Can Dogs Eat Peanuts? Is Peanut Butter Safe for Dogs?

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Can Dogs Eat Peanuts? Is Peanut Butter Safe for Dogs?Peanuts. You love them, hate them, or break into hives on contact… but can dogs eat peanuts? Before you go and give human foods to your four-legged friend, make sure you know whether your peanuts or peanut butter is safe for dogs!

Can Dogs Eat Peanuts?

Spoiler alert: YES, THEY CAN!

The best peanuts for your dog are unsalted, raw peanuts. The more organic, chemical-free peanuts you can find, the better.

Salted peanuts, honey-roasted peanuts, and delish peanut butter are all ok for your dog to “accidentally” snuffle up in small amounts, but we don’t recommend feeding them to your dog as treats.

Are Peanuts Safe for Dogs?

Peanuts are full of vitamins and minerals – eating peanuts with your pooch is a great way to ensure both of you get a great source of healthy fats and protein. The main risks from feeding peanuts to your dog are:

  • Added ingredients, like salt or sugar substitutes.
  • Choking hazard if they gobble them down too quickly.
  • Peanut-allergic reaction!

To find out if your dog is allergic to peanuts, make sure you start very small. Just let him lick a peanut – check for swelling, redness, itchiness and excessive licking around the mouth. Peanut allergies may not present the first time they eat them, it might be one week after enjoying peanut treats or 2 years!

Always supervise your pet when giving them foods they could have an allergic reaction to.

Are Peanuts Healthy or Toxic? Breaking Down the NutrientsDried peanuts in closeup which relates to are peanuts safe for dogs

Peanuts contain lots of protein, many healthy fats, and vitamins that your dog will need.

However, if your peanuts are enhanced with other ingredients (lots of salt, sugar or artificial sweeteners) this can really cause problems. These added chemicals can irritate your pooch’s poor digestive tract and cause an upset stomach. Avoid these toxic ingredients that, while safe for humans, could cause pancreatitis for our dogs.

Worse still, your peanut butter may contain xylitol or tremorgenic mycotoxins. These are very bad for your dog and should be avoided at all costs. Xylitol is a very toxic ingredient that acts like a poison, destroying blood sugar levels and shutting down the liver, while the mycotoxins can cause cancer and premature aging.

For similar reasons, almonds, walnuts, and macadamia nuts are all no-no’s when it comes to feeding Fido. Avoid these foods that are toxic to dogs.

Dogs Need Their Daily Minerals and Vitamins Too!

Healthy fats are great for our dogs! But just like us pet owners, they need a balanced diet with a good amount of different minerals and vitamins, followed by vigorous walkies!

Gobbling down too many of these healthy fats can cause pancreatitis and may actually cause an intestinal blockage where their tummies struggle to digest the nuts.

For a healthy doggie diet, you need:

  • Carbs
  • Fats
  • Proteins
  • Minerals and vitamins
  • Water

What Vegetables/Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

  • Cooked Shrimp – an amazing source of omega-3!
  • Mango – chock full of vitamins A, B6, C and K, and yummy for dog owners to eat too.
  • Broccoli – full of a HUGE number of vitamins and minerals. Far too many to list here so make sure you check out our full article!

Feeding Your Dog Peanut Butter: Possible Side Effects!

Black dog enjoying peanut butter from a boy's finger, can dogs have peanuts?

Too much healthy peanut butter’s that are high in fat (but free from additives, sugars, and salts, like our recipe below) can cause:

This is because the high-fat content can be difficult to digest – save peanut butter as a treat in small quantities rather than an everyday meal!

Eat All the Things: Food Your Dog Can Eat

Can dogs eat peanuts? Duh. But besides peanuts, there are actually a few other nuts you can feed your dog! Cashews and hazelnuts are like peanuts – safe in small quantities when raw and unsalted.

But your pooch can’t just live off protein! Try these fruits and veggies that you AND your dog will love to chow down on:

  • Cucumbers – very hydrating
  • Strawberries – omnomnomonom

Make Peanut Butter for Dogs: The Ultimate Peanut Recipe Your Pet Will Love

No need to pull on your chef’s hat. This recipe is as simple as blending up the ingredients and you’re ready to go.

  • 1 cup unsalted, roasted peanuts
  • Dash of peanut oil or safflower oil to create a butter consistency


Dog Not Eating Peanuts or Dog Won’t Eat Your Meal? 3 Tips to Help Them Out

  1. Try mixing a little homemade peanut butter with existing kibble (after checking they’re not allergic, of course)
  2. Give him peanuts as dog treats when he’s been such a good boy, so he knows they are rewards
  3. If he prefers dry food, stick to dry peanuts rather than peanut butter, and vice versa.

Comparing Apples and Oranges: What Can Cats Eat as Well as Dogs?

Dogs with choice of food diet that are fruits, vegetables, and chicken

Meats! Both cats and dogs come from carnivorous ancestors… but that doesn’t mean they can eat raw meat. Cooked chicken, a little tuna (on occasion) and even pork: if it’s cooked it will be fine in small amounts.

Just for Dogs: 3 Foods Your Dog Can Eat but Not Your Cat

  • Dog food – it may look the same as cat food but believe us when we say there are some key differences! Your cat needs plenty of vitamin A and protein, while your dog can survive with lower levels, hence why there’s not much of it in dog food.
  • Eggs – in small quantities, of course.
  • Bones – your cat won’t be interested in large, chew-alicious bones that your dog loves. Smaller bones, like bird bones, are not suitable for either animal as they’re a choking hazard and can do damage to their internal organs.

What Do Dogs Eat? 2 Ways to Feed Your Dog Peanuts

Raw peanuts and cooked (roasted) peanuts are fine for your pooch!


Yum! Make sure there are no husks left on them and always buy peanuts that are unsalted and have no other additives. You can always wash your peanuts if you want to be extra cautious!


Can dogs eat peanuts? Look for dry-roasted peanuts that aren’t doused in sugary additives. You can always dry roast raw peanuts yourself at home, or turn them into our yummy peanut butter!

So, Are Peanuts Good for Dogs? Can Dogs Eat Peanuts?

Yep. Peanuts are a go!

Just remember these 3 important things:

  • First check for peanut allergies.
  • Eat small quantities at a time, only as a treat.
  • Raw or dry-roasted, unsugared and unsalted peanuts only.

Finally, a food you both love!

Now all that’s left to do is put on Netflix, cuddle up with your canine companion and share a bowl of delicious peanuts!

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