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Blue Buffalo Dog Food on tableBlue Buffalo Dog Food is one of the best pet food companies out there. They carefully plan each formula for all dogs and are always looking out for your dog’s health and well-being.

If we are what we eat, so are our pets. Choosing high-quality dog food is important if you want to have a healthy pup who will grow old. But many of the commercially-made dry food for dogs has less-than-good ingredients in it. From low-quality meats to high levels of grains, not all dog food formulas are the same.

A Wholesome Doggie Kibble: What Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food?

Blue Buffalo pet food is an all-natural dog food company who also makes cat food. They make wet and dry dog food formulas, as well as healthy treats. They also make formulas for all life stages: puppies, adult dogs, elderly dogs, and even those with food allergies and sensitive stomachs!

But they’re not just like every other pet food company out there. Blue Buffalo products use only high-quality natural ingredients. Their formulas are made with high-quality proteins (no poultry by-products!), healthy fats, and a good ratio of carbs. You will never find the dreaded fillers in their products (corn, wheat, or soy).

Another aspect that sets them apart from other brands is their exclusive LifeSource Bits. These small dark round-shaped pieces are mixed in with the kibble. They’re a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The LifeSource Bits help strengthen your pup’s immune system and help maintain a healthy oxidative balance!

Blue Foods: There Are Many Yummy Formulas!

But Blue Buffalo doesn’t just make one kind of formula. Because all dogs are different and face different challenges, their diets should also be different. From puppies to large breeds to others who have allergy problems, Blue Foods has a line for everyone!

Blue Wilderness

Blue Wilderness was made thinking of the diet of wolves whose endurance fascinates people all over the world. Blue Wilderness has elevated levels of protein, is completely grain free, and super yummy.

There are a lot of flavors you can choose from, for instance, salmon, duck, red meat, and poultry. Are you ready to try it? We recommend this high-protein diet!

Blue Freedom

If your pup doesn’t do well on a grain-based diet, it’s time to switch to Blue Freedom. This formula has no grains, making it the perfect Blue Buffalo allergies friendly product. Plus, Blue Freedom has no artificial flavors or artificial colors: it’s all about enjoying a delicious meal that’s super healthy.

Set of zignature dry dog food on white background

Life Protection Formula

Made with only the absolute best natural ingredients and enriched with vitamins and minerals, make way for the Life Protection Formula. There’s a plan for all dogs, regardless of life stage, and it comes in dry kibble form, wet form, or as treats.

The Life Protection Formula is made up of real high-quality protein (such as chicken, lamb, or fish) and garden veggies and fruit. And of course, it has Blue’s signature: the LifeSource Bits that add even more nutrition to your pup’s diet.

Blue Basic

This is the perfect formula for dogs who have trouble digesting traditional pet foods. Blue Basic means one thing: less is more. This line of products has fewer ingredients but just as much nutritional value. No corn, wheat, dairy, soy, or eggs have gone into making Blue Basic: it’s grain free and super healthy!

If you’ve had problems with your dog digesting food, you need to try this formula. It’s yummy and won’t make your pup sick!

Blue Natural Veterinary Diet

The Blue Natural Veterinary Diet is only available through veterinarians. This line of products is made with the best ingredients and specially designed for dogs and cats who have specific health problems.

This formula has products for dogs who suffer from urinary problems, gastrointestinal issues, food intolerance, kidney disease, and who are overweight. It’s the best way to tackle all health issues in a natural way!

A Holistic Way of Feeding Fido! Blue Buffalo Dog Food Ingredients

Some brands of dog food use inexpensive ingredients in their dog food formulas to up their net sales and profit. These ingredients are more often than not grains and chicken and poultry by-products. Our pups don’t need this in their diets!

What our furry friends need is fat-soluble vitamins, healthy fatty acids, and high-quality protein. This is exactly what Blue Buffalo Dog Food has in its formulas.

You’ll find duck, chicken, salmon, red meat, and other kinds of protein in their formulas. You’ll also see garden veggies and fruits in some of Blue Buffalo’s products.

Finally, you’ll see small and dark pieces mixed in the kibble. They’re the vitamin- and mineral-packed kibble that Blue Buffalo created called LifeSource Bits. They do wonders for your dog’s immune system!

Spice Up Your Dog’s Food with Vets Preferred

If you want to make your dog’s meals even more nutritious, you can give them a supplement.

