Is BarkBox Worth It? From Reviews to Toys to More!

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Be it a treat here, a trip to their favorite dog park there, you can always count on dog parents trying to make their dogs happy. BarkBox came to help them achieve just that!

If you have a furry friend at home who loves goodies and stuffed toys, getting a BarkBox subscription might be a perfect idea…

For Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes! What Is BarkBox?

Have you ever seen companies advertising on social media their monthly subscription box services? Every month, these companies send their customers one specially curated box. They can have beauty products, premium foods, and snacks, books and, now, dog treats and toys!

Monthly Subscription Boxes for Your Furry Friend!

BarkBox is one of the coolest companies out there curating and sending dog subscription parcels to homes all over the US and Canada. Once a month, excited puppies get a special box filled with healthy treats, innovative toys, and chews. For your dog, it’ll be just like Christmas!

If you like spoiling your puppy once in a while, nothing beats the pet subscription box you’ll get from toy box. They’ll be getting healthy treats and other high-quality goodies, stuffed toys, and a premium toy every month. Your furry friend will love it — and so will you!

The monthly delivery lets both you and your furry friend enjoy an unboxing experience together. Every box is different, and they always change according to a particular theme. Maybe you can make bets with yourself to see what the theme and how the BarkBox dog toys will be this time around.

Whether you have a small or a large dog, that’s not a problem for this doggie box. They customize each parcel to the needs of all kinds of different dogs!

Fed Up About Picking the Best Dog Toy? Here’s What the BarkBox Subscription Can Offer You!

Pet parents know dogs love playing with their favorite toys. Some dogs love playing with balls, others love puzzles that give them rewards afterward, and others just love squeaker toys! No matter which toy is your dog’s favorite, sometimes pet owners just feel like changing it up a little bit.

There are thousands of dog toys out there. When you go into a pet store, you can see just how diverse the selection is. When you see aisles full of toys, how can you choose just one?

How do you even choose a dog toy? Luckily, you don’t need to be in this predicament anymore.

BarkBox solves this problem of wanting to spice things up without being overwhelmed by choice. For a very reasonable price, your pup will get at least two fun and challenging toys. You can rest assured: they’re completely safe and they’re dog-approved by thousands of pups all over North America.

What’s in a BarkBox Super Chewer?

If your dog chews anything and everything in his sight, you probably know how hard it can be to find a durable toy for them. They’re either expensive or boring. This doggie box company knows about this and they found a solution: meet the Super Chewer box!

This box was designed thinking specifically of avid chewers who can’t stop destroying their toys and then cry about not having any left to play with. But what’s in one of these boxes?

Puppy Toys and a Delicious Dog Treat

As usual, the BarkBox comes with two bags of all-natural treats made in the United States and in Canada and with two toys.

But these aren’t just any toys! They’re super durable and designed to withstand a lot of tough love coming from your pupper.

In fact, BarkBox knows their toys are so good that if any of the toys get destroyed, they’ll send you a replacement free of charge!

Cool New Pet Toys Every Month!

Throughout all 12 months of the year, BarkBox Super Chewer sends home two new toys. They’re plush-free, have a destruction-proof rubber core, built-in squeakers, and even treat-dispensing mechanisms.

BarkBox for Cats!

Sadly, this monthly pooch box doesn’t have a subscription box for our feline friends — at least not yet! But, there are many monthly subscription box services that cater to kittens! If you’re eager to share the fun with your cat, try ordering a box from Surprise My Pet or Pet Treater. See what they think!

If you want to learn more about the BarkBox Super Chewer box, watch an unboxing video made by a happy dog parent and their even happier doggo!

5 Reasons Why Your Puppy Needs These Toy Boxes

Are you still on the fence about getting a BarkBox? Here are five things to change your mind:

  1. You can get a free month order by referring BarkBox to a friend! When they purchase the six- or twelve-month plan, you’ll get your free month box shipped to you.
  2. BarkBox treats are super healthy and are all made in the United States or in Canada.
  3. More than 600,000 dogs have loved these boxes and remain loyal customers!
  4. You can cancel your monthly subscription parcels when you want if your six- or twelve-month contract is nearly finished. Plus, if you have any doubts, the BarkBox customer service will help you figure out how to do it!
  5. Ordering and picking out your boxes is made easy with the BarkBox App.

Top 3 Best Dog Subscription Box Available!

Dog subscription boxes are all the craze now! They all promise to deliver the best treats and toys to your dog, so how can you know what boxes are the best?

BullyMake is the ideal box for all dogs who make it their life mission to destroy their toys. Every month, the company sends durable and high-quality toys to keep avid chewers entertained. Your little destroyer will love them. Plus, if they manage to shred it to pieces within the first two weeks, you’ll get a new toy free of charge!

BowzerBox is also a great alternative. It’s a Canada-based company that curates all kinds of boxes with treats and toys for all dogs. While not the cheapest option, it’s certainly a high-quality one that won’t disappoint!

Lastly, we recommend RescueBox. When you buy a RescueBox for your pup, a dog in need in a shelter will also get spoiled. Part of the money from your monthly purchase will go toward making a homeless dog be fed, vaccinated, and happy. Is there a better way to spoil your Fido and still help another animal in need?

Here’s What Happy Customers Say… BarkBox Reviews!

This pooch box is so awesome that we know your pooch will love it. But don’t just take our word for it! Here are some of the many stellar reviews the company has online:

“Nothing but good stuff to say about this company! First of all my Huckleberry absolutely loves his BarkBox every single month. He gets so excited when they arrive.

Each toy quickly becomes his favorite. Toys have been high quality even for my 8-month-old crazy Golden Retriever puppy! Their treats are amazing and made in USA and very much Huck approved.” — Elizabeth Guevara

“My dog, Jersey, loves BarkBox. She is a bit picky when it comes to treats, but has so far loved every treat that has come in the BarkBox. She also found her new favorite toy. Refuses to play fetch with any other ball now besides the one that came in the Barkbox lol.” — Rachel Hoffman

How to Grab Yourself a Bargain with BarkBox Coupon Codes

Who doesn’t love a great bargain? We love them! And BarkBox has an amazing coupon code policy.

If you’re thinking of becoming a brand-new customer, check out Groupon for awesome deals that knock dozens of dollars off your yearly subscription. Also, if you follow a referral link code, you’ll get great discounts for joining the BarkBox family.

Girl throwing a frisbee at her ESA support dog at a dog park in Nebraska

Barkbox Shop?

If you don’t want to commit to a long-term BarkBox plan, you can buy their treats, toys, chews, and accessories through the BarkBox Shop.

There are so many fun toys there that will make great gifts for your dog! You’ll also find awesome treats that are not just yummy but also very healthy.

Perhaps One of the Best Subscription Boxes for Your Barking Pup!

There’s no doubt about it that BarkBox is a great company with awesome boxes being delivered every year to more than 600.000 happy homes. They will send you innovative toys, healthy treats, and tasty chews every month.

All boxes are different and you won’t get repeated toys unless you want to! Plus, their ever-changing monthly themes are hilarious for you and fun for your pup.

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