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pomeranian climbing dog stairs for bed
6 September, 2018

Pet Stairs! How to Choose the Right Dog Stairs or Dog Steps for Your Pup!

Dog stairs make life easier for you and your fur baby. Ease of access is not always a given for senior dogs and short-legged breeds. By getting them some doggie stairs, you would be providing a lifeline by making life and the house a little more accessible. Once you have made the decision to enter the market, you will realize …

anti inflammatory for dogs, pup feeling better after taking the right aspirin dose for dogs
6 September, 2018

Can I Give My Dog Aspirin? A Guide to Aspirin for Dogs Dosage & More!

Is there anything worse as a pooch parent, to see your poor fur baby suffering and in pain? This can be one of the hardest things for pet owners to go through, and many of us are woefully unprepared when our dogs run into a situation where they need pain relief. Enter Aspirin for Dogs! Surprisingly, there are many pharmaceuticals …

exotic shorthair cat breed looking out of window
5 September, 2018

The Exotic Shorthair Cat – America’s Favorite Kitty!

Introducing the Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed! The Exotic Shorthair cat is actually not that exotic, it’s just a shorthaired Persian. Also known as the “furniture with fur” cat and “lazy man’s Persian” this cuddly kitty is America’s favorite cat breed! Table of Contents The Brief History of Exotic Shorthair CatsThe Appearance of These KittiesEuropean Shorthair vs Exotic Shorthair: What’s the …

saluki dog breed adult saluki standing in forest
5 September, 2018

Introducing: The Ancient Saluki Dog Breed

The ancient Saluki dog is one of the oldest breeds in the world! After thousands of years by our sides, Saluki pups have wise eyes, old souls and endless loving companionship to offer. When a Saluki offers you their friendship, you know you’re a lucky human! Find out if you’ve got what it takes to earn their love in our …

person using blue pooper scooper
4 September, 2018

Here’s the Scoop on the Best Pooper Scooper

Dog poop. Yep, we’re going there, and it’s not just an April fools’ prank. It’s icky and gross but knowing how to deal with pet poop is an essential part of being a responsible pet parent. Dog owners take note: forget the rake and put down the flimsy plastic bag. What you need is a pooper scooper. Use this guide …

4 September, 2018

The Big, Brave and Bold Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed

Everyone knows of the Schnauzer breed, but have you ever heard of the divine Giant Schnauzer? This pup is a bigger, even more lovable version of the well-known classic Standard Schnauzer canine companion. With its bold look, imposing size and fiercely loyal personality, this dog is a real win for those seeking a doggo for security and companionship! If you’re …