Cat Diapers: Which Kitties Need Them?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cat diapers and their usefulness may be largely misunderstood by cat owners. The fact is that some cats really need diapers. Cat diapers may be used to overcome temporary ailments or to solve long term issues. Read on to see how! It Seems Silly to Some, But Some Kitties Need Cat Diapers!  Living with senior cats, kitties with health

Funny Cat Pictures Alert: The Best Cat Memes of the Year!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cat memes! The internet is full of them. You can hardly open a social media site without seeing one. These quirky, cute and witty cat pictures can cheer up even the coldest heart of stone and cause some serious “lols” for more than just cat people! So Many Cats, So Many Hilarious Cat Memes! Prepare Yourselves Cat People!  As

The Ultimate Safety Guide To Using A Dog Nail Grinder

Reading Time: 3 minutes A dog nail grinder can be intimidating to the uninitiated. While doggy pedicures are necessary, you may be a dog owner who lacks the confidence needed for cutting your dog’s nails at home. Pet nail grinders offer a less stressful and easier option than alternative dog nail trimmers. We’ll give you the tips you need to avoid

The Fluffy, Fabulous, and Fun Irish Water Spaniel Dog Breed

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Irish Water Spaniel hails from Ireland, where it was a top retrieving dog breed. They may look like poodles, but these hounds definitely meet the specifications for the sporting dogs they are. A rare breed, they are not suitable pets for first-time pet parents. They are however celebrated companions for the more active human. They

Drink Up Kitty Cat! Finding the Best Cat Water Fountain of 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes A cat water fountain provides a continuous stream of clean and fresh drinking water for pet kitties. Cats by nature have a remarkably low thirst drive, which could put Fluffy at risk of dehydration if conditions are less than optimal. Running water is far more attractive to cats than a bowl full of yesterday’s stagnant tap water. So

iFetch: The Cream of the Automatic Dog Ball Launcher Crop

Reading Time: 4 minutes iFetch takes the guilt out of leaving your fur babies alone when you head out to work or achieve life’s necessary tasks away from home. Not only does this innovative little device get your pooch up and out, it exercises their body AND mind. Read on to find out how! How Does an Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs Work? Essentially, you

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