adopted written in sign

Whether You’re Thinking About Puppy Adoption or Adopting a Golden Oldie: Adoption Is the Way to Go!

The old saying “Adopt, don’t shop” couldn’t be truer. When you adopt a pet you are not only saving money but also saving the life of a homeless pet. You will be giving them a new shot at leading a happy life. In return, they will make you feel better both physically and mentally!

No matter if you’re looking for dogs, cats, or guinea pigs, you will find the perfect pet for you at a rescue center.

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