Vets Preferred is an all-natural dog diet company that sells amazing supplements. Their Advanced Joint Support Supplement is perfect for dogs who suffer from joint problems. This chewable supplement will make their joints and cartilages healthier and make sure they don’t have serious problems in the future!

Comparing the Competition: Diamond Dog Food vs Blue Dog Food!

Both Diamond Dog Food and Blue Dog Food claim to be holistic approaches to a dog’s diet. They both have all-natural ingredients and claim to be very healthy — but how are they different from each other?

The two brands offer the same amount of crude protein in their dry food formulas. However, Blue Buffalo has a slightly higher level of crude fiber and lower level of crude fat than Diamond Dog Food.

Blue Buffalo dry dog food Ingredients in wet food

Tomato pomace, pea protein, and powdered cellulose are all controversial ingredients that can be found in Diamond Dog Food and in Blue Dog Food formulas. But while Diamond uses poultry by-products (think liver, kidneys, lungs…), Blue Dog does not. On the other hand, only Blue Dog Food uses the controversial canola oil in their formulas.

Lastly, both companies offer dry and wet food for dogs, as well as yummy treats. They each also have separate lines of products for cats.

The Competition Doesn’t End: Mountain Dog Food

Mountain Dog Food is another brand that specializes in all-natural dry and wet dog food. They use raw ingredients from accredited suppliers to serve dogs all over America and Canada delicious meals.

You’ll find chicken, turkey, lamb, and beef in their products. But their formulas aren’t just meat-based. You can find garden veggies, fruits, and some grains and pea protein in their packages.

One of the Best Dog Food for Puppies: Blue Buffalo Puppy Food

Blue Buffalo makes all its formulas available for puppies. Since they are still growing, they need different nutritional elements in their diets when compared to adult dogs.

Only the best quality meats and veggies go into making the meals of our cute little friends. Blue Buffalo makes sure that your dog grows up healthy and well-nourished while still enjoying yummy meals, day in and out!

Blue Buffalo Senior Dog Food Has the Best Wet Dog Food!

If you have an elderly dog, you’ll be happy to hear Blue Buffalo makes wet food for them. They have dozens of flavors, from turkey & potato to chicken & vegetables.

All their elderly-friendly wet food is fortified with ingredients that help with joint health and muscle maintenance. This is exactly what you want: for your doggo to enjoy wet food while benefiting from eating it!

Blue Dog Food Reviews

Are you still not convinced that Blue Buffalo Dog Food is amazing? Here are the reviews of some customers:

“When I got my dog a few months ago we had our ups and downs with the vet and her stomach and bladder issues. My dog is a border collie and black lab mix. I wanted my dog to be on some good food that wasn’t full of junk like some of the other cheaper brands. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about Blue Buffalo so I tried it. My dog loves this food. She has not had any stomach or bladder issues since.” — Brittany

“Blue Buffalo Pet Foods has made a big difference in my dog’s digestion. They also seem to have better overall condition in appearance. When I have tried other brands my dogs get sick and have loose bowel movements.” — Stacy

Husky eating blue wilderness dog food

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Coupon

If you love a good bargain, we have good news for you. Signing up for the Blue Buffalo newsletter gives you access to dozen of coupons that will be delivered to your inbox. How better could shopping for dog food get?!

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall: Nobody’s Perfect!

Blue Buffalo has had a history with recalls. In the spring of 2017, Blue Buffalo recalled one lot of their Blue Wilderness formula. They found that this particular lot had too high levels of the naturally-occurring thyroid hormones found in beef.

However, the company handled the recall well and has not had any other problems ever since! Very few dog food companies have never experienced a recall, so this news shouldn’t alarm you at all.

Could This Be the Best Dry Food Around? You Be the Judge…

So how good is Blue Buffalo Dog Food? We want you to decide for yourself, so we’ll leave below a list of ingredients that are and aren’t present in their formulas.

  • chicken
  • turkey
  • salmon
  • beef
  • lamb
  • no poultry by-products
  • no corn, wheat, or soy
  • canola oil
  • tomato pomace
  • pea protein
  • no artificial colors
  • LifeSource bits (which contains fat-soluble vitamins and plenty of minerals)

Common Questions on Blue Buffalo Dog Food

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2. What formulas are there?

3. How does it compare to other brands?

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