Meet the Brussels Griffon: The Monkey Faced Pup!

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Meet the Brussels Griffon: The Monkey Faced Pup!Have you ever heard of the dog that look like they’ve got a monkey face? Introducing the adorable Brussels Griffon. These adorable pooches have a small, smooshed face with a prominent chin and big large eyes. Many people describe them as having human expressions, and with their personality they just about do!

A Brief History of the Brussels Griffon Dog AKA The Griffon Bruxellois

Close-up of a brown brussels griffon dog with one tooth out

Although the Brussels Griffin is a well-known breed of dog throughout Europe, the adorable little dogs originally descended from Brussels, Belgium’s capital city. Many coachmen in the city commonly kept the breed to reduce the rat problems in their stables.

While there is no written record of how the Brussels Griffon came to be, it is believed they descended from the Pug, English Toy Spaniel, Yorkshire Terrier, or an old Belgian breed called the Brabancon.

What Is The Petit Brabancon?

The Petit Brabancon is one of three breeds of the Brussels Griffon and it is a very small dog that descended from the English Toy Spaniel, Pug, and Affenpinscher.

7 Facts You Need To Know About The Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon breed is extremely popular amongst those living in Europe and is a lovable companion. Here are some facts you need to know about the Brussels Griffon:

  1. The Brussels Griffon breed is commonly referred to as the ‘toy breed’ as they only stand a mere seven to eight inches tall.
  2. Because of their instinctual hunting capabilities, the Brussels Griffon is often compared to terrier-like breeds such as the Fox-terrier.
  3. They have created mixed breeds of dogs – Broodle Griffon and the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen.
  4. In the U.S there are two options a pet owner can choose regarding the Brussels Griffon’s coat – rough coat or smooth coat.
  5. The Brussels Griffon breed is low maintenance when it comes to grooming their coat.
  6. They are prone to hip dysplasia, luxating patella, Chiari-like malformation, eye infections, and skin allergies.
  7. The Brussels Griffon doesn’t have a lot of energy, so they are happy to lounge around in the house all day.

Appearance and Personality of The Monkey Faced Brussels Griffon Dog

The Brussels Griffon has a thickset, short body, where their coat is their most defining feature. Rough coat Brussels Griffon’s tend to have a wiry dense coat that is usually longer around their eyebrows and beard.

If you are looking for silky hair then the smooth coat Brussels Griffon is your pooch. These pups have straight, short, glossy coats.

Apart from that, there is no difference in the breed. They come in a range of colors from black, black and tan, red, and red and brown.

They may look like that can fit into a handbag, but the Brussels Griffon is a sturdy and fearless little pooch with an uncanny ability to climb anything! These dogs love to be the center of attention and goof around with the kids.

An Easy Going Pooch! Griffon Bruxellois Temperament

This breed of dog is such an easy going pooch that they are a great companion for all. Here is the temperament of the Belgian Griffon:

  • Self-important
  • Alert
  • Inquisitive
  • Companionable
  • Sensitive
  • Watchful

Brussels Griffon—Energy and Exercise!

For a small breed, you’d think that the Brussels Griffon dog would be a bundle full of energy like the Shih Tzu, Bull Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, or Dutch Smoushond.

But, this breed will do just fine if they can laze around in the home without a yard of really long walks! As they are small dogs, they don’t need as much exercise and are happy to go on two short walks a week.

Brussels Griffon—Are They High Maintenance Dogs?

Another reason why so many pet owners love the Brussels Griffon is that they are a low maintenance dog, unlike other small dogs like King Charles Spaniel, Biewer Terrier, Welsh Corgi, or even the French Bulldog.

If you own rough coat Brussels Griffon then you only need to brush them once a week with a normal bristle brush. Twice a year they also need to have their coat stripped. For smooth coat Brussels Griffons, they only need a once a week brush and a bath when they start to smell.

Regarding food, they only need ¼ to ½ a cup twice a day, and that’s it!

The Lifespan of The Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon has an average lifespan of 10 – 15 years.

Brussels Griffon Puppy Price!

A black brussels griffon puppy wearing a pink outfit

Convinced that the Brussels Griffon is the sort of pooch that is best for you, then the average price to purchase a puppy is $800 to $1000 USD.

Brussels Griffon for Sale

Who wouldn’t want to have the Brussels Griffon as their companion? Here is a list Brussels Griffon dog breeders, rescues, and puppies for sale.

Brussels Griffon Rescue

  • National Brussels Griffon Rescue
  • American Brussels Griffon Rescue Alliance
  • Adopt A Pet

Brussels Griffon Puppies for Sale

  • Marketplace
  • Next Day Pets

Brussels Griffon Breeders

  • Lazy Lee Farm
  • Beautiful Brussels Griffons
  • Lakewood Brussels Griffons

For more information regarding breeders and rescuers, you can visit The American Kennel Club.

5 Tips You Have To Know About The Griffon Bruxellois

If you are thinking of purchasing a Brussels Griffon puppy or you know someone who does, then here are some tips you should know:

  1. They aren’t outside dogs. Because they are so small, the Brussels Griffon can look like prey to large birds or other animals.
  2. Brussels Griffons tend to love their food and can be overeaters, so it’s important to measure their food.
  3. They can suffer from separation anxiety, so you should train them early.
  4. Brussels Griffons aren’t always easy to house train, so you might benefit greatly from crate training.
  5. It’s not recommended that you breed these dogs unless you are experienced as they often require caesareans due to their small frame.

Brussels Griffon Puppies Are Simply Smart, Loyal, and Playful—Who Wouldn’t Want One!

The Brussels Griffon will fill your day with laughter and always be by your side as they are smart, loyal, and playful. With such a beautiful temperament, they are great with children and other dogs and just want to be loved 24/7.

Low maintenance and your very own miniature watchdog, who would want anything more?

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