Betches Shames Bachelor Nation’s Jared Haibon and Ashely Iaconetti for Openly Discussing Mental Health

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon

After years of struggling with anxiety, #BachelorNation celebrity, Jared Haibon, took to Instagram an open discussion about how he copes with this mental health issue. Alongside his wife, Ashley Iaconetti, they spoke up about dealing with anxiety and how his emotional support animal has really helped him, especially when taking a flight.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the importance of mental health. While it is a delicate condition that millions of individuals suffer from, some media outlets still aren’t aware of its importance. Betches, a large media company, recently published an article shaming Jared and Ashley and accusing them of doing sketchy ads.

Betches shames Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon

With a bullying tone, the gossip site strikes against Ashley stating that Jared’s anxiety when flying is “a fancy way of saying Ashley is high-maintenance as f*ck, and even the most chill person would have a panic attack sitting next to her on a plane”. Completely disregarding the mental health crisis the world is going through, the author relentlessly shames the #BachelorNation couple.

Betches shaming Ashley and Jared

Rather than seeing this as a great opportunity to share their experience with their thousands of followers, Betches expressed that the couple turned Jared’s condition into an “Instagram spon-con”.

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon talk about ESAs

To top it off, Betches basically states that neither of them should use their platforms to speak up about serious issues like mental health, but they should rather stick to “sponsorships for things like teeth whitening systems”.

Mental Health is a Serious Issue that Should not be Subjected to Bullying or Shaming

The approach Betches took is an excellent example of the poor way the media covers mental health in our country. Betches has shamed thousands of not only CertaPet clients, but millions more who are struggling with their mental health, and may be using animal-assisted therapy or an ESA as an alternative to expensive and sometimes dangerous medications.

Celebrities are influential – that’s why we call them influencers. To have them speak publicly on mental health issues helps decrease the stigma, and so for Jared to come out and admit his own experience with anxiety disorder is extremely powerful. Betches disregarded and trivialized Jared’s personal struggle, as well as a potentially life-saving service for those who can’t get access to traditional therapy or healthcare.

The conversation around mental health is constantly evolving, as is the science behind it – and Betches just effectively shut that conversation down.

What are your thoughts?

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