Canidae Dog Food & Cat Food: Ingredients, Reviews, Recalls and More!

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Canidae is a dog food company based in the USA. This pet food company seeks to provide affordable and healthy pet food for owners with a tight budget. To learn more about if Canidae is right for your furry friend, read on!

What is Canidae Dog Food?

Canidae focuses on producing wholesome and healthy pet food for both dogs and cats. Founded in 1996, this family-owned company firmly believes that pet food made by pet people will be the best pet food out there.

The company seeks to elicit trust and compassion in pet owners who are looking for premium pet food. So, it comes with no surprise that Canidae has become one of the most trusted pet food companies in the United States.

Is Canidae made by Diamond Pet Foods?

Canidae was initially founded in California during the late 1990s. To date, the company owns its own manufacturing facility which is located in Texas.

However, in the early 2000s, the company joined Diamond Pet Foods processors to aid in the production of their dry kibble.

Diamond Pet Foods is not only a pet food company, but it also owns processing facilities that produce dog food for companies such as Taste of the Wild.

Canidae Cat Food: Does this Pet Food Line offer Cat Chow?

Cat lovers worry not! You too can feed your feline friends this excellent pet food.

Canidae offers delightful and wholesome cat food for those extra feisty cats as well! The company currently offers three formulas for cats to choose from:

  • Grain-Free Pure Limited Ingredient Diet: The Pure Limited Ingredient formulas come in a variety of flavors which include ocean fish, tuna, chicken, salmon, and trout. All limited ingredient recipes contain between seven to eight ingredients, so it’s perfect for cats with food allergies.
  • Multi-Cat Families: If you’ve got more than one cat in your home, then the Multi-Cats All Life Stages is just what you need. These nutritionally dense recipes are formulated to meet the protein and energy requirements for cats young and old. So, you’ll not only be feeding your cat well, but you don’t have to buy multiple bags of cat food.
  • Grain-Free Under the Sun: For cats without sensitive stomachs, we highly recommend the Under the Sun formulas. This grain-free recipe contains nothing but the freshest farm-grown ingredients like fresh berries, peas, carrots, and butternut squash. The Under the Sun formula is packed with a variety of protein sources is like salmon, chicken, and turkey.

Why Pet Parents and Puppers are Going Crazy for this Yummy-Natural Dog Food

Diamond Pet Foods is without a doubt, one of the largest pet food manufacturers today and Canidae pet foods has become one of their more popular lines for many reasons.

Firstly, Canidae partners with farmers across the United States to grow ingredients such as peas, millet, and milo for their products. This means that your little omnivores and carnivores receive nothing but the best dry kibble money can buy.

Canidae ensures that all their products contain wholesome protein sources, enriching vitamins and minerals, and above all a flavor your pet will love.

Secondly, the company is against adding unnecessary fillers and preservatives into their pet foods. So, Canidae ensures that all their pet foods will be free from corn, wheat, and soy.

Finally, Canidae aims to use regionally specific ingredients. This means that the company does not source any of their meat ingredients from countries such as China or India. Instead, Canidae chooses to go to trustworthy farmers who can produce wholesome farm-raised meat.

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The Best Formulas offered by this All-Natural Dog Food Brand!

Canidae dry dog food can come in a range of formulas perfect for any pup! The main recipes the company currently promotes are the:

  • Grain Free Pure Elements
  • The Grain-Free Pure Petite
  • Grain Free Pure Ancestral
  • Grain-Free Under the Sun
  • All Life Stages

The Limited Ingredient Diet

Now, it is quite common for some dogs to develop food allergies or an intolerance to a select few ingredients in their food. If a dog with food allergies consumes inappropriate food, then chances are they’ll experience a few tummy aches.

To cater to these puppers, Canidae has introduced a grain-free line of products for dogs with food allergies. The Canidae Grain-Free Pure line is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs as it contains no more than ten wholesome ingredients.

The Pure line contains wholesome protein sources and flavors like wild boar, bison, salmon, lamb, and duck. With so many endless opportunities, we guarantee your pupperoo won’t get bored with their delicious meal.

