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esa goes missing on LATAM flight
7 September, 2018

ESA Goes Missing from International LATAM Flight

A bizarre series of events has unfolded in the skies between the U.S. and Paraguay, with an emotional support animal apparently going missing from a flight operated by Chile-based airline LATAM. 

pup at hospital after a dog heart attack
7 September, 2018

Heart Murmur in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

It is not something any owner wants to hear: “Your dog has a heart murmur.” But the truth is, having a heart murmur is very different from having heart disease or heart failure. This article explains what a heart murmur is and what the implications of having a murmur are, both good and bad. Read on to learn more about heart …

golden retriever puppy getting checked for ear mites on dogs ear
7 September, 2018

Pesky Parasites 101: Ear Mites in Dogs

Is your dog is continuously scratching their ears? Do they have a discharge from their ear canal, or do their ears seem irritated and inflamed? They may have ear mites! Ear mites in dogs are no fun at all! If left untreated, they can cause permanent ear problems and infections in the future. The good news is that ear mites …

sad beagle with eye problems in dogs
7 September, 2018

A Guide to Cherry Eye in Dogs: Is This A Dog Eye Infection?

Most dog owners have heard about a condition often called “cherry eye in dogs.” But many seem to think that it’s not a major condition and that it won’t affect their pups health. Because of this, the issue is left untreated. But there’s nothing pretty or desirable about cherry eye. In many cases, it can lead to a deterioration of …

big domestic cats, cute maine coon cat staring at the camera
7 September, 2018

Gentle Giants! The Ultimate Maine Coon Cat Breed Guide

The Gentle Giants of the Feline World: The Maine Coon Cat Breed! The Maine Coon is the lion of the domestic cat world! But this breed is affectionately known as the gentle giant for their kind and loving nature. Could the Maine Coon breed be the feline friend you’ve been looking for? Table of Contents What’s in a Name: Mancoon? Maincoon? …

animal planet shows dr jeff young and planned pethood plus icon
6 September, 2018

Planned Pethood: A Guide to the Famous Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet!

The brainchild of TV vet Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet, Denver’s Planned Pethood is known around the country for its low-cost spay-neuter mobile vans, its training programs for vets, and its state-of-the-art veterinary hospital. Learn all about Dr. Jeff’s amazing vision here. Table of Contents What is Planned Pethood and Planned Pethood Plus?All The Way From Animal Planet Shows: Dr …