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29 November, 2018

Pet Ownership: The Positive Impact of Pets on Your Child

For many pet owners, having animals at home provides happiness and entertainment. Just like kids in the family, pets are adorable additions who can light up the day and bring a smile in our faces. But, don’t you know that pets can do so much more? Many studies are presenting the positive impact of pet ownership on your child. When …

29 November, 2018

Weekly ESA News Report Nov 29: Landlord Fined for Denying ESA

There are many landlords out there who are still confused about or ignorant of their legal obligations to provide reasonable accomodation to people living with a disability! As the follwing incedent shows, landlords would do well to become more savvy when it comes to the legal rights of emotional support animal (ESA)  owners! Take CertaPet’s Free Screening Test Table of …

Famotidine for Dogs aka Pepcid for Dogs
28 November, 2018

The #1 Guide to Famotidine for Dogs aka Pepcid for Dogs

Famotidine for dogs is an antacid medication that reduces the production of stomach acid.  It is most commonly prescribed when a dog is suspected of having a gastric ulcer or feels nauseous because of kidney disease. Famotidine is perhaps better known under the trade name of Pepcid. Table of Contents What is Famotidine for Dogs?Famotidine Vs Ranitidine!Zantac Vs Pepcid!Is Pepcid …

inside of a bullymake box supscription package with dog toys and more
28 November, 2018

Bullymake Box: A Must Have for Dogs Who Love to Chew!

This is the box all chewer dogs have been waiting for: the Bullymake Box! If your dog is an avid chewer and makes it their personal mission to shred their toys, the Bullymake Box has special toys just for them. Their themed boxes come with indestructible toys that al chewer dogs will love! Plus, they also include some treats for …

The-Cute-Curly-Haired cornish rex kitten
28 November, 2018

The Cute & Curly Haired Cornish Rex!

The Cornish Rex is a striking cat best known for its soft, tightly curled coat and lithe body. But where does this athletic breed come from? What are these cats’ temperaments like? Do they make good pets? Read on to find out! Table of Contents Meet the Cornish Rex, aka the Curly Haired Beauty!History of Rex!Appearance and Personality of the …

26 November, 2018

How to Give a Dog a Pill: Ways to Make the Medicine Go Down

How to give a dog a pill, a common dilemma in any doggy’s home. We’ve all had that sneaky pup who seems to have swallowed the pill, only to disgorge it in secret when you turn away. We’re left with a soggy mess of meds and a suspicious doggy. But there are options, dog-lovers! From fun games to a more …