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12 January, 2016

When This Baby Argues with a Bulldog, We All Win

We’re not sure what they’re arguing about… Was it the couch? The baby’s dirty diaper? The dog’s lack of diaper? Well whatever it is, this baby definitely makes her point! SHARE if you enjoyed this!

7 January, 2016

Man Punches Disabled Veteran Because of Service Dog

MANLIUS, NY – A man wanted for physically assaulting a disabled Army veteran at a Fayetteville Dunkin’ Donuts, has been identified and now faces criminal charges. Manlius Police reported that the Army veteran and his service dog were at the donut store’s counter when he was confronted by another man over an issue regarding the animal. The veteran responded, stating that “this is a …

27 October, 2015

Marine Reunited With His Four-Legged Battle Buddy

PTSD Dog: Marine Reunited With His Four-Legged Battle Buddy Three years after an IED blast separated this Marine from his bomb-sniffing dog, the pair was reunited. HELMAND PROVINCE, AFGHANISTAN – Every day back in 2011, Lance Corporal Jared Heine and his black Labrador retriever named Spike worked side-by-side, patrolling routes and looking for roadside bombs. Heine and Spike took part in more than …

21 October, 2015

18 Dogs Who Fail at Being Dogs

Here’s a hilarious compilation of dogs showing us that canines can fail too (and sometimes worse than their owners)! Maybe the most important lesson here is to not take life so seriously. That and no matter who you are or what you’re doing, a hilarious fail may be lurking right around the corner… SHARE if you got a good laugh out of …

20 October, 2015

60 Hilarious Dog Vines That Will Have You Howlin’

Here’s a collection of 60+ of the funniest dog vines on Youtube. Whether they’re playing dead, destroying a squeaky toy or just generally being awesome, these dogs remind us not to take life too seriously. SHARE if you enjoyed this!

14 October, 2015

Pet-o-nomics 101: A Closer Look at the Lifetime Costs of Pet Ownership

Cost of Owning a Dog, Cat, Fish or Bird Needless to say, owning a pet is huge responsibility, but how much does that doggy in the window really cost? Aside from the initial cost of purchasing a pet, or better yet: adopting one, there’s a whole slew of other expenses that accompany pet parenthood, and in an attempt to help anyone looking forward to bringing a …