Sweet and Yummy: Can Dogs Eat Honey?

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Have you ever asked yourself can dogs eat honey? Well, you’re not the only one! Many pet parents have wondered how safe honey for dogs really is? In ancient medicine, honey has long been used to treat all sorts of illnesses in people. But, did you know it can be used in dogs too!

Sweet and Yummy, Can Dogs Eat Honey?

The short answer to the question—can dogs eat honey?—is  YES!

For over 4000 years honey has been widely used in ancient medicine. In ancient times, people would use this sweet syrup to treat burns, wounds, and even indigestion. Today, in human medicine, honey is still used to treat conditions like diarrhea in people, prevent acid reflux, and even act as an antiseptic for mild wounds.

But, what about dogs? Just because humans eat honey, can dogs eat honey too?

Yes! Veterinarians have also realized how amazing honey for dogs is. In fact, even today holistic veterinarians may recommend small doses of honey as part of a treatment plan for some dogs.

Is Honey Safe for Dogs or Is Honey Bad for Dogs?

Although we now know the answer to can dogs eat honey? We need to also address some negative effects honey may have on our canines.

Honey is composed of various high sugar molecules like:

  • Fructose
  • Glucose
  • Maltose
  • Sucrose and,
  • Complex carbohydrates

Humans are natural herbivores and so we have the enzymes that are able to break down and utilize all these sugars for energy. However, our canine companions do not have the ability to break down and utilize all these sugar molecules. In fact, they may only be able to utilize a little.

So, if given in high amounts honey can be harmful to your dog! For example, it may:

  • Cause tooth decay and cavities in dogs.
  • Cause blood sugars to rise, thus making them an inappropriate “treat” for animals suffering from diabetes.

Now, not all dogs should eat honey. If you’re a parent then you probably already know that honey should never be given to young babies and children as it can cause botulism. Well, this is likely true for puppies too!

Young puppies do not have a strong immune system that is able to cope with the spores from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. This can not only make a puppy sick, but it can also be fatal!

But, What About Our Feline Friend…Can Cats Eat Honey?

Research has shown that dogs are more omnivorous. Which means they are capable of digesting and utilizing complex carbohydrates and sugars in small amounts. However, the same is not true for our feline friends!

As a true carnivore, cats do not have the ability to utilize large amounts of sugars. So then can cats eat honey? And is it toxic if they do?

Well, the simple answer to this question is yes! Cats can eat honey and it is not toxic to them. However, cats should never be given honey as a treat or as part of their diet. This is simply because it can cause things like:

  • Diabetes (if given in large amounts)
  • Tummy upsets
  • Diarrhea
  • Tooth decay

5 Key Benefits of Giving Your Dog a Spoon of Honey

Apart from tasting really yummy! Honey for dogs can have all sorts of positive benefits when given in small amounts. Some of the most common uses and benefits for honey in dogs include:

  1. Did your dog get a small burn? When applied to topically, honey can relieve minor burns and cuts. This is because honey has the ability to soothe the pain caused by burns.
  2. Upset stomach in Dogs? No Problem! dogs who eat grass may sometimes get an upset stomach. Fortunately, honey has become a widely used remedy when it comes to curing an upset stomach in dogs.
  3. It’s an antibacterial! Even veterinarians agree that honey has antibacterial properties, which means honey can be used to alleviate the symptoms caused by various diseases. For example, if you think your dog has a bit of a cough, then give them some honey to help soothe their trachea.
  4. Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory for dogs:  Dogs suffering from mild inflammation may benefit from small amounts of honey. For example, if you’ve got a dog who has got arthritis then try giving them some honey to alleviate any inflammation of the joint.
  5. It helps alleviate environmental allergies: If your dog has environmental allergies, such as allergies to pollen. Then consider giving them raw honey that’s farmed locally. Raw honey farmed locally will often contain small amounts of pollen from the environment. And, this is often enough to stimulate an adaptive immune response in dogs!

Honey and CBD Oil for Dogs: A Puptastic Combo!

So, now that you know the answer to the question”Can dogs eat honey?”, you must probably be wondering how in the world could cbd oil for dogs be combined with honey?

The answer is simple!

CBD oil has beneficial properties just like honey for dogs! For instance, today CBD oil for dogs is used to treat:

  • Mild inflammation in dogs
  • Upset stomachs in dogs
  • It can help fight cancer
  • CBD oil helps reduce anxiety in dogs!
  • It can relieve joint pain and symptoms associated with bowel disease
  • It can be used to treat seizures and epilepsy in dogs

Honest Paws is a pet company that has been responsible for creating top-notch CBD oil products for dogs. At Honest Paws, you can get an array of CBD oil products that are sure to fit any pups taste buds. Be sure to check out:

  1. Honest Paws Purity Level 3:  Honest Paws Purity Level 3 is a strong dose of 100% full spectrum hemp oil. Each bottle contains 30 servings and it has been widely used to treat cases of upset stomach in dogs.
  2. Honest Paws Relief: This CBD oil product is actually in the form of a dog treat! Honest Paws Relief contains hemp oil, turmeric, malted barley, eggs, and peanut butter. If given once a day, this yummy treat can help alleviate mild pain and inflammation.

Manuka Honey to the Rescue for a Dog Upset Stomach!

Manuka honey originates from the beautiful country of New Zealand. There it has become quite popular when it comes to treating conditions such as ear and sinus infections, as well as gastrointestinal problems. This is because Manuka honey tends to have a higher concentration of natural hydrogen peroxide and other antibacterial compounds.

So, if you’d like to treat a dog upset stomach with Manuka honey, then here’s what you need to do!

Here’s what you need first!

  • Raw and organic Manuka honey (or any raw honey)
  • Honest Paws CBD oil for dogs
  • Plain and cooked brown rice

To make your own remedy for a dog upset stomach, simply combine 1 teaspoon of Manuka honey with a few drops of CBD oil. Mix the wet ingredients together with the cooked brown rice. That’s it!

Now, all you need to do is serve this to your dog twice a day! And, remember to make sure your pooch has no access to kibble.

Note: Always ensure your dog has plenty of fresh water always available. CertaPet always recommends you consult your veterinarian prior to trying home remedies. 

Honey Can Do Amazing Wonders! But which One do You Buy?

Pet parents around the world have all wondered what the answer to “Can dogs eat honey?” is! But, an even bigger question left unanswered is, which one do you buy?

  1. Wildflower Raw Honey by Beekeeper’s Natural: Beekeeper’s Natural is without a doubt one of the best companies that provide quality honey to consumers. Their honey comes in 3 flavor types, all of which can be suitable for dogs. Wildflower honey is the less sweet variety that is 100% raw.
  2. Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey: A bit more on the pricey side is the Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey. Now, rest assured your money won’t go to waste! This raw honey is unpasteurized and non-GMO project verified Manuka honey.  It comes straight from New Zealand and can be used as home remedies, in the kitchen, and even for DIY beauty projects for people!

So, Can Dogs Have Honey? Absolutely!

If you’ve got a dog who simply loves honey then the good news is that, yes dogs can eat honey! If given occasionally and in small amounts, honey can be a healthy treat for dogs. Just make sure to never exceed a teaspoon of honey every few days!

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