The Smart, Savvy, and Loyal Chinook Dog Breed

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Chinook dog breed has its origins in Wonalancet, New Hampshire, USA. Despite being a hard-working, easy to train, child-loving breed of dog, there are very few around. At last count, fewer than 1000 Chinook dogs exist. Originally bred for pulling sleds, these hard-working dogs are great companions for those who love to take part in

The Best Canned Dog Food Brands and Why We Love Them

Reading Time: 4 minutes Fido rocks your world. You want what’s best for him. Naturally. The pet food industry has exploded in the last few years. There are so many options, so how do you choose? It can be super overwhelming. Read on for our take on the best canned dog food options available. Get right to it: Check out these products!

Work Hard, Play Hard: The Dutch Shepherd Dog Breed

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you are a fun-loving, energetic sort of person, the Dutch Shepherd will steal your heart. These dynamic dogs are clever, trainable, and full of energy. Their talents stretch from agility to police work and everything in between! A Short History of the Dutch Shepherd Dog Breed The origins of the Dutch Shepherd Dog, or Herdershond, go

Holistic Only Natural Pet Products for Healthy, Happy Furkids

Reading Time: 4 minutes Pet parents want what is best for their canine companions. There are so many brands of dog food out there. Choosing between them can become very overwhelming. We are here to help. Only Natural Pet food products are among the top grain-free pet food products to feed your pooches! Go Natural with Only Natural Pet Products! Only Natural

How to Discipline a Dog Without Punishing Them

Reading Time: 4 minutes As a pet parent, one of the most difficult decisions we face is how to discipline a dog. Choosing a certain method of discipline can either make or break our furry friends. Most of us want a spirited and happy canine. However, we also want a pet that will toe the line. We want a pup that won’t wreck the house and garden. We want a doggo

Puptastic Stella and Chewy Products Your Doggo Will Love

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stella and Chewy is a pet food range of raw, freeze-dried raw, and protein-rich kibbles. They source only the best and healthiest ingredients for their dog and cat foods. S&C prepares these ingredients in a conservative way which ensures maximum nutrient retention for your pooch! The Sweet History of Stella & Chewy’s! Over 16