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rough collie dog lassie breed in field
23 August, 2018

Rough Collie and Smooth Collie: The Lassie Dog Breed!

Do you remember the 1950s show Lassie featuring a gorgeous and courageous dog? Lassie was always ready to save her family members from whatever trouble they got into. But Lassie was much more than just a loving puppy that came to the rescue when needed. Lassie was the dog who sent the Rough Collie breed to the spotlight. These dogs …

anemia in dogs dog with low red blood cell count
23 August, 2018

Anemia in Dogs: Causes, Treatment, Signs of Anemia and More!

Are you worried your dog might be anemic? Do you want to know the why, what, and how of anemia in dogs? There can be many possible factors behind a dog developing anemia, but there are a few signs you can look out for. There are also ways you help prevent your dog from developing this blood-related condition, and improve …

african serval domestic hybrid cat savannah cat breed
23 August, 2018

The Savannah Cat Breed: African Serval Meets Domestic Cat

The Savannah Cat is a hybrid breed created by crossing an African Serval (Leptailurus serval) with a domestic shorthair. They have the looks of a wild cat with the more manageable size of domesticated cats. Savannah cats are very intelligent and active. They make entertaining pets for cat owners who have the time and enthusiasm to devote to these exceptional felines. Table of …

23 August, 2018

Worms in Cats: How to Find the Best Cat Dewormer Under $15

Worms in cats! No pet parent like to hear that their lovely kitty has a parasite infection. Unpalatable as it is, cats and worms go together like clouds and rain. Where you have one, the other is sure to follow. This isn’t about being dirty or unclean, it’s just nature. You may find it surprising to discover how cats become …

two cute puppies as world's cutest dogs
16 August, 2018

The Science of Cuteness: Why People Can’t Resist Cute Puppies

Cute puppies, you either love them, crave them or adore them, right? No matter who you are, how old you are, where you live or the language you speak, pictures of cute puppy dogs always provoke the same response. Ready, set, Awwwwwww! It doesn’t need to be National Puppy Day for a little puppy appreciation. Keep reading to discover the …

16 August, 2018

Brachycephalic Syndrome: A Look Inside a Pug Skull!

Do you have a flat-faced or snub-nosed dog or cat, or thinking about getting one? Get to know a little about Brachycephalic Syndrome. In short, for dog and cat breeds with these features, it can affect their ability to breathe. If symptoms are not picked up and managed, the outcome can be fatal. To learn more about what this syndrome …