Get That Tail Wagging with the Bowzer Box: From Reviews to More!

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All dogs deserve to be treated, and this is exactly what the Bowzer Box was created for. Whether you have a Chihuahua, a Great Dane, or any breed in between, this is a subscription box that will definitely get those tails wagging!

A Monthly Gift for Peanut the Pup! What is Bowzer Box?

Bowzer Box is a subscription box designed just for dogs. It will arrive at your door each month, containing a hand-picked selection of tried-and-tested items that your pooch will love.

From treats to toys to accessories, the contents within your Bowzer Box change each month, ensuring that your pup never tires of his monthly gift.

5 Reasons Why Your Pet Needs a Monthly Dog Box Gift!

Wondering how a monthly subscription box would benefit your dog? Here are five reasons to convince you:

  1. Healthy treats – the majority of dog treats sold in shops these days are packed with fillers, sugars, and other unhealthy ingredients. By choosing a subscription box that only includes healthy snacks, you can be sure that the treats you feed to your dog will only benefit his health.
  2. A regular supply of toys – most dog owners will have likely made their way through quite a few dog toys. A monthly dog box ensures that your pooch has a regular supply of toys to play with.
  3. Saves time – rather than having to go out and buy new treats for your dog each month, they can be delivered straight to your door.
  4. Saves money – many dog gift boxes contain vouchers that enable you to save money when purchasing other dog-related goods, while the items in the box itself are usually worth more than what you have paid.
  5. It will make your dog happy – this reason requires no further explanation!

Bowzer Box Cost, Products & Treats Offered!

Bowzer Box prices vary depending on how long you subscribe for.

A one-off box costs $33, while one box per month for three months costs $31 a box. If you would like to commit to a six-month subscription service, this will cost less at $29 a box.

There are three types of boxes available so that you can choose the one that best caters to your pup’s needs. The Classic boxes contain a wide variety of toys and treats, while the Tough Chew boxes feature toys that are more durable. The Chew’bacca boxes contain the most heavy-duty of toys and other products, making this ideal for dogs with strong jaws.

What to Expect in Your Pup’s Box

Want to know more about what your pooch will be receiving in his monthly Bowzer Box?

Each box contains the following:

  • 1 toy
  • 2 tasty wheat-free treats
  • 2 chews or accessories

You also have the option of including an extra toy in each monthly subscription box when you sign up.

Top 6 Pet Box Subscription You Need to Know About!

Pet subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular, and there are now quite a few different brands to choose from.

Here are 6 of the best:

  1. Bowzer Box – great value for money with a range of locally-made treats, toys, and accessories
  2. BarkBox – a themed collection of toys, treats and chews each month
  3. Woof Pack – a monthly box containing treats, interactive toys, and an accessory or chew
  4. Bark’n Fun – focuses on premium treats and toys with a higher subscription price
  5. BullyMake – features toys, treats and bully sticks designed for strong chewers
  6. Dog Bundles – contains quality toys, treats, chews, and accessories

BullyMake Box: The Bowzer and Bullmake Box Difference

Wondering whether you should go for the Bowzer Box or the Bullymake Box?

As mentioned above, BullyMake boxes are designed for tough chewers, although the Bowzer Box also caters to these dogs with their Chew’bacca boxes. Breeds such as the Labrador and the American pit bull terrier are notorious for being enthusiastic chewers, making these boxes ideal for them.

The toys within the BullyMake box come with a 14-day guarantee, but the downside to this is that many of the toys are made from nylon plastic. This material has been under scrutiny recently, because not only has it been possibly linked to cancer, but it can also be a choking hazard if your dog manages to bite off a piece of the toy.

How do the two boxes compare when it comes to price?

BullyMake boxes are slightly more expensive than Bowzer Boxes, with a six-month subscription costing $34 per box instead of $29.

Bowzer Box vs Bark Box: Which Should You Choose?

The Bark Box is another popular pet subscription box, but how does this compare to the Bowzer Box?

Bark Box prices are definitely competitive, and the boxes also contain two toys, two treats, and a chew. Although Bark Box doesn’t provide accessories like Bowzer Box, they do offer free replacement items if your pooch doesn’t like one of the gifts in the box.

Just like Bowzer Box, Bark Box donates 10% of their proceeds to charity, which is always a bonus!

The main difference between the two comes with your choice of boxes…

Bark Box only has one type of box, although they do tailor the contents to your dog’s size. On the other hand, the Bowzer Box does take your dog’s size into consideration, but also gives you the choice of three different box types, ensuring that your pup’s individual needs can be met.

But Don’t Take Our Word for it: Bowzer Box Reviews!

As you can tell, we love the Bowzer Box, and we aren’t the only ones who feel this way!

Just about every Bowzer Box review out there is positive, with these boxes gaining the seal of approval from both dogs as well as their owners

Want to see the proof?

Head on over to YouTube, where numerous owners have filmed their pooches happily opening their Bowzer Boxes.

Canadian Dogs Go Crazy for Bowzer Box Coupons

In addition to the toys, treats, and accessories that you will find in your Bowzer Boxes, many of the boxes also contain coupons.

What are these coupons for?

They vary, covering everything from food and treats to toys and grooming products. If there is a brand that Bowzer Box loves, they will try their best to include a coupon for this in the monthly boxes, so that you and your dog can give those brands a try too.

Could this be the Best Dog Subscription Box? Let Your Pooch be the Judge!

No matter how appealing the Bowzer Box may sound to you, your dog needs to be the ultimate judge of this.

The one-off boxes are perfect for giving the Bowzer Box a try without a long-term commitment so that you can see for yourself what your pooch thinks of the box’s contents.

Dog subscription boxes are a rapidly growing trend, and when you see how excited your dog is to open his monthly box, you will want to get in on this trend too. No matter the size, breed or age of your pup, the Bowzer Box will no doubt be a huge hit in your home.

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