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Natural Antibiotics for Dogs
5 March, 2018

Natural Antibiotics For Dogs: Are They Effective?

When your dog has an infection or is recovering from surgery, the vet often prescribes antibiotic medication. People and pet owners alike have begun to be wary about the over-prescription of antibiotics as antibiotic-resistant bacteria started to make headlines.  Natural Antibiotics for dogs can help fight infection with fewer side effects.  Vet-prescribed antibiotics can cure serious infections that could lead …

goats milk for dogs
2 March, 2018

Goats Milk for Dogs: An Emerging Trend 

  Dogs, like humans, have shown a higher prevalence of allergies and digestive issues with the increase in processed foods.  Looking to more natural options, various trends have been responsible for the introduction of homemade dog food, raw feeding, and grain free kibble. Goats milk for dogs is often used for bottle feeding puppies; however, now the newest uses involve …

green tripe for dogs
2 March, 2018

Green Tripe For Dogs: A Stinky But Healthy Treat For Your Pooch

Many are speaking of the benefits of feeding green tripe to your pets, either in its raw and natural state or in products produced by pet food manufacturers.  So what exactly is green tripe? And why is it so good? Table of Contents What is Green Tripe?A Fishy Taste—Define Tripe!What’s so Special About the Green in Tripe!Green Tripe Health Benefits …

Arthritis in Dogs
1 March, 2018

Arthritis in Dogs: What Every Pet Parent Should Know

Many pet owners are not as clued up on arthritis, especially arthritis in dogs, as they should be. Arthritis is a disease which affects many dogs. Being in constant pain can get the better of anyone, but being prepared can make all the difference. Helping your arthritic dog manage this inflammatory disease is doable when you have a grasp of …

Luxating Patella in dogs Painful but Treatable
27 February, 2018

Luxating Patella in Dogs: Painful but Treatable

Does your dog have a luxating patella? Not sure what that means or what you can do about it? Luxating patella in dogs is a common orthopedic dilemma many pet owners have either faced or have heard of! So, in this article, we will cover all you need to know about luxating patella in dogs and the costs associated with …

Hypothyroidism in Dogs: A Brief Guide
26 February, 2018

Hypothyroidism in Dogs: A Brief Guide

Hypothyroidism in dogs. Even though it is one of the most common diseases in your furry friend, it is treatable and sometimes even avoidable. If you’ve noticed your dog is gaining weight for no obvious reason, urinates more frequently, and is lethargic, it could be due to an underactive thyroid gland. Recovery can sometimes be as simple as getting treatment …