American Alsatian: A Modern Day Dire Wolf

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American Alsatian A Modern Day Dire WolfIf you have ever seen an American Alsatian walking down the street, chances are you may have done a double take.

Known for their resemblance to the Dire Wolves made popular on Game of Thrones, these dogs truly have to be seen to be believed.

Large, majestic and a great companion, the American Alsatian is quickly becoming one of the most popular new breeds of dogs out there today.

Appearance and Personality of the Fearless American Alsatian Breed

Close up of an Alsatian Wolf Dog standing on green grass

The American Alsatian has only been a breed since the 1980s, and this dog was specifically bred to have the look of a wolf and the traits of a family companion dog. It has German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, English Mastiff, Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd in its bloodline.

Because of this selective breeding, the American Alsatian is a great dog for the entire family.

However, much like the dogs of its bloodline, this dog can also be aloof and wary of strangers. But it’s good to remember these furry creatures are known for not being aggressive.

The American Alsatian has a very distinct look, including the following characteristics:

  • Dark muzzle and broad mead
  • Erect ears
  • Wolf-like face and eyes
  • Typically gold, silver, cream or black sable colored
  • Black-tipped tail

Most people would describe the American Alsatian as looking just like a wolf, only they are often larger when full grown.

From Little Pup to a Majestic Pooch! American Alsatian Size

One of the most striking things about the American Alsatian is its size.

While these puppies start very small, weighing only ounces at birth, they grow quickly and can weigh between 75 and 120 pounds when they are full grown.

Most of these dogs reach their full size at around one year and are typically between 26 and 28 inches tall.

A Pawtastic Family Doggo!

The American Alsatian is a great family dog, but just be careful of their size. These pooches tend to be so fond of their family, they like to act like lap dogs, which can feel more like a horse, when you’re talking about 120 pounds of love on your lap.

Origins: American Alsatian, A Dire Wolf in the Making

The National American Alsatian Breeder’s Club governs an effort known as the Dire Wolf Project. The goal is simple, to bring back the look of the large prehistoric Dire Wolf in a domesticated dog breed.

This ancient wolf roamed the world thousands of years ago and was recently brought back into the spotlight thanks to the fictional series Game of Thrones.

A Game of Thrones Pooch!

No offense to Daneyreus’ dragons, but the Dire Wolves are undoubtedly the most beloved pets in the entire Game of Thrones universe, and if you have ever wanted a Dire Wolf of your own, then the American Alsatian is the closest thing you can get.

Much like the Dire Wolves made famous in Game of Thrones, these dogs are known for being loyal and protective companions.

They are intelligent and friendly and often bond quickly with their owners and may never want to leave your side.

Also, like the Dire Wolves of Winterfell, these dogs were bred for colder climates. They have thick, warm coats and are known for loving the snow.

Because their coats are meant to handle cold weather conditions, they may get easily overheated in the summer, so owners should be cautious during extreme heat conditions.

Canine Training: The Wolf Project

The goal of the Dire Wolf Project is to slowly bring the look of the Dire Wolf back by training and domesticating one generation of this dog after another.

Today, the American Alsatian is completely domesticated, yet still possesses many wolf-like traits, including a wolf’s high intelligence.

Because of this, these watchful dogs are easy to train and very smart. They learn things very quickly but respond best to soft tones when training.

American Alsatian Maintenance: A Vacuum’s Best Friend!

Like the Corgi, the American Alsatian isn’t only man’s best friend, this dog is also a vacuum’s best friend as well.

While these pooches have beautiful thick fur, they are known for their shedding, especially with their undercoat that sheds twice per year.

Regular grooming and trims, especially around the hind legs can help their coat look its best and help minimize excess shedding.

Owners should also plan on brushing their pet’s coat daily to prevent tangles, knots and excess shedding.

