The Beagle! A Happy Go Lucky Hound Dog Breed

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happy beagle rescue restingHave you heard the saying “happy as a hound dog”? Chances are the saying originated from previous Beagle owners! A pet Beagle was also the inspiration for the Snoopy character in the Peanuts comic strip.

So, if you’re familiar with this phrase and this fictional pup, you’ll already have an idea of the nature of a real-life Beagle! A Beagle is a compact, friendly dog. They’re also inquisitive, active, and fun to be around.

A Brief History of the Beagle Dog Breed

The beginnings of the Beagle, as we know it, track back to England. European art has also depicted similar looking dogs for thousands of years.

In England, the North Country Beagle and Southern Hound are thought to be its ancestors. Hunting dogs for the English upper classes in the 1500s, Beagles were popular as “foot hounds”. Foot hounds are dogs that can accompany a hunter who is on foot, not on a horse.

The name Beagle is subject to an English-European debate. Some say it is a translation of the Gaelic “beag”, which means little. Others say it is the French phonetic of the French bugle sound made by a Beagle when it is hunting.

The breed arrived in the United States in the 1800s. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1885.

The Appearance of this Hound Dog

The breed is regal indeed! Just one look into the soft pleading eyes of these dogs, and you’ll soon understand why they are a popular breed as pets!

This breed has big hazel or brown eyes, long ears, and a tail with a fluffy brush! Overall, they are medium-sized dogs – compact but solid. Their appearance gives the impression of a steady capable companion.

Coat and Colors of Beagle Dogs!

Beagles have medium-length waterproof coats. They come in just about every hound color combination and marking under the sun. Their double coats can be combinations of black, blue, brown, red, fawn, lemon, blue-tick and red-tick, tan and white.

Markings for show dogs include quaint terms like breeches, knickerbockers, stockings, and shoes. Vests and gloves are optional!

goofy lemon beagles face

The Lemon Beagle

The coloring of a lemon beagle is very light. So light, when they are born they can almost look as if they are all white. Their lemon bi-colors or tri-colors only become apparent as they mature.

The Blue Tick Beagle

Beagles with blue-tick, and red-tick, coats have spots or small patches on their coats. These look a little like freckles made up of contrasting hair.

Do Beagles Shed?

These dogs do shed year round. However, because of the length of their hair and density of their coat, the shedding isn’t too intense.

Grooming wise, they are easy-care dogs, just brush them at least once a week to help with removing dead hair. Even better, Beagles are low odor dogs, so they only need occasional baths!

Average Weight and Size!

Beagles come in two sizes under the breed standard. The average height and weight ranges of the beautiful Beagle are:

  • Beagles 13 inches to their shoulder height usually weigh under 20 pounds
  • Beagles 13-15 inches to their shoulder can weigh between 20-30 pounds.

The Adorable Pocket Beagle!

Pocket Beagles or Mini Beagles fall within the smaller size variety under the standard and are not a separate breed. A Beagle mini sized doesn’t literally fit into your pocket, but they are pretty portable! Their height can range from 7 to 12 inches and their weight from 7 to 15 pounds.

A Fat Beagle is Not a Happy One!

There’s a reason the creator of the Snoopy character often depicted this dog sitting with his food bowl. The Beagle dog loves its food! Given the chance, even on a healthy nutritious diet, they will eat more than they need. What’s more, they’ll still be in for seconds!

These doggos are naturally active dogs but do need regular exercise for both their mind and body – about an hour a day. When they become overweight, they develop problems with their heart and joints.

Beagle Temperament and Personality!

These dogs are personality plus! They are usually a happy and social breed that will get along with everyone. That said, they know their own mind, and can be proud and stubborn if they want to have their own way! This fun-loving pup needs patient training with rewards and tons of positive reinforcement to hold its interest.

beagle dog and miniature beagle puppy playing on couch

All scent hounds are driven by their noses – this breed especially so! They have an acute sense of smell. Use a leash when you take them for a walk. Otherwise, they may take off in an instant to explore something invisible to human eyes!

Their same keenness to follow their nose and any mysterious scent means they do need a secure and fenced yard too!

They are also vocal – they really like to sing – in a happy way! They will bark if some stranger comes to your door, but they are too friendly to be watchdogs. Their barking and baying can also intensify when alone for long periods.

Just like humans, dogs can have a psychological trigger when left alone. These dogs are pack animals and experience separation anxiety if left on their own for long periods.

Curious About Cross-Breeds? Beware! Beagle Mix Puppies Will Melt Your Heart!

There are some gorgeous combinations in Beagle crossbreeds. As with any type of hybrid or mix, the final features, and characteristics will vary with individual dog breeds. Designer dogs you may find mixed with a Beagle are:

Beagle Lab Mix

The Beagle Labrador mix, aka Beagador, tends to be a similar height to their Beagle parent, but with a longer torso from their Labrador line. With both parents known to be loyal happy breeds, this is likely to be one very sweet-natured dog.

one of the beagle mixes - the beagle lab mix happy smile

Beagle Terrier Mix

You’ll find Beagles mixed with a few different Terrier breeds. For example, a cross with a Rat Terrier is called a Raggle, or with a Jack Russell Terrier, a Jack A Bee. The names themselves give you a clue to their appearance and perky personalities!

Corgi Beagle Mix

What do you get when you cross an English hound dog with a Welsh herding dog? A Beagi! These dogs can swing appearance wise towards either parent, but often their tail will have the Corgi kink.

Chihuahua Beagle Mix

A Beagle Chihuahua mix is a Cheagle! These pups are likely to be smallish in size with features from either parent and very, very devoted to their human companions!

Pug Beagle Mix

The cutest name goes to this mix of a Beagle and a Pug – a Puggle! They are also fairly high up in prize stakes for their good looks and nice natures too.

Dachshund Beagle Mix

A cross between a Beagle and a Dachshund results in a Doxle. These dogs are likely to have the long bodies from their Dachshund parent, and the adorable eyes from the other side.

A Look at the Beagle Lifespan!

Their life expectancy is 10-15 years.

Health problems to be aware of that this dog breed can be susceptible to include:

  • Intervertebral disk disease – a problem with the spinal cord.
  • Hip dysplasia – a heredity condition that can cause problems as dogs’ age.
  • Heart disease – yes, there’s the good reason for managing and balancing this dog’s food consumption and exercise!

Beagle Puppies for Sale!

A couple of good places to start the search for Beagle dog breeders are with the listings on the National Beagle Club and the American Kennel Club websites.

How Much Does a Beagle Puppy Cost?

Beagle puppies are usually in the range of $800 to $1,500 in the United States.

Adopt, Don’t Shop! Ask an Animal Shelter About Adopting a Beagle Rescue!

Yes, you can give a good dog a home! There are a number of rescue organizations statewide that re-home these dogs. Try organizations such as SOS Beagle Rescue, the Beagle Club, or other groups listed with the AKC.

pocket beagle puppies for sale sleeping

Common Questions on Beagles

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