The Best Antlers for Dogs: Products, Safety & More!

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dog chewing on deer antlers for dogs

Dogs have been chewing antlers for as long as deer have been around. But it is only in recent history that our domesticated pets have had access to antlers for dogs. An antler is a natural animal product. Antlers for dogs are a super long-lasting, natural, and healthy chew toy for dogs. In addition, dogs love the taste, and these chew toys for dogs are odor-free.

From the time that they are one year old, male deer grow a new set of antlers each year. Antlers grow very quickly. As they grow, they begin to branch out and become covered with a thin layer of fur that feels like velvet. Subsequently, the blood flow to the antlers stops and they begin to harden. When Winter comes the set of antlers falls off. It is these antlers that have fallen off that are mostly used for dog chews. In other words, no animals are harmed in the ‘harvesting’ of antlers for dogs!

Let’s Look at the Best Antlers for Dogs of 2019

Chewing helps to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. Likewise, it is great physical and mental stimulation for your pup. Are you considering buying a deer antler for your dog? Below is our list of recommendations. We’ve also popped in a few ideas for dog antlers alternatives.

Natural Dog Chew Toys: Devil Dog Pet Co Elk Antlers for Dogs

The Devil Dog Pet Co makes elk antlers for dogs’ chew toys from high quality, naturally shed, 100 % organic elk antlers. These antlers are wild sourced from the Rocky Mountain region of the USA. While slowly wearing the bone down, your dog is getting at a great source of calcium and other important vitamins and minerals.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Premium Elk Antlers Dogs$24.97
PREMIUM ELK ANTLERS FOR DOGS - You will get ONE Large Antler Chew that is 6"+ in length and is an excellent treat for larger dogs weighing between 45-70 pounds. Ideal for breeds like: German Shepherds, Labrador and Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Huskys and Boxers. If you are not sure which size to purchase, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help

The Mountain Dog Chews Elk Antler

With a 5-star rating, we can highly recommend the Mountain Dog Chews extra-large elk antlers for dogs. These Grade A+ antler chews are made from fresh, naturally shed elk antlers in the Western USA. Elk antlers are 100 % organic and all-natural. Each extra-large size chew piece is 8 – 10 inches long and weighs approximately 12 – 14 ounces. They are suitable for large breeds and power chewers. For example, a German Shepherd or Golden Retriever.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Mountain Dog Chews$39.50
Our Grade A+ The Best One Can Purchase! Our Antler Chews are Made from the Freshest Naturally-Shed Antlers From The Western USA. We Source All Our Own Antlers Directly From The People Who Gather Them, Keeping The Freshness as well As Consistency and Quality in Mind.

jack russell with elk antlers for dogs

Looking for Deer Horns? Pet Parents Deer Antlers for Dogs

The Pet Parents Gnawtlers come in size small, medium, and large. The size small deer antlers are suitable for dogs between 5 and 20 lb. For example, Dachshunds, Yorkies, and Shih Tzus. These naturally shed deer antler chew dog toys are ideal for aggressive little chewers. Similarly, they are great for medium-size dogs while they are still teething puppies.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Pet Parents Gnawtlers$9.98
Our premium deer antler dog are packed with calcium, phosphorus, manganese and zinc. Unlike other processed & dyed options, Gnawtlers deer antler chews have no odor, no mess, and even after hours & hours of gnawing won't leave residue or coloring behind making them great indoor and outdoors!

Deer Antlers for Sale: Natural Dog Treats Antlers

The Deer Antler Dog Chew from Natural Dog Treats is a premium grade antler chew. These antlers are hand-picked, and hand-sorted so that your pooch receives only the best of the best! Being natural products, each antler chew is unique and looks different.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Premium 100% Natural Deer Antler$18.93
A natural source of calcium, phosphorous, manganese and zinc. Antlers are a perfect for bone and teeth formation. The chondroitin sulfate found in antler is particularly beneficial for your dog's bone and joint health, and is often an important component of joint health supplements. Chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup.

If your canine doesn’t love the deer antler at first glance, try these tricks:

  • File a portion of the antler with a nail file or piece of sandpaper.
  • To make the outer core softer, you can soak the antler chew in water in the fridge overnight.

