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By: Cassie Moorhead Updated: September 11, 2020

authority dog food

All dog foods are not created equal. Some brands use fillers and meals instead of high-quality protein like chicken. The right dog food helps your pets be healthy.  Authority dog food offers a high balanced diet for dogs, created by pet nutritionists. Since 1995, it has been a pet food industry leader, providing pet owners with dog food, cat food, and dog treats they can feel confident about.  Authority has food for pets that are allergic to grains like rice and for different life stages from puppy to mature.

Who Makes Authority Dog Food?

Authority dog food was created by Petsmart.  The company used nutritionists to design an affordable pet food that offered a balanced diet with flavors like chicken and rice or chicken and peas.

Today Authority dog food offers dry dog food for different life stages, large breeds, small breeds, and even grain free, for pets with allergies to rice and other grains. For your feline friends, Authority even has a cat food line! Authority dog food also has canned food and dog treats that focus on high-quality animal protein like chicken.

Authority and Nutro are both in the big leads when it comes to dog food, but unlike Nutro, Authority is less expensive and uses the similar ingredients with the main exclusion of lamb meal and chicken meal. Even in its Nutro Limited Ingredients, Nutro Natural Choice, and Nutro Wild Frontier dry recipes, this brand opposite of Authority market their food as natural.

But we know there’s just something off about that statement.

Where Can I Buy Authority Dog Food for My Pooch?

Authority Dog food store

Authority pet food can be found in Petsmart, online or in-store pickup. Pet owners can even schedule the food to be “auto shipped” to save 5 percent each month.

Authority pet food can also be purchased on Amazon. Buy it here!

PetSmart Authority Dog Food Ingredients!

Each specific product has different ingredients whether it is cat food or dog food designed for large breeds, small breeds, grain free, or dog treats.  All products use real meat as one of the first ingredients, like lamb. Some products do include meal, like a chicken meal and lamb meal, which a more affordable source of protein that may include by-products.

Authority pet food has recipes like lamb and brown rice, chicken and rice, and for pets who do not eat grains, grain-free recipes like chicken and pea or turkey and sweet potato. The large breed dry dog foods even offer joint support.

Authority Grain Reviews and Recall History

The DogFood Advisor gave Authority dry dog food 3.5 stars out of 5. It was only recalled once in March 2007 according to from a Melanin contamination. Many of the chicken and rice, sliced chicken, and lite chicken were contaminated.  As a comparison…

  • Hill’s Science Diet was given 3 stars, with some recipes earning as little as 2.5 stars.
  • Royal Canin was given 3 or 4 stars depending on the recipe, both the Royal Canin for small breeds (Royal Canin Mini) and the Royal Canin for large breeds (Royal Canin Maxi) was given 3 stars.
  • Some Purina Pro Plan recipes received 3 stars, but most received 2.5 like the Purina Pro Plan Savor and Focus, while the Purina One Smartblend received only 2 stars.
  • Blue Buffalo varied depending on the line and whether it was Blue Buffalo canned pet food or Blue Buffalo dry dog food. Blue Buffalo Wilderness was rated at 4.5 stars for its dry dog food.

Authority Grain Free Dog Food Reviews!

Grain-free pet foods are for dogs who have allergies or sensitive stomachs. What are grain ingredients? The most common grains used in dog foods are wheat, brown rice, oats, and corn.  Dogs diagnosed with allergies or sensitivities may do better with meat protein sources like chicken or lamb.

If you want a dog food without corn or rice, choose grain-free.  Brown rice can be used as a protein source but can be hard for some dogs to digest.  Rice is often used in dry or canned food because it is a less expensive protein than meat.

  • Authority Grain Free dry dog food was given 4 stars.
  • Performatin Ultra Grain-free dry dog food was given 5 stars.
  • Purina Pro Plan Savor Grain-free dry 4 stars and the Purina Pro Plan Sports Grain Free Performance was given 4 stars.
  • Hill’s Science Diet Grain-Free dry dog food was only given 3 stars.
  • The Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry dog food line is packed with protein like Chicken without grains and rated one of the highest in grain free dry dog foods (that is easily found at the pet store). The Blue Buffalo canned Wilderness line was not rated as highly as the dry.

Should I Feed My Puppy Authority Puppy Food?

authority puppy food

While it may look the same as adult food, puppy food has important added nutrients to help puppies grow properly. Small breed puppy food is even different than large breed puppy food.  Depending on the breed size, the recipe will contain different calorie, fat, and other nutritional content to make sure the puppy grows properly.

Some highly rated puppy food brands are: Authority, Royal Canin, Iams ProActive Health (small breed and large breed puppy), Hill’s Science Diet and Nutro puppy cups. Most puppy recipes are chicken because it can be easier to digest.

Where Can I Find Authority Dog Food Coupons?

Authority Dog food coupons can be found online at Petsmart and Amazon will give discounts when signing up for schedule shipments of the food.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Authority Dog Food?


  • Protein Rich, using recipes like Chicken and Rice
  • Ora-Shield System™ supports dental health
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 in canned dog food
  • Option for all life stages
  • Grain Free Recipes
  • Real Meat
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Made in US facilities


  • Uses meal like chicken meal and lamb meal
  • Corn and wheat are used as fillers in the non-grain free variety
  • Corn and Corn Gluten Meal can cause allergies
  • Vegetable oil used
  • Many dry recipes use brown rice, which is not highly nutritious
  • Sodium hexametaphosphate used and can be a controversial ingredient
  • Minerals are non-chelated, which can make them harder to absorb. Chelated minerals are often called proteinates, like manganese proteinate, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, and copper proteinate and are easier to absorb.

Here Are Some Healthy and Nutritious Alternatives to Authority Dog Food!

Authority dog food is a great choice for pet owners on a tight budget.  Healthier alternatives may use higher quality ingredients and fewer fillers.  All chicken is not created equal.  Organic chicken and chicken eggs can be healthier than chicken meal.  Freeze-dried pet food can give your dog the same chicken and animal protein without grains or preservatives.

Some dog food brands, like Blue Buffalo, have different qualities for each recipe and product line. Blue Buffalo has many different chicken recipes for different breed sizes and life stages.  The Blue Buffalo Wilderness line was rated 4.5 stars and is grain free, but the Blue Buffalo Basic Grain Free dry recipes were not rated nearly as high.

Some popular healthy dog foods are: Nature’s Variety Instinct Original (Nature’s Variety Instinct also has great grain free options), Avoderm Natural, Earthborn Holistic (uses seafood like squid and Alaska Polluck instead of chicken), Life’s Abundance, and Castor and Pollux.

Know What’s Best for Your Pet! Choose Healthier Options

Be wary of false branding like “Nature” or “All Natural,” it can be misleading.  These brands are not always healthier or higher in quality.  Nature’s Recipe was only given 3 stars for is dry food and Nature’s Recipe Grain Free was only given 3.5 stars.  Nature’s Recipe sounds healthy, but the ingredients are only average. Nature’s Recipe uses menadione, which is a controversial dog food ingredient.  The company can call itself “Nature’s Recipe,” but there are no brand requirements to use the word “Nature” or “Natural.”

Pet owners cannot always rely on brands, as the quality and vary from product to product. Branding can be deceptive and some ingredients that sound scary like yucca schidigera extract, but aren’t, while others like salt seem harmless but can be unhealthy.

Always choose the right pet food for your dog’s breed and life stages.  Large breed needs different nutrients like joint support than small breeds who may need weight management. Always research online or read the ingredients before purchasing a pet food to make sure you’re getting the best choice possible.

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