Cat Lovers 101: A Pet Parent’s Guide to Music for Cats!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you wish your kitten Mittens would just be calm for a little while? Are you tired of telling Mittens to get off the counter and stop knocking everything onto the floor? Do you wish your cat would just sit still for a little bit? We may have a pretty simple solution: music for cats! Music for cats is a relatively new concept but believe

How to Celebrate and Support National Dog Day 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes National Dog Day sounds like the equivalent of Mother’s Day or Father’s Day… But for dogs. However, National Dog Day isn’t only a day for puppies to be pampered. No, dogs will have to settle for getting pampered and fed their favorite food for the other 364 days of the year! National Dog Day is a day on which the country is

Keep Your Kitten Entertained for Days with Videos for Cats

Reading Time: 3 minutes As pet owners, we have often noticed the mesmerizing effect that television has on our pets. Videos for cats are a great option for cats to spend those long, lonely hours at home while you’re at work. Would All product and Company names are Trademarks™ or Registered® trademarks of their respective holders.Disclosure: Bear

Help Mittens Shed Those Pounds with a Cat Wheel

Reading Time: 4 minutes Curious, active, fierce! Kittens are the cutest hunters ever, but do they need a cat wheel to stay in shape? House cats certainly do. Fighting the lethargic indoors lifestyle can become a burden for any fast cat. Wild feline spirits can become depressed when they are contained within a few square meters. Mittens needs physical and mental

Can Dogs Eat Asparagus? Is Asparagus Safe for Dogs?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Although we now know that dogs can benefit from varied nutrition, one that includes fruits and vegetables, several of them can be toxic to dogs… But can dogs eat asparagus? Today we will assess whether or not asparagus can be an extra ingredient in your dog’s diet. Can Dogs Eat Asparagus? Traditionally, we feed our puppies kibbles

Wellness Dog Food: Keeping Our Furry Friends Healthy from the Inside

Reading Time: 4 minutes When it comes to feeding our fur babies, most pet owners are looking for healthy options. We want natural ingredients and great flavor. For over a century, Wellness dog food has accumulated nutritional and gastronomical expertise to give our pet pals the best ingredients in a variety of recipes and presentations. Have you been considering

Air Transat ESA Policy: Flying with your Comfort Animal

Reading Time: 4 minutes The big moving day is coming up. Your anxiety is flaring! What is the Air Transat ESA policy?! You don’t know! You feel that panic starting to creep up… But you count your blessings, because Fido is sitting next to you, helping you deal with everything. That’s the beauty of having an emotional support animal; don’t worry! It’ll

Porter Airlines Pet Policy: Air Travel with your Furry Friend

Reading Time: 3 minutes Planning a holiday with your family? Want to include your furry, four-legged family members? Today, we are reviewing the Porter Airlines pet policy. These tips can help you plan the perfect vacation and flight along with all your loved ones. Service animals? Small dogs? We’ve got your back! All you have to do is wait for the departure

Air Transat Pet Policy: Crossing the Atlantic with Your Pet!

Reading Time: 3 minutes So, you’re planning a big move to Toronto, Canada. You’ve got Fido and Mittens both running wild in the house, picking up on their owner’s excitement. You’ve looked at plane tickets, and you’ve found an affordable option with Air Transat. But what is the Air Transat pet policy, and will they take your furry friends? Yes, they

Cat Games: Fun Games to Play with Your Kitten!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Felines are mysterious, beautiful, and independent creatures. Cats have been very closely associated with humans for centuries. Did you know that historians believe cats were considered to be holy in ancient Egypt? That being said, cat games do not trace their roots to these ancient cultures. Fun Toys to Make Play Time More Exciting! There

Pet Airways: Safe and Comfortable Air Travel for your Pet!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you planning to travel with your pet? If so, you’ve probably already found info about Pet Airways. As pet owners, we always want what’s best for our four-legged friends. When it comes to getting on a plane, it is essential to consider Pet Airways and other pet-friendly airlines to guarantee the safe and comfortable transportation

Emotional Support Cat Vest: Is it Necessary?

Reading Time: 3 minutes What purpose does an emotional support cat vest serve? Aside from upping your feline’s cuteness factor?  Thousands of Americans benefit from having an ESA in their life. But, there are still a lot of people out there who don’t know and understand about ESAs and the role that they play in people’s lives. When you are

Relaxing Music for Dogs: Tunes to Help Your Doggo Tune Out

Reading Time: 3 minutes Finding relaxing music for dogs has become the go-to calming strategy for many dog owners to relieve their beloved puppies’ anxiety. From classical music to soft rock and reggae, we will evaluate all the tunes that can help your furry friend keep their heart rate under control during the most stressful moments of their day. All

Pup Potty Training Made Easy with the Fresh Patch Grass Pad

Reading Time: 4 minutes Using the Fresh Patch Grass Pad is a wonderful way of training your doggie to do its business in the right place. Or, at least somewhere that isn’t your expensive carpet, wood floors, kitchen tiles, or sofa! You’ll find that the Fresh Patch Grass Pad is the best way to get your furry friend Fido potty trained! Convinced you want

Can Dogs Get Sunburn? Yes, and They Need Dog Sunscreen!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Sunscreen! Dermatological health enthusiasts swear by it, skin care beauticians recommend it to their clients, and people who want to protect their skin from the many harmful side effects of the sun’s UV rays wear it daily. It follows logically that, if human beings benefit from protecting themselves from the sun, dogs would benefit

Why is Chocolate Bad for Dogs? Here’s Why!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Have you ever asked yourself: why is chocolate bad for dogs? It’s probably safe to assume that most people love it! It’s flavorful, has been enjoyed by ancient Mesoamerican cultures since time immemorial, and it’s feasted upon on Valentine’s Day as a seemingly benign treat for humans… However, can it can life-threatening

Nationwide Pet Insurance: Plans, Cost, Reviews and More!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Remember Lassie? Of course, you do, who could forget that heroic collie? “Yeah, okay, but why are you bringing her up?” you might ask. Well, she was the very first client of Nationwide Pet Insurance! Her health coverage skyrocketed the popularity of Pet Insurance in California, and soon, Nationwide Pet Insurance sold a myriad of policies. What