Heartland Antlers Elk Horns

Grade-A, fresh, brown, 100 % natural elk antlers for dogs make the perfect chew for indoor down-time. These long-lasting bully sticks give off no odor and leave no mess. In addition, there is a low risk for choking.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Elk Antlers for Dogs$23.99
Our elk antlers for dogs are 1/3 to 1/2 lb! Our competitors sell antlers that weigh just 1-2 oz or less. Those dog antler chews don't last and pets don't have interest in them. Unlike our competitors, we offer only premium, fresh, brown, Grade-A Elk antlers sourced from the USA. We guarantee your pets will love our antlers. The perfect bully stick!

The Nylabone Deer Antler Dog Chews

For a substitute to natural antlers for dogs try the Nylabone Deer Antler Alternative. This durable dog chew toy looks like a deer antler and is suitable for even the most aggressive chewers. Moreover, there is no risk of a splinter forming and the chew toy will last for ages.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Nylabone Dura Dog Chew Toy$6.49
Inspired by nature, our Power Chew Dura Chew Antler Alternative is the splinter-free antler alternative you need for your aggressive chewer. Made with tough, durable nylon and savory venison flavor throughout, this long lasting chew toy is cleaner and safer than real animal parts. It keeps dogs busy, satisfies their natural urge to chew, and encourages positive chewing habits. Plus, the bristles raised during chewing promote clean teeth and help control plaque and tartar.

shepherd chewing on antler dog chews

Other Scrumptious Natural Dog Dental Chews

Worried about the safety of your dog gnawing on deer antlers? Below we have listed our pick of the best natural chews for dogs.

Cow Hooves

Cow hooves are such an easy, go-to chew toy for dog owners. They are natural, don’t splinter and a good source of protein. Moreover, you can fill them with fun treats for your dogs. For example, a few smears of peanut butter. Another idea: make your pup a blueberry and yogurt smoothie or some beef broth and freeze that inside the cow hoof before giving it to your doggo for a refreshing and tasty chew treat!

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Jones Chews Chew Hooves Bulk Pack 10 lbs.$54.99
An all natural product your dog will love. Dogs instinctively love to chew on these sliced cow hooves. They are a great method of gum exercise and dental hygiene. Bulk packs are packaged by weight, quantities may vary.

Pig Ears for Dogs

Pig ears are a protein-packed, natural chew toy alternative for your pup! They are completely digestible and gentle on your dog’s stomach. So, no dangerous splinters or small pieces lying around! You can buy pig ear strips or whole pig ears for your pooch to gnaw on. Just keep a lookout for product recalls when choosing your pig ears for dogs.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
k9konnection Pig SLIVERS for Dogs$21.99
Our pig ears are made and packaged in an FDA approved facility in Brazil that has higher standards than USA facilities! Our dog treats are produced without any preservatives, hormones or harmful chemicals. Only one ingredient, real pig ears that smell like pigs ears so your dog loves them!

Safe Rawhide for Dogs

For smaller dogs and less aggressive chewers, Rawhide Brand Natural Chips are just the thing. These rawhide chews are made with top quality beef hides from grass-fed cows.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
RAWHIDE BRAND chews are made with high quality, fresh, natural, grass-fed beefhides that are processed to superior quality control standards without the use of bleach and other harsh chemicals.

Are Antlers Good for Dogs? Absolutely!

Dogs need to chew like humans need to brush their teeth. Chewing is essential for your doggo’s teeth. Moreover, it is an important distraction for them. Thus, preventing boredom and destruction to your property and belongings.

Antlers for dogs are a natural and healthy chew treat that will keep your hound chewing for hours and hours. Gnawing on antlers is great for your pooch’s teeth and gums. Further, they are ingesting healthy nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, glucosamine, and chondroitin.

dog chewing on dog antlers

Are Antlers Safe for Dogs? It Depends!

As to whether antlers are safe for dogs: Not even the vets can agree on this point. Some strongly recommend dogs chewing antlers, while others are quite against it. There have been reports of dogs that have broken teeth from chewing on antlers.

When the experts can’t come to an agreement, the ball is in your proverbial court. You are left with the responsibility of deciding whether deer antler chews are the right thing for your dog. You know your dog best and whether they might be at risk of coming to harm from chewing on antlers for dogs.

Common Questions About Antlers for Dogs

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