German Shepherd Dog vs. American Alsatian

Two German shepherd or American Alsatian dogs sitting on green grass with autumn background

Many people considering an American Alsatian dog will also consider the German Shepherd, due to the similarities in these breeds.

While these two dogs are both large, intelligent and loyal pets, they also have some differences as well.

  • The American Alsatian requires more attention with grooming while the German Shepherd may be better suited to pet owners who don’t want to put as much effort into upkeep. However, both breeds do shed quite often.
  • The American Alsatian is more adaptable to new environments.
  • The German Shepherd requires more exercise than the American Alsatian, so if you have limited space or limited opportunities to exercise your pet, the Alsatian may be a better fit.

Most importantly, both dogs are great family companions and known for being good with kids.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the American Alsatian Dog

If you are a fan of the American Alsatian, we have a few fun facts that may just help you fall even more in love with these pooches.

  1. The American Alsatian has a number of nicknames, with the most popular being the Alsatian Wolfdog.
  2. This breed is actually one of the few dogs that come from the United States and that was bred as a companion dog.
  3. Even though they are large dogs, the life expectancy of this dog is up to 14 years.
  4. The most desirable color of American Alsatian is the silver sable.
  5. The coat of the American Alsatian actually sheds dirt, which is why these dogs are relatively odor-free.

A Puptastic Pooch: American Alsatian Puppies!

If there is one thing that is cuter than an American Alsatian dog, it has to be American Alsatian puppies.

Litters of American Alsatian puppies can be as large as 12 pups at a time!

Around 2 to 5 months, these puppies start acquiring an adult coat and begin looking more and more like full grown Alsatians.

If you are interested in adding an American Alsatian puppy to your family, here are a few things you should know about bringing a new pup home.

American Alsatian Puppies for Sale

When looking for an American Alsatian puppy, make sure that you are purchasing your pet from a reputable source.

It is important to note that the American Alsatian is solely registered by the National American Alsatian Registry, so remember this when reading up on where you are getting your pup from.

American Alsatian Price

Depending on the breeder, you can expect to pay around $1,000 for an American Alsatian puppy.

American Alsatian Breeders

When looking at an American Alsatian breeder, make certain that the breeder has all of their paperwork and registration.

They should also provide you with information on both the mother and father of the litter, so you can learn more about potential size, traits and any health issues that may be passed down to your new pup.

American Alsatian Rescue

Since the American Alsatian is such a new and specific breed, that it may be difficult to find an American Alsatian rescue.

However, there are many rescues that have mixes of similar breeds out there, so you can find a dog with part American Alsatian in it.

5 Tips to Owning An American Alsatian, A Great Companion Dog

Ready to bring an American Alsatian home? Here are some tips on owning one of these dogs.

  1. Socialize your American Alsatian early. Although they can be very social, it typically takes more time for these dogs to develop social skills, so socializing early and often is key.
  2. These dogs are generally healthy dogs. The most prominent health issue in these dogs are seizures, and even that is rare and only has an incidence rate of 0.5%.
  3. When introducing an American Alsatian to new people, remember that they can be aloof with strangers and it may take them some time to warm up to new friends.
  4. When training these dogs, it is important to train consistently and to be firm yet gentle.
  5. These dogs need exercise, but can also be quite lazy, so don’t be surprised if they spend most of their time lounging on your sofa.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the American Alsatian, it is time to add one of these beautiful companion dogs to your family.

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    This is a very nice article but the picture above is NOT an American Alsatian. Please contact Schwartz Kennels to update picture (The founder of the breed)

  • All American Alsatian owners appreciate your including our breed on your website however, it must be said that the breed is so young that we all know ALL of the existing dogs. The photo is NOT an American Alsatian, not even close. That is a German Shepherd. The immediate give away is how large and close the ears are and how narrow the head and muzzle is. The American Alsatian sometimes resembles a GSD, but you never see and American Alsatian with ears so long and close and a muzzle so skinny. Please correct your photo to give a true example of an American Alsatian, there are many available.

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