Bullymake Box: A Must Have for Dogs Who Love to Chew!

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inside of a bullymake box supscription package with dog toys and more

This is the box all chewer dogs have been waiting for: the Bullymake Box! If your dog is an avid chewer and makes it their personal mission to shred their toys, the Bullymake Box has special toys just for them.

Their themed boxes come with indestructible toys that al chewer dogs will love! Plus, they also include some treats for you to give to your furry friend!

A Box of Goodies: What Is a Bullymake Box?

The Bullymake Box is a subscription service in which you receive one box every month filled with sturdy toys dogs love and with dog treats! You can order them online and they’ll be waiting for you right at your doorstep. Subscription box services aren’t exactly a new thing, but this specific one is one of the best on the market today!

A Dog Subscription Box Designed for Strong Chewers!

Have you ever bought a few toys for your pup and then realized he shred them to pieces in just a few days? If so, you have an avid chewer in the house… It can be pretty frustrating to pick out the best toy for your dog. First of all, you don’t want them to ruin it as quickly as they ruined all the other ones. Secondly, they have to be safe for puppies, especially since your dog can rip the toy apart and swallow some pieces!

That’s why getting a Bullymake Box subscription is just so convenient. You can leave all this thinking to the professionals and dog-lovers over at Bullymake.

Every month, they send out packages with toys that are safe for dogs and that are, at the same time, chew-proof! The toys Bullymake Box sends out last much longer than regular toys do, even at the mercy of avid chewers!

Each box they send out monthly is curated according to a certain theme. For example, November’s box is Thanksgiving-themed and December’s is Christmas-themed! This means that the toys inside play up to the festive season each month, making everything a lot more fun — especially for dog owners!

On top of it all, you can also choose to include dog treats made by Bullymake Box in your package. These delicious treats are nutritious too! And if your dog has a specific allergy, the company will send you a special package adapted to your pup’s needs.

The Bully Box aka The Best Dog Toy Box for Bandit!

No matter how big or what breed your dog is, Bullymake Box caters to them. Every month, five to six premium toys are sent out in the boxes. A few examples of toys that were sent out in the past are a chili-shaped tough chewer, a bomb-shaped chewer with rope on one end, a bully bowtie, and a cheeseburger-shaped chewer!

Bullymake knows that dogs of different sizes and breeds have special needs. When you’re shopping, you get the chance to tell the company what size your dog is and what breed they are so that you get custom toys every month! For example, a chew toy for a Chihuahua has to be different from a chew toy for a St. Bernard!

5 Reasons to Consider this Dog Subscription Box!

If you’re still unsure about whether or not to get this monthly subscription box, here are five reasons to convince you!

  1. Shipping is free for all the United States territory. If you want your box shipped to Canada, you will have to pay an additional $8.00 per month to receive your very own Bullymake Box.
  2. All toys and treats are made and manufactured in the United States. This means that they are free from FDA-prohibited chemicals and are ethically produced.
  3. If your dog has some sort of allergy, Bullymake will customize their box to fit their needs! Right now, Bullymake produces treats upon request that are suitable for dogs with beef, grain, and chicken allergies. If your dog has other more sensitive allergies, you can select the option to only receive boxes with toys in the mail.
  4. Bullymake Box has different shipping options upon your request. If you don’t want to receive one box a month, you can commit to getting one every two or three months. Yay, flexibility!
  5. The Bullymake Box toys really are amazing and long-lasting. The company has a 2-week return policy. If your dog manages to chew through their toys within the first two weeks of getting them, the company will send you another one for free!

What Should Pup Owners Expect?

The Bullymake Box is awesome for all kinds of puppies, especially those who love to chew through toys and household items! So this box really is a blessing. Thanks to these durable and long-lasting toys, Fido can finally chew to his heart’s content without ruining anything. Plus, the themed toys are super fun to unbox!

But what can you expect when you order this box for the first time?

Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

The first thing you’ll notice in the box are the durable and super sturdy toys made by Bullymake. These toys are extremely hard to chew through but still offer avid chewers the challenge of ripping them to pieces! They’re the perfect compromise between challenge and durability.

The toys are always themed. Depending on what the monthly theme is, the toys will be different and fit into it. This is good for dogs because it gives them different shapes and textures to play with and good for owners because it makes unboxing them fun!

Depending on your dog’s size and breed, you’ll also get specially made toys for your pup. During check-out, you’ll be asked about your dog’s size. The company will then use this information to curate your dog’s box according to their size. After all, if you own a toy breed, you won’t want to get a massive toy meant for a Great Dane!

Dog Treats for Foodies!

The other great feature of the Bullymake Box is their treats. These treats come in a variety of flavors and use different animal proteins. This will make for an interesting feast for your pup! Some of the treats Bullymake sends out monthly are the BBQ Chicken and Apple, the Bullymake Beefy Biscuits, and the Salmon and Blueberry treats!

Does your dog have food allergies? If so, don’t worry — Bullymake caters to them too! At checkout, select the package suitable for their allergies. For example, if your pup is allergic to grain, choose the grain-free box option. You can still get treats even if your dog suffers from chicken, beef, or grain allergies.

If your Fido is allergic to all these or has other special dietary needs, you can just skip on the treats and get a box full of toys. No matter what their condition is, they can still have lots of fun!

But How Do They Compare with BarkBox Toys?

BarkBox is another US-based monthly subscription dog box company on the market. Although they do have a line that caters to avid chewers, it can’t compare to how specialized the Bullymake Box is. BarkBox’s area of expertise is more centered on the common non-toy-destroying pup, whereas Bullymake makes avid chewers their top priority.

In terms of prices, BarkBox is only a little cheaper than Bullymake. The starting price for a Bullymake Box (on a 12-month subscription) is $31 per month. BarkBox’s starting price is $22 if you pay for a whole year of subscription upfront.

However, what separates the Bullymake Box and the BarkBox Super Chewer is the number of items you get with each package. Bullymake sends you some treats and 5 to 6 toys every month, whereas BarkBox includes two bags of treats and only two toys.

Bullymake Toys Are Considered “Indestructible Dog Toys for Pit Bull”

While both companies do make durable toys, we’d have to rule that Bullymake’s toys are even harder to destroy. They’re made from long-lasting, sturdy material that even the biggest Pitbull chewer would have a hard time ripping to pieces.

The toys that Bullymake sends each month, besides being indestructible, have interesting textures and shapes. One month you’ll get a pie-slice-shaped chew toy and the other you’ll get a ball-shaped chew toy. Your dog will have a lot of fun figuring out how to chew each toy.

What Happy Doggies Say: Bullymake Box Reviews

“I love my monthly subscription to BullMake Box! Each month my dog is so excited when I bring in the box. I don’t mind the higher price because their toys are very durable and last longer than others I have bought. They chews are all natural and my dog loves them.” — Jason Stewart

“My English Springer Spaniel would chew through his toys shortly after I would buy them. I’m so happy I tried BullyMake Box. These toys last so much longer and he loves the treats each month.” — Ellen K.

Where to Find a Bullymake Coupon

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? It always feels great to save on anything, and Bullymake Box isn’t an exception! If you want to get $5 off your first box order, enter the code Bullymake5 at checkout.

Another way to save is by buying a 3-month-long, 6-month-long, or 12-month-long plan at once. You will save up to 20% on each box! And you won’t have to worry about reordering the boxes every single month, as they’ll be shipped to you automatically.

Consider One of the Best Subscription Boxes!

If you like spoiling your avid-chewing pup with healthy treats and fun toys, then you need to get this box! The Bullymake Box is great for all dogs whose life mission is chewing through everything in their path. Every month, they’ll get a brand new box with an array of toys inside — and they won’t be able to destroy them!

Common Questions on the Bullymake Box

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