The Best Hydrolyzed Protein Dog Food of 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes Pets that suffer from food intolerances can seek benefits with the use of hydrolyzed protein dog food. These veterinary prescribed pet foods are designed to not only decrease an adverse reaction to food, but to also help reduce the symptoms of food allergies in dogs. A hydrolyzed protein dog food can prove to be incredibly beneficial

A Guide to Owning an Emotional Support Rabbit

Reading Time: 3 minutes If an emotional support animal (ESA) is adorable, imagine a cute little emotional support rabbit. It’s cuteness to the max! This loving companion animal can help you cope with your mental health or emotional disability. You two are protected by two federal laws and have special rights. But what exactly are those rights? And aren’t

A Tale of Doggos Past: Extinct Dog Breeds

Reading Time: 4 minutes The bond between humans and dogs goes way back—between 18,000 and 32,000 years, to be exact. Ask any dog lover what their favorite breed is and they’ll give you a list. But what they might not know is that the breeds we know and love today are, in most cases, only a few centuries old. Before they won over our hearts, there were

A Guide to Choosing and Using Dog Nail Caps

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dog nail caps have become a go-to product when it comes to protecting wooden floors! Nail caps for dogs are a safe and humane method pet owners are flocking to, to protect their furniture and floors. So, in this article, we will cover all you need to know about nail caps for dogs!Table of ContentsHere’s Our List of the Best Dog

A Pet Parent’s Guide on How to Leash Train a Dog

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do all pet parents need to know how to leash train a dog? Short answer: Yes! Big or small, your pup will want their daily walk. How are you going to take them for their constitutional without leash walking for some distance? Even if you can take your pup to an off-leash park. There will be situations in which your dog will need to be

17 People Tell Us How Their Pet Saved Their Life

Reading Time: 4 minutes The presence of an Emotional Support Animal is a beneficial form of daily therapy to those across the country who have mental health issues. Unfortunately, they are often depicted as a nuisance to society without thoroughly exploring their often life-saving benefits. CertaPet, a telehealth company that provides clinical care to individuals

The Best Rated Cat Nail Clippers of 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Grooming any pet is an essential part of your animal’s holistic care. Many people think of cutting their dog’s nails, but forget that cats need grooming too. Having to hold your kitty down to clip their claws with cat nail clippers is an intimidating task. Of course, you want to deter them from scratching any furniture, but

Getting to Know the 6 Eager to Please Retriever Breeds

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is it about the different retriever breeds that make them such a popular choice for people from all walks of life? Retrievers are eager to please, energetic, and loyal dogs. Their intelligence and biddability make them suitable for all sorts of activities and lifestyles!Table of ContentsThere are 6 Retriever Breeds: Let’s

Is Your ESA Ready to Be in Public Places?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Having an emotional support animal (ESA) is awesome. These assistance dogs are their owner’s best friend. But just because they’re cute and cuddly doesn’t mean they’re always well behaved. Before you can take them to a restaurant or even a dog park, you need to teach your assistance pup some manners. For instance,

Introducing the Agile and Athletic Barbet Dog Breed

Reading Time: 3 minutes Described as a “loving companion with a glorious lack of sophistication,” the Barbet dog breed is all types of regal and rowdy. An all-rounder and a heap of fun, bringing a Barbet into your family will keep you busy. They are perfect for active families and are amongst the most popular of the French dog breeds. Table

Steps to Take When Your Landlord Refuses Your ESA

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you live in a building with a no pet policy and are considering getting an emotional support animal (ESA)? Or, do you already have an ESA and want to rent accommodation where, technically, pets are not allowed? What are the steps to take when your landlord refuses your esa? Can the property owner evict you? Is there recourse? Yes,

ESA Weekly News: Department of Transportation Wants ESAs Banned from Flights

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today, we bring you an important piece of emotional support animal news. The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced a new federal proposal. It would ban emotional support animals from the cabin and treat them as pets. There is a lot to unpack here, so grab a cup of coffee and keep reading to get caught up. Read What Our Clinical

A Pet Parent’s Guide to Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Reading Time: 4 minutes As a pet parent, one of the most significant investments that you could make into your furbaby’s life is the choice of diet for them. Nutrition can make a massive impact on their lives. So when it comes to considering an allergy or intolerance, your pet’s life is in your hands. Enter limited ingredient dog food. A lot of the

Dog Vision: How Well Do Dogs Actually See?

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you look at Fido, what do you see? Probably that cute face of theirs and love and excitement gleaming in their eyes. But have you ever wondered what Fido sees? Maybe you’ve heard that dogs see everything in black and white and shades of gray. Yet, that’s not true! Sure, dog vision is pretty different from ours, but their

The Best Dog Hiking Gear Products of 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you like to take your dog backpacking or hiking with you? From doggie hiking boots to pooch sleeping bags, we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of the best dog hiking gear for your next adventure.Table of ContentsHere is Our Ultimate Dog Hiking Gear ListThe OneTigris Dog Hiking PackPaw Protectors are Important Hiking

ESA Weekly News January 21st: Senator Wants Protection for ESA Owners in Rented Housing and New Netflix Series Stars Emotional Support Dog

Reading Time: 3 minutes Grab your pooch and your popcorn and settle in on the sofa for some puptastic ESA news. This week we’re covering two positive emotional support animal news pieces. The first is about a republican senator pushing to pass an ESA bill that aims to protect ESA owners who wish to live in rented condos or apartments with their ESA. The

Easy DIY Dog Food Recipes That Won’t Break the Bank

Reading Time: 3 minutes Reading through the list of ingredients in your dog’s dry food could equate to deciphering foreign manuscripts. Yet, day in and day out, it is easier to pour those pellets into their bowl and expect them to eat the same meal for life. If vet bills for skin allergies or digestive problems frustrate you, it is time to create a homemade

Fun and Functional: The Best Kaytee Products of 2020!

Reading Time: 3 minutes For more than 150 years, Kaytee has prioritized food, housing, treats, and other products for the small exotic pets and birds in your family. But their passion doesn’t end in your home. Their non-profit Avian Foundation has a desire to enhance people’s knowledge of birds in particular. This mission starts in their backyard

A Look at the Best Elevated Dog Bowls of 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dog owners know all pups are different, even when it comes to how they eat that delicious dog food. Some dogs (namely larger dogs and tall dogs) struggle eating their food when their bowls are on the floor. Others have no problem at all. Luckily, we can cater to each of our furry friends to make them happy. Getting elevated dog bowls