Drink Up Kitty Cat! Finding the Best Cat Water Fountain of 2019

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cat drinking water from pet water fountain

A cat water fountain provides a continuous stream of clean and fresh drinking water for pet kitties. Cats by nature have a remarkably low thirst drive, which could put Fluffy at risk of dehydration if conditions are less than optimal.

Running water is far more attractive to cats than a bowl full of yesterday’s stagnant tap water. So what are your options? They are indeed many and varied!

Cat Water Fountains: To Ensure Your Kitty Cat Always Has Fresh, Clean Water! 

No, not every cat water fountain is equal. These gadgets are however all designed to engage the domestic cat’s inherent predator instinct.

If you have ever watched your cat at play, eating or interacting with the neighborhood creatures, you’ll have noticed the inclination to treat all and sundry as prey. Running water caters beautifully to this tendency, and encourages your kitty to drink – because it is fun.

In the wild, cats do not drink where they feed. Domestic cats have retained this force of nature, and will not thank you to place their water beside their food bowl.

9 Benefits of Owning a Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs!

Apart from the obvious pros, added benefits of a water fountain are:

  1. Running water engages the predator instinct in cats.
  2. Provides fresh and clean water on demand – always.
  3. Maintenance and sanitization are reduced.
  4. Water tastes better and is always cooler.
  5. Adequate and continuous hydration reduces the chances of kidney and urinary tract infection.
  6. Water fountains are durable.
  7. Water dispensers are aesthetically pleasing.
  8. Automatic dispensers free up the time pet parents would use daily to clean and refill water bowls.
  9. A hydrated cat or dog makes for a healthier and happier pet.

The Dangers of Dehydration in Pets! 

Dehydration is more life-threatening than pet parents may realize. Dehydrated pets may suffer from urinary tract and kidney infection, bad breath and abnormal function of waste removal from the body’s organs and systems.

Cats are fussy about where and how they choose to drink, and they are not often thirsty. Dogs are in less danger of becoming dehydrated, provided they have a constant source of clean and fresh water.

Here are the Top Water Drinking Fountain Options of 2019

We have taken the leg work out of selecting the best option in water fountains for you and your pet, using the following criteria: longevity, price, appearance, easy maintenance, filtration, and placement.

The Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain 

curious pet staring at cat drinking fountain

The plug-in Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain certainly scores high in appearance, and it takes up little floor space. Three water flow settings (gentle water flow, bubbling top, and calm streams) cater to picky drinkers.

Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain
Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
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Water is triple filtered and extensively oxygenated for a fresher and better taste. Because of its unique design, kitty gets only fresh water. To make life easier for the fur baby’s parent, this fountain is easily cleaned by hand using only soap and water.

Amazon customer, AnnieBJ says:

“I bought this because my cat was flipping a heavy ceramic bowl and splashing water everywhere (He knocks everything and anything he can get to onto the floor). He has not even tried to flip this because he is so entertained by it, and it is quite heavy with the water in it.”

The PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Pet Drinking Fountain 

PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier water fountain is an indoor automatic drinking fountain for cats and dogs. Its 100 oz capacity makes it ideal for any size pet. Water is kept fresh and odor-free with the replaceable carbon water filter which also removes bad tastes.

Bowls are on two levels, upper and lower to allow cats and dogs two drinking areas, which is helpful for senior or arthritic pets. The good news for pet parents is that this water fountain is dishwasher safe, making it a pleasure to keep clean.

Amazon customer, Samantha’s review says:

“Absolutely obsessed with this water fountain. My two cats love it and often just catch them sitting and staring at the trickling water. My one cat was able to bat around her tiny water dish and always dumped it. She’s no longer able to do that with this fountain!”

The MOSPRO Cat Drinking Fountain 

Mospro brings you the Pet Fountain cat water dispenser for any small animal, including dogs, cats, and birds. The 2-liter hygienic water fountain has 3 flow settings:

  • Flower waterfall is a faucet-like trickle, suitable for cats.
  • Waterfall and fountain produce faucet-like flow with a bubbly flowing surface, suitable for naughty kitties.
  • Fountain flow presents a gentle bubbly flowing surface, ideal for cats and dogs who enjoy drinking water.

Its activated carbon filters are thoroughly reusable. Just sun-dry the filters to ensure fresh water and eliminate bad taste and odors. The large water capacity means you need not worry about fresh water for your fur babies for up to a month.

A satisfied customer said on Amazon:

“While I do agree that it would be great to have a clear window to see the water level, the other benefits far outweigh that small issue. My senior cat who is recovering from some illness LOVES it, as soon as I filled it he started drinking before I even put them top pieces on. – Cyndirlyn Loudermilk

Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser
Made of finely polished antibacterial PP resin material, this automatic water bowl is BPA-free, non-toxic and odorless, and obtains food-grade certification
Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
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Not Looking for Electrically Powered Drinking Fountains? Try a Water Dispenser! 

best cat fountain green water dispenser

Electrical fountains are more for indoor use. If you have a pet who spends time outdoors, you’ll likely prefer a water dispenser over a powered fountain.

What to Look for in a Good Pet Water Fountain!  

Water intake is at the foundation of Kitty’s nutrition since ingested nutrition depends on water to be of any benefit. Gravity flow water dispensers and automatic fountains should provide the convenience required by busy pet parents and pets who need regular refilling of water bowls.

Look for products that work efficiently without being too noisy. They should be easy to clean and maintain and have readily available replacement filters, as well as fitting well into your household.

Does the Pet Fountain Have a Filter? 

Pet fountains that have filters are great options. A filter ensures that your cat is not being offered water that is getting progressively dirtier as it moves in and out of the fountain!

Is it Easy to Clean?

You need to be able to clean all the components of the cat water fountain. Water and moisture can be delightful breeding grounds. The last thing you want is for an infestation of mildew or bacteria!

Materials: Are They Safe? 

Always look out for that “BPA Free” label! The whole point of a cat water fountain is to keep your kitty hydrated and healthy. Don’t go for the cheapest options that might cause a choking hazard or contain all that carcinogenic BPA!

Is the Price Too Nice? Reliability! 

You obviously have to go for an option that works for your budget! Your cat doesn’t need a cat water fountain that is bedazzled with diamonds. It does, however, need a fountain that is safe and that actually works.

kitten drinking from the best cat water fountain

Don’t Forget to Replace the Filters!

Filters, by their very nature and reason, must be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on usage. Filters trap hair and debris to ensure cleaner, healthier, water for your pet.

Only the Best for Our Furbabies! Your Furkid Will Thank You For Choosing the Best Cat Fountain for them! 

Whether you have a hunter, couch potato or picky drinker, there is a cat water fountain out there that is perfect for your kitty.

Evaluate the options, using the guidelines provided, and you can select the one that will work for your cat!

Common Questions on the Cat Water Fountain

Is there a dishwasher-safe option?

Can I use an automatic water dispenser for all pets? 

Are water dispensers easy to clean?

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