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animal assisted therapy
29 November, 2018

Pets as Prescription: The Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy

Ever hear the term pets as prescription? Well, over the last decade more and more mental health professionals are beginning to see the many benefits of animal assisted therapy for people. But, what is animal-assisted therapy and how is it different from getting an emotional support animal? And—most importantly—which one is right for you? Table of Contents What is Animal …

therapy cats with hyperthyroidism in cats
29 November, 2018

Hyperthyroidism in Cats: What Does it Mean for Your Kitty?

Hyperthyroidism in cats is a common condition in middle-aged to older cats. The clinical signs of feline hyperthyroidism include increased appetite with weight loss. Left untreated, cats develop high blood pressure, kidney disease and heart problems. With treatment, most cats with hyperthyroidism can lead a normal life for months and years to come. There are lots of treatment options for …

moving with cats angry cat sitting in box
29 November, 2018

Moving with Cats and Dogs: Keeping Pets Safe During a Move

Let’s be honest – moving with cats and dogs makes an already stressful time worse! Just imagine the anxiety it causes to your furry friends when they have to deal with an unexpected activity or when they’ll be introduced to a new environment. With all the things that need to be accomplished – from the chaos of boxes to the …

best dog breeds for adhd young boy kicking ball for dog
29 November, 2018

The Best Dog Breeds for ADHD That Bring Comfort and Control

ADHD, which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a mental condition that affects millions of children all over the world, with this disorder often continuing on into adulthood. ADHD means that a person will find it much harder to focus and control their impulses, while hyperactivity is also commonly experienced. Canine companions to the rescue! Read on to find …

29 November, 2018

Pet Ownership: The Positive Impact of Pets on Your Child

For many pet owners, having animals at home provides happiness and entertainment. Just like kids in the family, pets are adorable additions who can light up the day and bring a smile in our faces. But, don’t you know that pets can do so much more? Many studies are presenting the positive impact of pet ownership on your child. When …

29 November, 2018

Weekly ESA News Report Nov 29: Landlord Fined for Denying ESA

There are many landlords out there who are still confused about or ignorant of their legal obligations to provide reasonable accomodation to people living with a disability! As the follwing incedent shows, landlords would do well to become more savvy when it comes to the legal rights of emotional support animal (ESA)  owners! Take CertaPet’s Free Screening Test Table of …