Tick Twister: The Ultimate Tick Removal Tool for Fido

Reading Time: 3 minutes During tick season, dogs and cats are particularly exposed to nasty infectious diseases. Pesky parasites bite our pets and keep lodged in their skin, sucking blood all day long. Since removing them safely is a risky business, you can get a Tick Twister to help you. It aids in removing ticks from the skin and, thus, keeps your pet safe

ESA Weekly News Report October 16th: Pets Allowed on Uber Rides and Labrador Calms Courtrooms and Police Stations

Reading Time: 2 minutes As always, we’re bringing you the best emotional support animal news on the internet. This week, we have two pieces. The first is about Uber Pet, a new service from the world-famous transportation company. The second is a heartwarming piece about a service dog who has helped an entire Californian community. See If You Qualify for

The Best Dog Run Ideas to Keep Fido Fit and Happy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Having a bit of backyard space is great, for humans and pets alike. Our furry friends need outdoor space to run around and play all day long. But letting Fido roam around by himself can lead to accidents. This is where a dog run comes in. It gives dogs the space they need to be active while always staying safe. They’re a great addition

Why Your Emotional Support Squirrel Is on the No-Fly List

Reading Time: 4 minutes Squirrels are adorable, who could resist them? Some people love these animals so much they have gotten an emotional support squirrel. But keeping the fluffy rodents as ESAs isn’t quite straightforward. Did you know virtually all airlines don’t allow them on board of commercial flights? Or that not all landlords accept squirrels

Show Your Support on World Mental Health Day 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mental health matters. It’s just as important as your physical health. Unfortunately, many people don’t meet with a therapist because of the stigma associated with it. World Mental Health Day is trying to get rid of that stigma. On October 10th, we raise awareness about the importance of mental well-being. Join us in encouraging

Introducing the Irish Doodle: King of the Doodle Dog Breeds

Reading Time: 3 minutes Who hasn’t heard of the loyal Poodle breed? Or of the playful Irish Setter? When you mix these two popular breeds you get Irish Doodle puppies, the most adorable furry animals on earth! These designer dogs love being around humans. It appeals to their needy, fun-loving, and goofy sides. For them, a day at the park with their favorite

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