The 6 Best Dog Breeds for Cyclothymia

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Cyclothymic DisorderyThe best dog breeds for cyclothymia can be great for improving the quality of life of their owners. Whether your pooch is super-trained or has a Master’s degree in cuddles, they can truly help you feel better.

Depression in People: What is Cyclothymia?

Cyclothymia or cyclothymic depression is a rare mood disorder that is relatively mild. This condition is not gender-biased. Equal numbers of men and women are diagnosed with cyclothymia.

Up to 1 % of the U.S. population has cyclothymic depression. The onset is usually difficult to identify with symptoms beginning in adolescence or early adulthood.

What is Cyclical Depression?

A patient’s moods swing between brief periods of mild depression, and an elevated mood (hypomania).

The highs and lows of cyclothymic depression never reach the severity of a person suffering from bipolar disorder. The condition is diagnosed if these symptoms persist for at least 2 years.

5 Bipolar Disorder Facts You Need to Know

1. There are four types of bipolar disorder. They are all characterized by significant changes in mood, energy, concentration, thinking, and behavior. These changes are perceived as periods of feeling extremely ‘up’ (manic episodes), alternating with times of sadness and feelings of hopelessness (depressive episodes).

2. Bipolar disorder is a mental condition characterized by extreme changes in mood and behavior

3. There is no known single cause of bipolar disorder. Scientists are investigating the causes of this mental disorder. However, there are three risk factors that could contribute to an increased likelihood. Namely, genetics, the structure, and functioning of one’s brain and family history.

4. Treatment almost always requires medication. Yet, effective drugs and dosages differ significantly from person to person.

5. It is very possible for people with bipolar disorder to lead healthy and happy lives.
woman with Cyclothymic Disorder holding emotional support dog

What is a Hypo-manic Episode? And, What Could it Mean!

A hypomanic episode is a period in which one feels excited, euphoric, and very energetic. But one does not feel disconnected from reality. To some individuals, it could simply feel like some useful, purpose-driven energy.

If hypomania develops into full-blown mania, one can become a danger to one’s self. An individual experiencing a full-blown manic episode could feel invincible and intent on doing something very risky.

For example, driving very fast or investing all your assets in a new business venture.

Manic Meaning

A manic episode is one in which a person acts wildly, with great energy and excitement.

Further symptoms of mania include increased self-esteem, less need for sleep, elevated mood, difficulty focusing, increase in goal-directed activity, racing thoughts, and hedonistic behavior.

5 Ways an Emotional Support Dog Can Help You Cope with this Mood Disorder

  1. First and foremost, the unconditional love and companionship of an emotional support animal can do great things to help ease depressive episodes.
  2. An emotional support dog can be a wonderfully calming influence. Several studies have shown that simply stroking or petting a dog can help calm and relax a person.
  3. An important part of the treatment of any mental disorder is to partake in regular healthy exercise. Owning a dog that wants and needs to be taken for a walk every day can be a super way to help get you into a healthy exercise routine. A bit of fresh air also never did anyone any harm!
  4. Having another living being to take care of and be responsible for can help prevent people from getting stuck in the ruts that can lead to depressive episodes. Taking care of your pet will help to build confidence and self-worth.
  5. Dogs can sense the chemical changes that occur in the body before a manic episode. Some dog breeds can be trained to respond in a certain manner to help lessen the hypomanic episode.

Are you trying to Cope with Cyclothymia? Consider getting an Emotional Support Animal as Part of your Therapy!

If you are trying to cope with the ups and downs of cyclothymia, an emotional support animal (ESA) could be a very effective part of your treatment!

By definition, ESAs help to alleviate the symptoms of mental or emotional conditions through their affection and companionship.

CertaPet Emotional Support Animal Letters Can Help You Cope with Your Mental Illness

If you are thinking about getting an ESA, take Certapet’s quick and free pre-screening to find out whether you could be eligible! The pre-screening questionnaire takes just 5 minutes. Within a very short space of time, you will know whether you could qualify for an ESA letter.

Certapet will connect you with a licensed mental health practitioner (LMHP) in your state.

After conducting an online consultation, your personal LMHP could prescribe you an emotional support animal as a part of your treatment.

Certapet will then send you your very own ESA letter within 48 hours!

So, What are the Best Dog Breeds for Cyclothymia?

Any dog can be a super emotional support animal. There are, however, some characteristics that are more desirable than others.

The ideal ESA is empathetic, calm and affectionate. More than likely, you will want to take your ESA with you almost everywhere you go. So, it will be important to have an obedient and well-socialized dog.
Depressed woman with Cyclothymia sleeping with emotional support animal

The Bichon Frise and King Charles Spaniel: Two of the Best Small Dog Breeds for People with Bipolar Disorder

The Bichon Frise and King Charles Spaniel are two of the happiest, cuddliest puppers around!

The Bichon Frise has a super people-oriented personality. They can charm the socks off just about anyone! Being so outgoing, they make for a great breed of dog to take along with you wherever you go. They are also fairly eager to please.

So, there should be no hassles in teaching them some basic obedience cues. They love to learn new tricks and perform them to melt even the hardest of hearts!

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are amongst the most empathetic dog breeds around. They make super companions for people suffering from the various types of depression.

They love nothing more than making themselves comfortable on your lap. They do also have a playful streak and love a romp in the park. Their sweet natures make them great as therapy dogs. They are very eager to please and train very easily.

Two Medium Dog Breeds that Make Great ESAs: The American Staffy and Beagle

The American Staffordshire Terrier or AmStaff is a clever, confident, and good-natured companion.

They make for very loyal and protective pets. American Staffy’s are eager to please and easily trainable. Because of their strength and strong will, it is important that they are trained and well socialized from an early age.

The Beagle is a very intelligent dog breed that can master all sorts of different skills. They are very friendly dogs and make for excellent companions. From their days as hunting dogs, they are very sociable and love company. They are loving and lovable, happy-go-lucky dogs. They are very energetic and require plenty of outdoor activity!

The Best Large Dog Breeds for ESAs: Meet the Poodle and Golden Retriever

The Standard Poodle and Golden Retriever are two of the most intelligent dog breeds around. Not only are they super clever, but they are also super kind and loving too.

Both dog breeds make for excellent companions. Despite their size, both the Goldens and the Poodles love cuddles and will be very eager to make themselves comfortable in your lap!

Poodles and Retrievers are very trainable and eager to please. Basic obedience will be learned in a trice. You can even go on to teach them some more complex, super helpful skills too. They will relish the challenge.

Being such intelligent and hard-working dog breeds, they require a good amount of exercise and intellectual stimulation. They are both affable, friendly breeds, but like all dogs, early socialization is key to having an all-around friendly canine companion.

Do You Want to Save a Life? Adopt Your ESA!

Whether you would like to own a pure-bred dog or a pavement special, adopting is a wonderful way to add joy to your life as well as that of a pooch looking for a second chance at happily ever after.

The benefits of adopting a dog are manifold. There are so many breed-specific rescue groups out there. You will quite easily be able to find just the right hound to be your new furry friend!

Do You Think You Have Cyclothymic Disorder? Consider Talking to your LMHP Today

If you think that you have cyclothymia, the first step to take is to consult with your LMHP.

They will be able to help you figure out whether you have cyclothymic disorder or not and which steps to take if you do. Emotional support animals are a wonderful part of the treatment for a variety of mental and emotional conditions.

However, it is always important to stay in touch with an LMHP and let them guide your treatments and therapy. Certapet can help you to get in touch with an LMHP in your state. Just take the quick pre-screening questionnaire!

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