Curly Coated, Cuddly, and Cute: The Aussiedoodle

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The Aussiedoodle is a designer dog breed. It is a cross between a Poodle and an Australian Shepherd. The combination of these two lovely working dog breeds is an energetic, loyal, and easily trainable puppy!

A Brief History of Aussiedoodles aka the Aussiepoo

There is no specific point in time when the Aussiedoodles came in to being. The combination of Australian sheepdog and Poodle may have existed for some time already. Yet, we accept that intentional breeding of these two working dog breeds started in the late 1990s or early 2000s.

Why would you cross a Poodle with an Australian Shepherd? Well, in recent decades there has been a drive to create “hypoallergenic” breeds. Hypoallergenic dogs or cats have a coat or fur that is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Because of their very low shed rate, Poodles are very popular for these hybrid breeds.

The Aussie Doodle Appearance

As with most cross breeds, the appearance can vary greatly from litter to litter, and even puppy to puppy.

The Many Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Coats and Colors

The coat type of these crossbreeds can be quite varied. Most Aussiedoodles will inherit colors typically seen in their Aussie sheepdog parents. For example, black and red tricolor, blue merle, red merle, black and tan, particolor, or sable. Some, very few, will have solid-color coats like the Poodles.

As for coat texture, that can vary too. From super curly coats like their Poodle ancestors, to wavy, shorter coats.

Poodle and Australian Shepherd Shedding: Australian Doodle Grooming

The amount of grooming that your Aussiepoo’s coat will need will depend on how curly it is. Less curly coats will make do with combing twice a week. Denser, curlier coats will need more regular grooming, almost daily.

Sheep Doodle Size and Weight!

To make this Poodle mixed breed, Australian herding dogs can be bred with any type of Poodle: toy, miniature, or standard. Thus, the scale of sizes in which these Doodles come is extensive.

Aussiedoodles can be measure anywhere between 14 – 23 inches (35 – 47.5 cm) at shoulder height. Aussiepoo pups can turn into small or medium dogs and have an adult weight anywhere between 25 – 70 lb (11 – 32 kg).

Does the Mini Aussiedoodle Exist?

There are miniature versions of both the Poodle and the Australian herding dog. Cross these two and you are likely to end up with an adorable fluff-ball. The mini Aussiedoodle is likely to be a playful, low-shedding pup with a crazy cuteness factor!

adorable mini aussiedoodle puppy with tongue sticking out

What is the Lifespan of This Cute Cuddle Companion?

The life expectancy of Aussiedoodles is between 10 and 13 years. As with all canines, purebred dogs or pavement specials, a well-balanced diet will go a long way in giving your pooch a long and happy life.

Annual veterinary check-ups are also a good idea. Keeping tabs on your furry friend’s health is of the utmost importance. Sometimes there are little niggles that you won’t know about. A vet can pick them up and help to get your pet back to good health in good time.

Temperament and Personality

For the most part, Aussiepoos are delightful dogs. They are friendly and fun-loving. These pups make a super addition to just about any family set up. They are great for active singles too.

No matter their size, these are very energetic doggos! They need plenty of exercise. A good 30-60 minute walk each day. Playtimes and sessions of fetch too!

Being highly intelligent dogs, they also need plenty of mental stimulation. These crossbreed doggos will benefit from positive reinforcement training and fun ‘work’ such as field trials and agility.

aussie doodle lying on grass chewing on stick

Poodle vs Australian Shepherd Temperament

Australian Shepherds are very loyal dogs. This may contribute to an Aussiedoodle forming a strong bond with one or two family members. That is not to say, however, that they won’t adore all members of the family.

Poodles are very friendly and fun-loving dogs. With early socialization, they will become great pets that get along well with everyone.

Are They Good with Children?

Yes! Aussie Doodles are great with kids! Their fun and friendly personality make them super for families. They are intelligent and energetic dogs. So, they will thrive in a busy environment where they get to run and play ball with the kids. However, never underestimate the importance of teaching children how to safely interact with dogs.

5 Potential Health Problems to Look Out For!

Some say that crossing two different dog breeds will result in a more resilient dog: less prone to genetic diseases. By diversifying the gene pool, this might be the case. Yet, it is not always so. When you cross an Australian Shepherd with any type of Poodle, you don’t automatically rid the bloodlines of inheritable illnesses. In fact, the hybrids are as likely to carry diseases from both sides.

Overall, Aussiedoodles are generally healthy dogs. Yet, it is best to be aware of the possible health concerns from both sides:

  1. Hip dysplasia – Abnormal formation of the hip joint, which may lead to painful arthritis and lameness.
  2. Sensitivity to Ivermectin. Ivermectin is a drug used to treat parasitic infections in pets.
  3. Progressive retinal atrophy – A gradual degeneration of the image forming part of the dog’s eye.
  4. Cushing’s Disease – A condition whereby the body produces too much cortisol.
  5. Cataracts – When the eye’s lens becomes opaque, causing blurry vision.

The Best Poodle Mixes! Other Poodle Mix Breeds We Love!

Because of their intelligence and spunky nature, Poodles are a popular choice for creating designer dogs. Toy Poodle or standard Poodle. They have been cross-bred with many different breeds to create all sorts of fantastic ‘Doodles’!


The Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. It’s one of the most popular designer dog breeds to date! This can be a highly intelligent and empathetic dog. This cross was originally intended to create a hypoallergenic guide dog for the visually impaired. Being such a great all-round dog, it has gained popularity in many different walks of life.

Golden Doodle

What do you get when you cross a Golden Retriever with a Poodle?! An adorable, friendly, out-going, and super smart dog. The Golden Doodle! These pooches make for great family pets and can even train to be awesome guide dogs and therapy dogs.


A cross between a Poodle (usually toy or miniature) and a, you guessed it,… Schnauzer! This cutesie combo creates a puppy that is usually very friendly and intelligent. They may be super watchdogs too.


Another bundle of curly cuteness that we just cannot resist! The Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle cross. These designer dogs combine the best of both worlds. They love to run and play fetch as much as they love snuggling on the couch!

German Shepherd Poodle Mix

The Shepadoodle is a cross between the German Shepherd and the Poodle. These Poodle hybrids are generally eager to learn and love training. They are loyal, intelligent, and generally good watchdogs.

two aussiedoodle puppies running in field

Aussiedoodle for Sale!

Have your heart set on an Aussiedoodle? Being a hybrid, this is not a dog that you will find listed on the American Kennel Club. You can ask at your local vet or pet shop about any breeders that might be in the area. Otherwise, have a look online. When choosing a reputable breeder, make sure to do your homework and choose one that has the puppies’ best interests at heart.

Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale: How Much Do They Cost?

Being a popular designer dog breed, the price for an Aussiepoo puppy can range between $ 700 and $ 1200. The price can vary dramatically depending on the size of the pups, their gender, the parents’ pedigrees, and the breeder’s facilities, etc.

Adopt, Don’t Shop! Find an Aussiedoodle Rescue Group!

Even better than shopping for a puppy, is to rescue an awesome adult dog from a shelter or rescue group. Being a crossbreed, Aussiedoodles won’t necessarily have a dedicated rescue group in your area. Check out the Poodle or Australian Shepherd groups instead. They often facilitate re-homing of mixed breeds too.

Common Questions About the Aussiedoodle

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