The Borzoi Dog: A Regal Russian Wolfhound

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russian wolfound borzoi puppy looking cuteBorzoi dogs are a symbol of royalty, grace, and beauty. These long-legged tail-waggers look like a million bucks with their flowy, silky fur and long, slender physique. They literally stand out from the canine crowd because of their impressive height.

A Brief History of Borzoi Dogs!

Similar to other dog breeds, the Borzoi used to be a very helpful hunting companion. We may not know them as high-energy animals but history states that they were bred to suit an action-packed life.

There’s a Reason They Were Called Russian Wolfhounds!

The first dogs were born in Russia during the mid-17th century. The name Borzoi is actually a Russian word meaning “swift” which describes them and their exemplary skill to track wolves.

Talk is that they can run up to 40 miles per hour! They fit the description of Russian Wolfhounds which were hunting dogs used by Russian nobles. They got their new name “Borzoi” in 1963.

The Appearance of this Regal Hound

Glamour is their middle name.

They have supermodel looks – lean body, long legs, and a tall build. These qualities also make them the perfect lure coursing competitor. Their flowy and shiny coat makes them the perfect lead for a dog shampoo commercial.

Their fur can be flat and straight, thick and wavy, or voluminous and curly. Borzoi dogs also have a small, narrow head. Their almond eyes allow them a wide field of vision.

Average Size and Weight of Borzois!

Males can grow up to 30 inches while females can grow up to 26 inches. They weigh 55 to 120 pounds.

Brindle, Brown and Black Borzoi: Coat Colors of This Breed!

Borzoi dogs come in different coat colors. Some are white, some are brown, some come with brindle stripes. Other are covered with coats of different color combinations!

russian dog borzoi puppies playing together

Keep That Silky Coat Shiny! 5 Grooming Tips!

Thanks to their soft and silky hair texture, these Russian Wolfhounds are less likely to get dirt stuck on their fur.

However, the fact remains that these sighthounds are a high-maintenance breed.

  1. To keep your darling diva dog pretty all the time, you must remember to brush her coat with a pin brush every week.
  2. Pay special attention to her hind legs and ears when checking for mats. These parts are usually areas of friction where matted and tangled hair are formed.
  3. Also, examine the spot under the collar as well as the armpits. Do not use a wire slicker brush as it can mess up her luxurious fur.
  4. Borzoi dog breeds are heavy shedders so unless you want the entire house to be covered with loose fur, always remember to brush, brush, and brush.
  5. But it’s not only the coat that needs brushing. It is also advised to brush your Borzoi’s teeth twice or thrice a week or more if you have the time. We do this to avoid the growth of bad bacteria inside her mouth as well as to prevent tartar buildup. It also eliminates bad breath and lowers her risk of gum disease. You will never have to complain about stinky kisses!

It is also important that you trim your Borzoi’s nails one to two times a month.

Too Cool for School! Borzoi Temperament and Personality!

As large dogs, the Borzoi breed can be quite intimidating to many. The truth, however, is that these dogs are gentle giants.

They tend to spend more time eating or sleeping on the sofa or in their doggy bed. They are not as aggressive as the other big dogs but they still need proper training and socialization in order to achieve the best behavior.

These Dogs Need Training, Exercise, and Early Socialization!

They must start training as a puppy. As young as eight weeks, a Borzoi puppy is capable of learning new tricks.

Exercise in the form of play and other physical activities is important to her health.

Then again, the major key to a well-mannered a sighthound like this one is socialization. Introduce them to the family at an early age. Get them acquainted with the kids so they can grow comfortable around them. A word of caution, though.

While a typical pup is good around people, they tend to get irritated with teasing and rough behavior. So kids, too, must be reminded to be cautious around these moody mutts.

How Long Do They Live?!

The Borzoi breed can live up to 14 years!

sightounds borzoi dogs competing

3 Facts You Didn’t Know About This Breed

  1. Borzoi Patronus! Potterheads know that the borzoi appears as one of the corporeal forms of the “Expecto Patronum” or the Patronus Charm, which is used to ward off the soul-sucking creatures in the wizarding world known as Dementors.
  2. Borzois have graced the pages of Vogue magazine and other fashion publications. They appeared in movies with Jean Harlow and did a quick cameo on the film Titanic as Captain EJ Smith’s hound.
  3. Dogs like Borzois tend to follow where their noses take them. They will try to catch that scent even when it means they have to jump the fence. When taking your russian wolfhound for a walk in the park, keep her on a leash and be ready for some tugging!

Borzoi Puppies for Sale!

Interested in becoming this pup’s parent? Find one at the American Kennel Club’s marketplace. This is a rare breed so Borzoi puppies can be hard to find. If available, they can be a bit pricey. They still are worth it!

Borzoi Puppy Price!

A Borzoi puppy has a price tag of $1200.

Adopt, Don’t Shop! Ask an Animal Shelter About Borzoi Rescues!

Some Borzoi dogs end up in adoption shelters because some pet parents take them in without fully knowing the responsibilities needed to be fulfilled in owning one. If you like to give one a new home, go to the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation or the Borzoi Club of America.

These Russian Wolfhounds are a beautiful dog breed. A lot of people aspire to have a Borzoi puppy but bear in mind that they are not for everyone.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to take your dog out on an outdoor adventure, they may not be the right partner. But if you’re the kind who likes to chill at home on a Friday night, a Borzoi can be the perfect companion.

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