Best Cat Litter: The Ultimate Guide on Odor Control

Reading Time: 5 minutes The litter box. It is one of the best inventions ever made for cat owners. It allows your cat to easily go potty on their own without needing to go outside or bother you for help. However, while the litter box itself can be great, finding the right litter for that litter box can be difficult. You want a litter that is affordable, easily

Canidae Dog Food & Cat Food: Ingredients, Reviews, Recalls and More!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Canidae is a dog food company based in the USA. This pet food company seeks to provide affordable and healthy pet food for owners with a tight budget. To learn more about if Canidae is right for your furry friend, read on! What is Canidae Dog Food? Canidae focuses on producing wholesome and healthy pet food for both dogs and cats. Founded

A Pet Parent’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting for Dogs

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhile it might seem cruel to not to feed your dog for a day, skipping a meal for shorter amounts of time can actually be very beneficial. In fact, it is often used to help manage some chronic diseases in dogs or to prevent them from developing in the first place. It is believed that therapeutic fasting, aka intermittent fasting for dogs,

The Fierce and Courageous Karelian Bear Dog

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nothing best describes the Karelian Bear dog as a smart little pooch. Bred for their hunting behavior, these dogs have strong inclination to please their owners, in fact, you’ll never find a pooch as devoted to their master as the Karelian! Meet the Fierce and Loyal Karelian Bear Dog The Karelian Bear dog is not one to be messed

How to Care for Your Pet Hamster: From Toys, Food to More!

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhen we think about classic nostalgic pets, the hamster is the first thing that may come to your mind! Fluffy, friendly, small, and cute—hamsters are undoubtedly one of the most memorable pets of our childhood. So, if you’re looking to relive this nostalgia, or if you’d love to introduce your children to a one, then read

Put a Smile on Your Face With These Funny Dog Videos and Puppy Livestream!

Reading Time: 3 minutesIf you love dogs, then funny dog videos are likely to always make you smile. We’ve gathered together some of the funniest dog videos online to share with our followers – take a look at some of these amazing pets! Added bonus: watch a puppy livestream as we speak! Watch Puppy Livestream Here Why Do Videos of Puppies Make Us Happy?

The Alpha of All Dogs: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog or Vlcak

Reading Time: 4 minutes A military dog during the day and a sweet loving pup at night, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a dog breed not meant to be taken lightly. Intelligent, protective, and quick-witted, this dog breed is sure to keep you on your toes at all times! Meet the Czechoslovakian wolfdog aka A Wolf Dog Hybrid These dogs are also known as the Slovak

Getting an Emotional Support Animal in New York State

Reading Time: 4 minutesAn Emotional Support Animal (ESA) can be of great benefit to a person who is suffering from depression, anxiety or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  If you are getting an Emotional Support Animal in New York State, read on to better understand what this means for you and your assistance animal. An Emotional Support Animal goes

Here are 29 of the Coolest Pet Tech This 2018

Reading Time: 6 minutesIf you’re a tech junkie, then you likely have an app for just about everything. Now, with the advent of pet tech products, you can have an app for your pet too, or two or three. From apps and devices that let you check in on your pet while you’re at work to the ultimate in pet exercise equipment, you can find quite a bit of

25 Things to Know Before Bringing Your Dog on a Plane

Reading Time: 7 minutes For an easy and safe trip every time, it helps to know everything you can about flying with a dog in a plane. The wonderful thing about having an emotional support animal (ESA) is that they are allowed to fly with you free of charge! But before we get there, it’s important to prepare well for Fido’s air travel! This includes

The Definite Guide to the Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Reading Time: 8 minutesThe timing was right, and you’ve decided to expand your family. Soon you’ll bring home a bundle of joy. A baby is a huge responsibility, but we’re sure you already know that. Your home is probably already baby-proofed, the baby’s room is ready, and you’re catching up on your sleep now while you still can. There’s one thing

Cat Fails: 28 Unbelievably Funny Cat Pics

Reading Time: 8 minutes Funny cats failing, funny kitten fails, funny cat pics, however, you want to phrase it, it all boils down to a single point: It’s one of the greatest topics on the face of planet Earth. Who doesn’t like hilarious cat pics? No one, that’s who. So, without further ado, let’s look at some cute and funny kitties

25 Rare and Unique Dog Breeds To Own In 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutesJust as the saying goes, “Dogs are a man’s best friend!” According to the ASPCA, nearly 50% of American households have at least one furry family member. Harvard recently published an article about scientific studies that have shown that having a pet helps improve mental health and can even help you live longer. You’re more likely

The Sad Truth About Puppy Mills and What You Can Do to Help

Reading Time: 4 minutesExposing The Terrible Truth About Puppy Mills We’ve all seen them. The commercials on TV showing is the sad and terrified faces of dogs who have been abused and neglected at the hands of breeders who cared more about making money than the health and wellness of those innocent little creatures. All you have to do is hear the first

Here are the Most Dangerous Animals on the Planet

Reading Time: 5 minutesAre you the type who always keeps away from the glass enclosures while going to the zoo or aquarium? You know that while there are plenty of sweet, docile creatures out there that there are also some of the most dangerous animals in the world mixed in and ready to strike. Here are the Most Dangerous Animals to Beware Of! Those are the

29 Fantastic Animal Poop Facts

Reading Time: 6 minutesStrange, Interesting, and Funny Facts About Animal Scat Poop is a topic that many want to avoid, mostly because, well, poop is nasty, right? Well, as it turns out, there are some very interesting and sometimes even hilarious facts about animal poop that is worth a little discussion. Let’s delve into some funny animal poop facts that