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23 August, 2018

Why is My Dog Not Eating? The Top 6 Reasons!

Is your dog not eating? If you’ve ever had a dog who won’t eat the food you give them, you’ll know how frustrating this can be. Since they can’t put into words why they’re not eating, it’s natural for pet owners to feel frustrated and worried. There will be so many things going through their head. Maybe their dog isn’t …

dog-friendly wedding human hands with dog paw
23 August, 2018

How to Plan a Dog-Friendly Wedding

It’s time to tie the knot in front of your loved ones and, of course, that means your beloved furry friends too! Have you considered having a dog-friendly wedding? Your pet is as much a member of your new family as anyone else. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be there on your special day! Table of Contents How to Plan …

pumpkin for dogs with dog upset stomach and diarrhea
23 August, 2018

Pumpkin for Dogs: A Cure for Dog Upset Stomach Problems

Pumpkin for Dogs: A cure-all for your dog’s GI problems? How is it possible that one food item can treat both diarrhea and constipation? Read on to find out more about how this humble veg can ease some of your canine’s tummy troubles.Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin? Is Pumpkin Good for Dogs? You Bet! That’s affirmative! Pumpkin is good for your …

the many types of hounds and hound mix staring off in distance
23 August, 2018

Hound Dogs 101: The English and American Foxhound Dog Breed

Looking for the ultimate running or hiking partner? The Foxhound may be the dog for you. This dog breed was bred for fox hunting and while mainly seen as a working dog, it can be a great companion animal for the right owner and family. Foxhounds are strong, sturdy dogs that have sharp instincts. They are hounds through and through, …

best dog training collars for labrador retriever with collar
23 August, 2018

Choosing the Best Dog Collars for Small Pups to Large Doggos

Dog collars are the most important of canine accessories. Aside from being fashion items, they are the ideal location to attach dog tags which usually contain the pupper’s name and the owner’s contact details. Collars also serve as a functional band to attach the leash onto. It provides something for their hooman to grab on to which is especially helpful …

pup needing dog laxative for constipation in dogs
23 August, 2018

Constipated Dog? Symptoms, Causes, Remedies for Dog Constipation!

Dog Constipation is a common problem in all dogs, although it is hard for loving pet owners to see. No matter the breed, age, size or eating habits of your furry friend, irregular bowel movements can strike at any time. Do not be distressed, there are ways to “expel” the problem. Table of Contents “My Dog is Constipated!” From Not So …