Pure Wild Boar Formula

The Wild Boar Limited Ingredient formula is ideal for dogs who love their bacon! This limited ingredient recipe contains fresh boar meat, pork meal, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, canola oil, alfalfa, and peas.

Diets for Small Dog Breeds

Grain-Free Pure Petite is the perfect formula for those tiny little tikes with big appetites. This dog food recipe is specifically designed to meet the needs of small dogs with sensitive stomachs.

The Pure Petite formulas is a limited ingredient diet that contains between five to eight ingredients. Within each delicious meal, your pint-sized pup gets a mouthful of the raw coat kibble and freeze-dried meats. This makes Pure Petite formula perfect for those fussy puperoos.

High Meat Diet

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If you’ve got an active dog, then they are sure to love the Canidae high-protein diet. Marketed as Wild Caught Ingredients and Raw Coated, this rich formula caters to your dog’s ancestral side.

The recipes contain predominately wild caught or farm-raised meat. Now, this can include protein sources like lamb, wild boar, goat, salmon, mackerel, quail, and turkey.

The ancestral diet is not only high in protein, but it also caters towards finicky dogs! Because of its fresh and wholesome ingredients, these specific formulas elicit an aroma no dog can resist. So, we promise that even the most finicky of dogs will go barking mad for the Canidae Ancestral formulas.

Canidae Pure Ancestral Red Meat Dry Dog Food

The Pure Ancestral Red Meat formula contains 7 red meat species like fresh goat, bison, wild boar, venison, and lamb. This yummy formula is not only perfect for energetic puppers, but it’s sure to tingle their tastebuds.

Multi-Dog Families

Now, for pet owners who have more than one dog in their home. Canidae has created a Multi-Dog formula designed to meet the needs of dogs of all different shapes and sizes.

This vet formulated recipe contains wholesome ingredients that can cater to dogs of all life stages. As a bonus, the Multi-Dog home formulas come in a variety of flavors such as turkey meal with brown rice and lamb meal with rice.

But, is this the Best Food for Dogs? Top 2 High-Quality Dog Food Brands on the Market

  1. The Honest Kitchen is a pet food company that provides wholesome, human-grade pet food for dogs and cats. The Honest Kitchen produces food in a dehydrated form; this not only ensures that all nutrients are well-preserved, but it also makes the food taste great!
  2. Orijen has undoubtedly become one of the leading dog food companies across the globe. This pawsome Canadian company is devoted to providing quality food for your canine and feline friends. When it comes to delivering nutritionally dense meals for pups, Orijen goes above an beyond!

Dog Food Recalls! The Downfalls of this Pet Food

Canidae is a pet food company who will test all their ingredients and batches. The company promises to provide the best quality control by examining their products on-site at its manufacturing plants.

Nevertheless, Canidae does have a brief history with recalling their products from stores. In May of 2012, the FDA issued a voluntary recall on their Platinum, All Life Stages, Lamb Meal & Rice, and Chicken Meal & Rice Dry Dog Food. The company released this recall due to possible traces of salmonella within their formulas.

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Canidae Dog Food Reviews From Amazon!

” I switched our dog’s food from Purina one over to Canidae, our dog has loved it from day one. One of the things we noticed, is that our dog’s weight and digestion has become normal and where it should be at. With the previous food, our dog would gain weight and constantly have issues when going potty. I highly recommend this product to my family and friends.” — Canidae Reviewer 

My dog is very happy with this product. I can not tell you how it tastes and the dog hates to write reviews. She does, however, devour her food now that we switched to this brand. I think she really likes it. There have been no problems with her digesting this and her energy is unchanged. I have recommended this to several friends who have dogs.” — Canidae Reviewer

So, is this the Best Natural Dog Food to Feed Maxy?

The health and well-being of your furry friends are of the utmost importance. Canidae understands the importance of providing a well-balanced diet for animals of all walks of life. So, if you’re looking for pet food that’s healthy and affordable, then look no further.

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