January 11, 2018

Best Cat Litter: The Ultimate Guide on Odor Control

Best Cat Litter for Odor ControlThe Ultimate Guide To The Best Cat Litter for Odor Control

The litter box.

It is one of the best inventions ever made for cat owners as it allows your cat to easily go to the bathroom on their own without needing to go outside or bother you for help.

However, while the litter box itself can be great, finding the right litter for that litter box can be more of a challenge. You want a litter that is affordable, easily clumps waste and one that your cat will actually use.

Yet, the most important thing for most pet owners is to find the best cat litter for odor control.

But, with so many brands and types of litter out there, narrowing down your options can be confusing the say the least.

The good news is, the more you know about litter, how it works and why it works, the easier it will be to find a product that fits you and your cat’s needs.Cat Litter Box

What to Look For! Best Cat Litter For Odor Control

While we all love our feline friends, their litter boxes can be quite smelly, which is why for many cat owners, odor control is the most important feature to look for in any product. As cat litters continue to advance, new odor control features are now being introduced to help keep the smell at bay.

You should always be looking for the best cat litter for odor control, not just litter that will mask up smells.

Cats have a sensitive sense of smell and will notice if their litter box is dirty and may stop using it if it isn’t clean enough.

Clumping vs. Non-Clumping Litter

In addition to odor controlling elements, most cat litters are distinguished by whether or not they “clump” when they are wet.

Both clumping and non-clumping formulas do have their benefits. While neither is better than the other, most cat owners have a preference when it comes to their cat litter.

Clumping litter absorbs urine and wetness and clumps it together in a solid form for easy scooping, while non-clumping litter does not.

However, many cats prefer non-clumping and it is actually typically better with odor control.

Scented vs. Unscented Litter

Most cat litters are able to control odor in one way or another, but there are also scented and unscented options as well. The obvious benefit of a scented litter is to further cover up the smell of the litter and of your cat’s messes.

Although, not everyone enjoys the smells of these products, so it is really up to personal preference when it comes to choosing a scented product or not.

Let Your Cat Enjoy Doing Their Business! The Types of Litter for Cats

One of the best things about shopping for cat litter in today’s market is that there continue to be newer, more advanced types of cat litter hitting the shelves.

Every cat is different, and there is no way to tell why certain cats seem to enjoy certain types of litter over others. The key is to find one that works for you and that your cat enjoys using.

As you search for the best cat litter for odor control types, here are some you will likely encounter.

  • Clumping Clay Litter– Litters made with a clumping formula usually have a substance known as bentonite in them. This substance absorbs urine and clumps together, creating a solid lump or ball while leaving the rest of the litter surrounding the clump clean and dry. This keeps the unaffected litter cleaner and makes it simple to remove urine-soaked litter. This type of litter is typically made from bentonite, it can be dusty and heavy and isn’t biodegradable.
  • Non-Clumping Clay Litter– Non-clumping clay formulas may be more difficult to scoop and clean, but they do have an odor-control benefit, as they allow the urine to sift through all of the litter and absorb the odor. Since litters are often made with charcoal or baking soda, these products will soak up the smell of the urine. However, you will likely need to change the litter more often, typically once per week.
  • Recycled Paper Litter– Green cat owners will enjoy this biodegradable litter solution. Recycled paper litter is very absorbent and dust free. It is made by taking paper and turning it into small pellets or granules. If you choose the pellet option it won’t clump, but the granule form of this litter will.
  • Crystal Litter– Litter made with crystals is actually formed out of small silica gel beads, similar to those used to preserve products like medication. This type of litter is very absorbent and controls odor, plus it is dust-free. While this type of crystal is more expensive and can be irritating to some cats’ paws, it is becoming a very popular solution for pet owners.
  • Pine Litter– This type of litter is recycled and made with old lumber scraps that have been treated so they don’t contain any toxins and formed into small pellets. You can buy this litter in crushed, pellet or granular form. It needs to be replaced regularly, but many cats seem to enjoy it.

Cat Litter Box Odor

Bad Smell? 6 Facts to Know Before Buying

If you are in the market for the best cat litter for odor control because of the smelly litter box odors, here are a few facts you should know first.

