Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plans, Offers, and More

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banfield pet hospital and banfield hours of business landscapeNobody wants to think of their pet getting sick or injured, but even the healthiest pet will need to see a veterinarian occasionally for check-ups, vaccinations and more. Banfield Pet Hospital is one of the largest groups of veterinary clinics in the United States, with almost 1,000 hospitals.

Whether you’re looking for preventative care to keep your pet healthy, or treatment services, these caring vets have got you sorted. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Banfield Pet Hospital.

What is Banfield Pet Hospital?

Banfield Pet Hospital is a chain of veterinarian clinics with more than 900 locations across the United State and Puerto Rico. Originally launched in 1955 by Warren J. Wegert in Portland, Oregon, as a single veterinary surgery, the chain is now one of the largest privately-owned veterinary practices in the USA. Nowadays, many of Banfield’s veterinary clinics are located within Petsmart Stores across the country, making them accessible to all.

The Banfield mission is “providing high‐quality preventive health care for each pet, and partnering with every pet owner to ensure they have the resources to care for pets at home.”

From Surgery to Preventative Care! Here’s What Banfield Animal Hospital Offers

Banfield Pet Hospital offers a wide variety of services, which fit into the following broad categories:

1. Preventative Care

Preventative care is aimed at stopping pets from getting sick in the first place. This includes routine services like comprehensive exams, vaccinations, parasite control, dental care, nutritional advice, and behavior counseling.

2. General Surgery

General surgeries are those that many pets require on a non-emergency basis, including dental cleanings, microchipping, mass removals, wound care, and spay/neuter operations.

3. Emergency Care – Past Banfield Hours

Banfield Pet Hospital offers emergency care for sick pets during regular opening hours. This care includes x-rays, lab tests, emergency stabilization, infection treatment, and more.

4. Treatment Services

Banfield is equipped to treat a wide variety of conditions, both short-term and long-term health-related. The clinics are continually conducting research into the newest treatment options to offer clients up-to-the-minute diagnostic technology.

petsmart banfield hospital and banfield vet clinic in strip mall

The Optimum Banfield Wellness Plans

Veterinary care can be expensive, especially when a pet gets sick suddenly and unexpectedly. For this reason, Banfield Pet Hospital offers a range of customizable Optimum Wellness Plans that help to make pet health care accessible and affordable.

These plans run on a yearly basis and differ from regular pet insurance in a number of important ways.

  • Firstly, the plans focus on preventative healthcare, in addition to treating illnesses or injuries. Preventative care is not usually covered by pet insurance.
  • Secondly, the Optimum Wellness Plans cover pre-existing conditions, which most pet insurance does not, and the fees are the same for all animals of the same species, without expensive premiums for older pets or specific breeds.
  • Thirdly, the services may always be accessed; there is no waiting period, no lists of what is and isn’t covered, and no deductibles.

How is Banfield Different from the VCA Animal Hospital?

As of 2017, VCA Animal Hospital and Banfield Pet Hospital are in fact both owned by the same parent company, Mars, Inc. To what extent the services of these two large veterinary care providers will merge remains to be seen.

PetSmart Banfield Hospital vs Others!

Many branches of Banfield Pet Hospital are handily located within PetSmart stores, making them easily accessible for many pet owners. PetSmart and Banfield have been strategic partners since 1994.

Banfield Vet Near Me! Finding the Right Pet Doctor

banfield near me vets checking up on dog

Finding the right veterinarian near you means finding peace of mind for both yourself and your pet. But what’s the best way to find a suitable vet? Start by following these tips:

  1. First, consider what type of animal you’re looking to get treated. If you have a more common pet, like a cat or a dog, you will probably not have difficulty finding veterinary practices that will treat your pet. However, if you have a rarer pet, like a reptile, bird, or exotic animal, try looking for a more specialized vet surgery that will have experience with that particular species. Some vets focus only on larger animals, or farm livestock, such as cows and horses. Picking the right kind of vet is the crucial first step.
  2. Second, try asking for recommendations from other pet owners you know. You could ask family and friends, or in pet stores and dog parks, or even on specialist forums online. This way, you will get honest reviews from people with experience.
  3. Next, think about what you look for in veterinarians. Most people want one with good people skills and a calm manner with animals. What is most important to you?
  4. Make sure the veterinary clinic you choose is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), which sets high standards for veterinary clinics.
  5. Finally, don’t be afraid to visit a number of clinics, and ask questions. Do this before your animal gets sick, so you have more time to make an informed choice.

Veterinarian Near Me: How do I Find Banfield Near Me? Banfield Location Tool

Banfield Pet Hospital has clinics across the country, many of them located in PetSmart stores so that you can get your pet a check-up while shopping for pet food and all the other pet supplies. To find the closest Banfield to you, use the handy Banfield location finder tool on their website.

Banfield Pet Insurance! You’ll Need it!

Unfortunately, vet bills never come cheap, and an unexpected injury or illness can be a huge financial burden on pet parents. The good news is that there is an ever-increasing number of pet insurance packages that will give you peace of mind should the worst happen.

When choosing pet insurance, look for low premiums, no waiting lists, and of course, make sure your specific breed of animal is treated. Don’t be afraid to shop around!

banfield pet insurance and banfield wellness plan icon

In addition, many vets, Banfield Pet Hospital included, offer pet care plans that help to spread the cost of treatments throughout the year. When considering a new veterinary practice, ask them if they offer this service or any other kind of payment plans.

As one of America’s largest veterinary clinic chains, Banfield Pet Hospital helps thousands of pets every month.

If you’re looking for a friendly, affordable veterinary hospital with a focus on preventing illnesses before they start, why not see where your closest Banfield clinic is?

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