Canna Pet Review: Should Your Pup Take This CBD/Hemp Supplement?

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cannapet hemp oil for dogs productThe cannabidiol pet supplements market is booming right now. This means more companies pop up on the market selling cannabis-sativa derived products for dogs and cats. While these CBD products have a lot of advantages, especially for animals in end-of-life-care, you need to choose a brand wisely.

We’re here to review the Canna Pet products, tell you if they’re safe, effective, and how well they rank with other CBD hemp products.

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What is Canna Pet?

Canna-Pet is a pet supplement company that specializes in hemp supplements for animals catering to all breeds of dogs and cats!

Being one of the first companies in the United States selling CBD products for pets put them on the map. At one point, there were only a handful of companies doing this. But now, there are just too many to count.

Why More and More Pet Owners Are Turning to CBD Dog Treats Overall

Just like humans, animals may suffer as they grow older. Things such as joint pain, cancer, chronic pain, and anxiety are all problems that take a toll on our dear companion pet’s life.

To solve these problems, companies started to sell CBD oil for cats and dogs. One of these products is cannabidiol oil (also known as CBD). It’s derived from the cannabis plant but has none of the psychoactive effects (caused by THC) that marijuana does. It’s made with high-quality industrial hemp and it has helped thousands of suffering puppies!

The benefits of CBD are incredible. It’s especially recommended for cats and dogs who are in their last years and have some pain problems. Even veterinarians recommend CBD products to concerned pet owners! They have the impressive ability of improving our pet’s quality of life and bettering their health and well-being.

canna pet cat and dog lovers

Canna-Pet Products Offered

Canna-Pet sells their products in three different forms: liquid, in capsules, and in treat-form. Which one you choose depends on your pet’s preferences. For example, they might not mind swallowing a capsule but would hate to try a new treat flavor!

They sell these products for dogs, cats, and even horses.

How It’s Made: An Inside Look into the Canna Hemp Supplement Ingredients

Canna-Pet has an ingredient list on their website, under the product description. The medical-marijuana-derived ingredient they use both in their liquid packs, treats, and capsules is organic hemp.

But their products also have other things added to them. Besides the broad spectrum of hemp, Canna-Pet capsules have terpenes and flavonoids added. The treats, on the other hand, have a quite different ingredient list.

Depending on what flavor you get, you’ll get different ingredients. But they all have hemp and organic barley flour.

What’s the Quality of Their Products?

But just because they were one of the first companies on the CBD pet treat market doesn’t mean their products are perfect.

A lot of pet parents have posted their success stories using this CBD pet supplement online. Canna-Pet has mixed reviews online, with some pet parents leaving higher ratings and others leaving negative feedback.

Most of the owners who left negative reviews reported that they saw little to no results in their pooch’s health.

Be Careful! Canna-Pet Side Effects

While Canna-Pet’s products won’t get your dog high, they can still trigger some side effects on your furry friend.

Some pet parents report that their animals get drowsy after taking these hemp supplements. Others say that their companions appear to be tired and lethargic when taking them, too.

tired dog after taking canna-pet hemp products

Let Canna Pet Reviews Do the Talking!

But we’re not the only ones reviewing Canna-Pet products! The voices that matter the most are the ones from pet parents who have given their best friends these products. While there is no place to write a review on google, here is what they had to say about them:

“Trying to get dosage information for my epi dog. Even had the neurologist contact them. Still no answer. How many mg per drop. You say 2 drops twice a day, so how many milligrams is that exactly. You should be testing your batches.” — Andrea Shea

“Calms my Bichon down on road trips.” — Kelli Ott-Pfeiffer

“CBD oil is helping my senior dog Gypsy deal more comfortably with cancer. In addition to vet care, CBD oil has made her calmer and allowed her to sleep more comfortably.” – Sally Montiano 

[UPDATE: Refund has been given back to me. Product did not work for my pup but has worked for friends.] Trying to return a $70 product that did not work. First time buyer. No replies in email in almost 48 hours. Getting really frustrated and ready to tell the world. Maybe I’ll get help by this review. – Elisabeth McLean

If you find on them facebook, they have mixed reviews ranging from 1 stars to 5. While some complain about both customer service and effectiveness, you can also read more positive reviews of successful sotires.

CBD/Hemp Oil for Dogs: How to Choose The Right Brand for Your Pup

Choosing the right CBD and hemp oil company for your dog isn’t an easy task. There just seem to be so many out there! I mean, between Canna Pet, Pet Releaf, Honest Paws, and a dozen more, how can you choose one?!

The 3 Main Items You Must Look For

When shopping for a CBD product such as CBD dog treats, there are three main things you need to look at. This list will help you decide which products you should get.

  1. Source of hemp and CBD: Always choose organic hemp and cannabidiol grown in the United States. Some companies will sell products made from Chinese and Russian plants because they’re cheaper — but they’re not as good!
  2. Amount of CBD: Look for a product with a higher content of CBD. Products made from hemp seeds have no CBD whatsoever, so some companies use both hemp plants and seeds to manufacture at a lower cost. Stick to hemp-plant-only products.
  3. Mixing agents: Avoid CBD oils that have been mixed with ethanol, propylene glycol, and those with odd flavorings. Peppermint, for example, is a health hazard to pets.

Bottom Line: Why CannaPet Gets 3 Stars

Canna-Pet products have both positive and negative reviews. We’ve rated them with three stars for being somewhat effective but not totally consistent, as some owners say their pets didn’t feel any different.

Another thing we had in mind was their customer service. A lot of first-time buyers have run into problems with them. There are reports of missing confirmation e-mails, wrongful shipping, and a lack of response from their team.

puppy looking at canna-pet cbd dog treat

Lastly, we took into consideration that their products can get very expensive. If you want to give your pet CBD products on a somewhat regular basis, the bill can add up fast.

This Cannabidiol for Dogs Supplement Lacks Consistency and Affordability!

The main issues we notice with Canna-Pet is their inconsistency and price. While their products work well with some dogs and cats, it doesn’t at all with others.

Canna-Pet products are also too expensive for most people to afford on a regular basis. They’d be more of a treat than a viable cure for chronic pain in the long run.

Common Questions on Canna Pet Products

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