  1. Some cats don’t like a change in their litter. Even if you are changing the litter to benefit your cat, some felines are stubborn (which shouldn’t be surprising) and resistant to change, so they may not like the new litter.
  2. Cats are very sensitive to smell, which is why many cats won’t use their litter box when it is dirty. However, cats may also be sensitive to scented litters as well.
  3. If your cat is notably stubborn and you are looking to change their litter, start by mixing your old litter with your new litter so their box is half and half. After a few weeks, transition to all new litter. It can help with the change.
  4. A scented litter won’t necessarily fight odor from cat waste any better, it may just have a scent and nothing else.
  5. Most cats prefer fine-grain litters, but if you have small kittens in the home, this type of litter can be dangerous, as young cats may accidentally swallow this type of litter.
  6. If your cat tends to play in his litter box or you are worried about pellets and granules in your home that make odor worse, consider non-tracking cat litter that won’t stick on their paws.

Top 5 Top Rated Best Cat Litter for Odor Control

Looking for some of the top-rated cat litters on the market? We have the cat litter review you have been looking for. Here are some of the best cat litter for odor control products for those worried about those smells with their precious cat.

1. Feline Pine Original– If you prefer natural cat litter made from recycled pine, then this is the absorbent option for you. It is made without harmful chemicals but formulated to neutralize strong odors.

Estimated Cost: $19 for 20 lb. bag

2. Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter– Most people don’t know this organic brand also makes an absorbent kitty litter. This dust-free clay litter formula is eco-friendly, natural and is so absorbent with its odor-blocking design, one bag is equal to three bags of standard clay litter.

Estimated Cost: $18.50 for 14 lb. bag

3. Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter– This cat litter is designed with multi-cat households in mind and is all natural with superior odor control. This dust-free formula was created to help bring problem cats back to the litter box and eliminate the excess odor that may be distracting to some pets.

Estimated Cost: $18 for 20 lb. bag

4. Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Cat Litter– This cat litter is made with TidyLock Protection which locks away those strong ammonia, urine, and fecal smells. This Tidy Cats litter also has 24/7 odor control so your home always smells fresh.

Estimated Cost: $28 for 27 lb. bag

5. So Phresh Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter– This recycled paper pellet cat litter is lightweight and made with 95% recycled paper along with baking soda and zeolite for extra odor control.

Estimated Cost: $23 for 25 lb. bag

Your Kitty’s Private Space! Best Litter Box for Cats

As you search for the best litter box for cats, remember this is a private space for your pet so it shouldn’t only be comfortable for your cat, but it should be in a convenient, quiet place away from all of the commotion of your household.

From self-cleaning litter boxes and fully automatic litter boxes to owner-cleaning litter boxes (aka your hard-working hands), there really isn’t one best litter box for cats.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when on the lookout for one.

The litter box should be big enough for your cat to stand and turn around in. You will also need to decide between a covered and uncovered box for your pet.

Ultimate when it comes to finding the best litter box for cats of any type, it just means finding a box that your cat prefers, and it may take some trial and error.

Covered Litter Box Vs Uncovered Litter Box

There are two main types of cat litter boxes available—covered litter boxes and uncovered litter boxes.

The covered cat litter boxes provide more privacy for your pet, while the uncovered is more open.

Self-cleaning litter boxes and fully automatic litter boxes come in either covered litter boxes and uncovered if you are looking to pay a little more.

Some cats prefer covered, and others feel it is too enclosed or may feel claustrophobic inside and may refuse to go in at all. This is all up to your cat’s preference.

6 Tips On How to Clean a Litter Box

Now that you have your kitty litter box all set up and ready, you need to know how to keep that litter box clean. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Always clean your cat’s litter box with a mask and rubber gloves. Cat urine and feces can be dangerous to humans.
  2. Feces and urine clumps should be scooped out of the kitty litter daily.
  3. Replace your cat’s entire litter box at least once per week.
  4. Removing the liner or litter tray alone isn’t the same as cleaning the box. Make sure to scrub the actual litter box regularly, as even the best litter pans and tray can accidentally allow spills, urine, feces, and viruses to end up on the box.
  5. After cleaning the litter box, always put it back in a familiar place so your cat can find it. If you are planning on moving your cat’s litter box, do not do it the same day you clean, as they may get confused.
  6. There is such a thing as an automatic self-cleaning cat litter box. However, this doesn’t mean the box never has to be hand cleaned. They still need to be cleaned regularly to keep your cat’s environment healthy and sanitary.

Odor Control = Happy Pet Parent

As a pet parent, you always first and foremost want to make sure that your cats are happy and healthy, but keeping their litter box odor under control likely comes in a close second.

These tips on finding the best cat litter for odor control are a great place to start, and you can always add an additional cat litter deodorizer product to your litter as well if odors continue to be a concern.

Without disruptive kitty litter odor, you can rest assured that your pet’s litter box isn’t interfering with your home and that your precious cat has a safe and sanitary place to use the bathroom.

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