Stranger Danger! The Best Dog Breeds for Social Anxiety Disorder!

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By: Cassie Moorhead Updated: April 16, 2020

emotional support dog golden retriever in pile of toysThere’s a reason why dogs are usually said to be a man’s best friend. And dog owners who suffer from social anxiety disorder will tell you that it is true — dogs really are amazing! But do you know what the best dog breeds for social anxiety disorder are? These animals will be loyal, stand by your side even during your darkest days, and offer you unconditional love.

Having a loving puppy by your side can help you cope with social anxiety disorder. They make you feel less alone at the blink of an eye. Keep reading our post to learn more about the best dog breeds for social anxiety disorder!


How Dogs Can Help People Who Have Social Anxiety Disorder!

Many studies have shown that animals, and in particular dogs, are very effective in helping people cope with their mental disabilities. Having a four-legged furry friend by your side makes living with social anxiety much easier.

Owning a dog forces you to go outside for walks. It may seem counter-intuitive, but this is a great thing! It will push you to go out more, be more active and social, and to experience new things. Plus, owning a cute dog is a great icebreaker!

On top of all that, studies have also shown that caring for an animal raises your “feel good” hormones and lowers your blood pressure. All in all, there is not a single reason not to get one of the best dog breeds for social anxiety disorder as your companion!

Fear of People? What Is Social Phobia?

Social anxiety disorder is an extreme fear of social situations and interactions. It is mainly characterized by a seemingly inexplicable fear of speaking and being around people. People who suffer from this also fear that they’ll be negatively judged for what they say and their actions.

Thus, having social anxiety can turn a person into a recluse. This is why going out and talking to people is super important. The more you do these things, the less likely your anxiety is to take over completely.

Getting a dog is a great way to fight against anxiety. They will make you more active and support you through your toughest days.

Social Anxiety Support Animal! All You Need Is an ESA Letter!

What if, instead of being considered a pet, your dog could be seen as an emotional support animal? This way, they would be granted rights that pets are not.

ESAs are covered by special laws, but for this, you will need an emotional support letter. Once you have it, you’ll be allowed to travel by plane and to live with your new ESA.

Luckily, getting the emotional support letter is not a hard process at all! It all starts right here at CertaPet, with our simple, yet thorough 5-minute pre-screening. From there, you can get connected to an LMHP right in your state!

girl with a fear of people comforted by her emotional support animal

The Benefits of Having an Emotional Support Dog for People with Social Anxiety Disorder!

An emotional support dog will give you a lot of affection and will calm you down easily. People who suffer from social anxiety disorder, in particular, can benefit a lot from this animal-human bond. Think of all the times you felt anxiety take over. Now imagine having a loving cuddle buddy by your side to take those bad feelings away!

And if this weren’t good enough, you also get to live with your ESA and travel by plane with them free of charge. This way, your furry friend can always be with you… Getting the best dog breeds for social anxiety disorder as your ESA is a decision you will not regret.

How to Be More Social with an ESA

Dogs are very social animals. They love to go on walks, socialize with other dogs, and even meet new people!

Being forced to walk your puppy is the number one reason why you should get one. It may sound silly, but having to go outside to make your dog happy is already half the battle against social anxiety. Plus, doesn’t a little bit of fresh air sound nice?

Another great thing about dogs is that other people love them just as much as you do. Dogs are a great conversation starter. Someone could have a full conversation with you just about your dog, which will certainly put you at ease!

Lastly, since dogs make friends easily, this could also help you beat anxiety and make friends too. Arrange a playdate between your dog and another pupper and strike up a conversation with the owner. Right off the bat, there is one thing you have in common: your love for dogs. Start from here and see where the conversation goes!

The Best Dog Breeds for Social Anxiety Disorder: Dogs that Do the Talking for You!

The best dog breeds for social anxiety disorder are out there waiting for you. These breeds are usually very friendly, playful, and have lots of personality. They will surely become your best friend in no time.

girl with social phobia embraces her fears with her esa

The Always Happy and Eager-to-Please Golden Retriever

You will have a hard time finding a more passionate, intelligent, funny, and loving dog breed than this. The Golden Retriever is a dog with a forever-young personality. Even when they grow up to be adults they still love to play around like they did when they were puppies.

These beautiful dogs also love to please their owners. They’re famous for going above and beyond just to make their favorite humans smile! From acting like clowns to cuddling up to you in bed, Golden Retrievers make excellent ESAs.

The Personality Plus Poodle!

A great toy-sized puppy is the Poodle, one of the best dog breeds for social anxiety disorder. Living with a Poodle is almost like living with several dogs — they’re bursting at the seams with personality!

Poodles are incredibly smart and playful. They love learning new tricks and to be around other energetic dogs. A perfect day for a Poodle would be playing all day with a canine friend, making their owner laugh, and cuddling with them on the couch. What else could you ask for?

The Cool and Calm German Shepherd: Ever the Protector

If you’re looking for a calmer dog that still is one of the best dog breeds for social anxiety disorder, the German Shepherd is the one for you. They’re astute, intuitive, silly, and very loving.

Besides making an excellent police dog, German Shepherd dogs make outstanding ESAs. Their calm but silly personality and their high energy levels make them the perfect companion. You’ll soon find out that German Shepherds are very loyal and grow attached to their owners quickly!

Social Anxiety Treatment with Canine, More Like Rescue dogs!

Treating your social anxiety with a canine friend is a great idea. After all, dogs show us so much love and give us plenty of support! So, what if you could help out a loving puppy in need of a home to be happy, too?

girl with social anxiety disorder and her emotional support animal

Not Exactly Rare Dog Breeds! Whether Mutt or Designer Breed, a Rescue Will Love and Support You Unconditionally!

Dogs at rescues usually have sad stories of abandonment. There is nothing they want more than to go to a home where they’ll be well taken care of and loved. For this reason, rescue dogs are some of the sweetest dogs in the world.

No matter if they’re mutts or a rare breed, rescued dogs have an enormous heart. They bond with humans who treat them right very quickly and soon become their best friends.

Since they become so attached, rescue dogs are great for helping you cope with social anxiety. Not a lot of other animals will love you as much as these dogs do!

CertaPet’s Role in Making Sure People Can Always Have Their Dogs By Their Side!

Once you find a puppy you really, really love, you won’t want to leave their side. Wherever you go, they should go too! Luckily, this is possible, generally speaking! Thanks to ESA housing laws, you are able to live with your emotional support animal. You may also be able to bring them along on your next vacation!

To make sure you can travel and live with your ESA, you will need an emotional support letter. Getting one if you suffer from a social anxiety disorder is very easy with CertaPet’s process.

The first step you need to take is completing our straight-forward 5-minute pre-screening test. If you’re eligible to become an ESA owner, we will put you in touch with a licensed mental health professional. They will be the ones issuing you your emotional support letter, which opens many doors for you and your dog! This is a simple and straight-forward process that will bring you plenty of benefits in the future!

Common Questions about the Best Dog Breeds for Social Anxiety Disorder

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