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My First Puppy! Understanding How Puppy Shots Work
16 February, 2018

Puppy Shots: The Guide on Caring for Your First Puppy!

Bringing an adorable, soft bundle of joy into your home is a wonderful thing, but when you get a puppy for the first time you should know that they are depending on your right away. You are their fur parent, and they will rely on you every day for their needs. That includes getting their puppy shots and protecting them …

A Glance at the Leptospirosis Vaccine for Dogs
14 February, 2018

 A Glance at the Leptospirosis Vaccine for Dogs

Leptospirosis vaccine for dogs is perhaps the most controversial vaccine pet parents talk about. As pet parents, we want to ensure that our beloved pooch is well protected from diseases that may be easily preventable. But, what do you do as a pet owner when you know that the vaccination against a disease can be just as dangerous? In this …

All You Need to Know About A Titer Test for Dogs and Cats (1)
14 February, 2018

All You Need to Know About A Titer Test for Dogs and Cats

Should you vaccinate or titer test your pet? What exactly is titer testing in dogs and cats? What are its benefits? Titer tests are a great way of telling veterinarians and pet owners how much antibodies are present in a pet’s immune system. So, in today’s world titer testing has become an amazing diagnostic tool that can possibly decrease the …

Probiotics for Dogs
14 February, 2018

Probiotics for Dogs: Keep Your Pup’s Gut Happy and Healthy

Did you know that a dog’s gut is the largest immune organ in their body and contains, on average, about 70% of immune cells? Pretty cool, isn’t it? That is why it is super important to have probiotics for dogs! Your furry friend’s digestive system needs to run smoothly so that they stay healthy, active, and live and full and …

The Ultimate 2018 Guide To The Best Flea and Tick Treatment for dogs
12 February, 2018

Best Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs: The Ultimate 2018 Guide

It’s natural for dogs and cats to have the occasional itch, but when it persists pet owners may wonder whether their furry friend has a case of the fleas. For dog owners and their pooch, fleas are easy to contract and can be tricky to eradicate. That is why we have compiled a guide to the best flea and tick …

A Guide To Choosing the Right Anti Inflammatory for Dogs
10 February, 2018

A Guide To Choosing the Right Anti Inflammatory for Dogs

Knowing your dog has any kind of pain or inflammation can be heartbreaking. Knowing how to choose the right anti inflammatory for dogs can be even harder. There are steroid based anti-inflammatory drugs, non steroid based anti-inflammatory treatments and natural alternatives. Inflammation can be the result of an injury, infection, a reaction, an allergy, a long-term chronic condition such as …