Introducing the American Blue Lacy Dog Breed

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blue lacy dog with red collar running

Agricultural production is the trade of Texas. So it is not unusual that they would have a breed of dog that is hard-working and active. Trained to herd livestock, hunt small prey and “do the work of five cowboys”, the American Blue Lacy dog breed has become a companion on the ranch, and in the homestead.

A Brief History of the Blue Lacy Dog Breed

Back in the mid-1800s, four brothers moved from Kentucky to Texas. They brought with them a dog that was perfect for ranch life. The brothers created their perfect herding and hunting companion by mixing wolf, Greyhound, English Shepherd, coyote, and another scenthound. Named after its breeders, Frank, George, Ewin and Harry Lacy, the Blue Lacy dog breed is an all-round working dog.

Texas Blue Lacy: It’s the Texas State Dog!

Being the only breed of dog to have originated from the Lone Star State, Texans have adopted it as their state dog since 2005. They’re proud of this hard-working breed, even though it isn’t recognized by the American Kennel Club. The National Lacy Dog Registry has registered this rare breed and wishes to preserve it. 

The Lacy’s Appearance

Agile, active, and strong! That is the impression that this Texan canine exudes. The Lacy dog is a medium-sized dog with a fit and sturdy appearance. They have striking yellow eyes that add to their proud stance.

blue lacy texas state dog chewing on stick

Their Average Size and Weight

The Lacy Hog Dog is well balanced and weighs in at 30-45 pounds. Their height is around 17 – 21 inches.

The Lacy Dog Coats and Colors

Your Blue Norther’ is very low maintenance when it comes to grooming due to their short, smooth coat. They look neat and eager to take on any task. They come in many shades, sometimes with white appearing on the chest, chin, stomach, and toes. Too much white is against the breed standard.

It’s Not Only a Blue Dog Breed!

While they’re named “blue”, this is the name given to dogs that carry a recessive D-Locus gene. A mutation of the gene gives them a diluted coat color. Dogs of this breed can carry the gene but display normal coat colors such as red, rusty, light cream and grey or varying shades up to dark charcoal. Other popular blue dogs include the Blue Nose PitbullWeimaraners, Kerry Blue Terriers, Blue Great Danes and more. 

Do These Dogs Shed?

You can expect moderate shedding from your Lone Star. Dog owners should give them a good brush every few days to rid their coat of dust and dead skin.

Temperament and Personality: What to Expect

This Buckaroo may be dusty from a day’s work, but they are also fiercely loyal towards their family. Focused and energetic on the farm, calm and sweet in the home. Lacys make good watchdogs and will bark when strangers approach. They’re great with kids and other pets, but early socialization is key. Small children should steer clear when Big Tex is being too boisterous.

These Dogs are Very Smart and Trainable!

This breed is easily trained and highly intelligent. From cornering feral hogs to herding working cattle, the Texan Lacy has a fierce prey drive and a remarkable ability to scout prey for hunters. Ranchers will find this dog to be a great companion when it comes to long days in the Texan sun. With their unyielding energy levels, these brilliant blue dogs also make great rescue dogs.

How Long Do They Live?

Your lovely Lacy can live for anything between 12 and 16 years. That is a pretty long lifespan for a dog. Keep them active and stimulated and they could reward you with a working partnership for many years.

american lacy and blind dog standing on cliff

Five Potential Health Concerns to Be Aware Of!

The Blue Lacy dog breed is generally very healthy. Here are some of the very few health concerns to be aware of:

  • Color dilution alopecia – found in dogs with blue coats, this is a genetic condition that causes patches of hair loss, and skin problems.
  • Allergies and food allergies visit your veterinarian for a prescription or dog food that may help.
  • Elbow dysplasiaa condition involving developmental abnormalities in the joint.
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism

Blue Lacy Puppies for Sale!

Before you go buy one of these adorable animals, make sure this is the right dog for you. Can you offer them the active, working lifestyle that they need?

How Much Does a Blue Lacy Puppy Cost?

Expect to pay between $300 and $650 for a Texan Lacy puppy.

Find a Reputable Breeder!

Finding a responsible breeder might be heavier on your pocket initially, but it has long term benefits. Your purebred puppy should come with health certificates and details of its parents. This way, you can know if there are any genetic disorders to look out for. Do your homework and read reviews about the breeder that you’re buying from. Trust your gut – if the living conditions are shady or information is being withheld, that could be a warning sign.

Adopt! Don’t Shop! Find a Blue Lacy Rescue Group!

Adopting a puppy or fully grown Texan dog is a great way to help animals that have lost their previous owners. Each year, millions of dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens are euthanized because no one has rescued them. You only need to pay a small adoption fee to give a lonely pup a loving home. Houston Pets Alive only charges $150 to adopt a pet. This usually covers spaying/neutering and vaccinations.

There are plenty of rescues and no-kill groups online. Start here to find an orphaned Lacy dog near you:

two black lacys running on grass

While your Texan Blue will make an exceptional Emotional Support Animal, they also need a job to do to keep them stimulated and out of mischief. Owners of this game dog call them the “jack of all trades” as they check the boxes for a hard worker, family protector, friend, and loyal companion.

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