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Dalmatian dog sitting in flowers
27 August, 2018

The Dalmatian: From Elegant to Goofy in a Heartbeat

The Dalmatian breed must be one of the most well-known in the world. Not only are their coats unique and stunning, but they’ve also featured in a lot of movies. You’ll most likely know Dalmatian puppies because of the Disney film 101 Dalmatians. Unlike Cruella de Vil, everyone loves this energetic and goofball of a dog! Table of Contents Meet …

27 August, 2018

Metronidazole for Dogs: Dosage, Side Effects, and More!

What is Metronidazole for dogs?  Well, the rumbling pain and discomfort we experience when we have the tummy bug can be intolerable! Thankfully we can tell the doctor and receive the pain relief we need. Unlike us, our four-legged friends can’t tell us when they feel discomfort. That’s why we need vets! Vets can look at various clinical signs and …

confused dog with dog dementia
27 August, 2018

Dog Dementia: A Guide to Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Today many senior dogs may succumb to the effects of dog dementia. Dogs with dementia is truly a devastating condition that can change the personality of a loved pet. While there is no cure for this condition, pet owners who educate themselves about the disease can improve the quality of their pets life. So, in this article, we’ll cover all …

dog poop scooper on dog collar
24 August, 2018

Dog Poop Bags! All You Need to Know About Dog Waste Bags

Dog Poop Bags are an under-emphasized part of living with a dog. Granted, it’s not among the first considerations when thinking about owning a pooch, but maybe it should be in this day and age. Gone are the days when dogs ran about unattended and did their business willy-nilly beside roads and under sidewalk hedges. Times they are a-changing and …

female boxer puppy sitting
24 August, 2018

Your Ultimate Guide to The Boxer Dog Breed

You’d never know it, but the Boxer dog was originally bred as a guard dog. Often referred to as the “Peter Pan” of dog breeds, Boxers tend to stay in Neverland until they are around three years old. Don’t fear the long puppyhood, though – this breed is silly, full of joy, and sweet as can be. Table of Contents …

when do dogs stop growing, panosteitis in dogs
23 August, 2018

When Do Dogs Stop Growing? Panosteitis in Dogs Guide

Another term for panosteitis in dogs is ‘growing pains.’ This condition most commonly affects young dogs from large or giant breeds. The symptoms of panosteitis include lameness, lack of energy, and pain. This condition can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications. Indeed, panosteitis is self-limiting and once the dog stops growing the pain eases. However, it is important to control the …