The Best Cat Beds of 2018: Features, Reviews and More!

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The Best Cat Beds of 2018- Features, Reviews and More!All animals are fussy about certain things, but cats are very picky when it comes to cat beds. Have you ever bought your kitty a new cat bed that they refused to even look at? It can be pretty frustrating…

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best cat beds out there. They’re so good your cat won’t want to pass miss out on them. Cats sleep anything between 12 and 16 hours! It’s best to make them as comfortable as possible, so pick the purrfect bed for them!

What Makes a Good Cat Bed?

When looking for at cat beds, there are some things you should consider. A cat bed, just like dog beds for little and old pups, should not only be comfortable but also feel like a safe space for the kitty. Whether they like heights or like to hide, they should feel safe in their brand new bed. After all, cats can become stressed pretty easily. It should also be easy to clean, so that dirt, fleas, and ticks don’t make the cat bed their new home.

Pay attention to how your cat likes to relax. Some cats like to sprawl when they’re asleep on the couch, while others like to snuggle into a little ball. Get a cat bed that’s large enough to fit your cat.

A Quick Look at the Bed Options!

There are tons of cat beds out there on the market, but you can narrow it down to a few styles. These styles are:

  • Cat Caves and Domes
  • Bolster Beds
  • Loungers
  • Cat Mats

They’re all great beds and they have their pros and their cons. To know which one you should buy, pay attention to how your cat chooses to relax. For example, if they like climbing to the top of a bookshelf, maybe an elevated cat bed would be ideal.

Enclosed Cat Beds: The Best Caves, Domes and Cat Tent Beds!

Shy kitties will be thrilled to have an enclosed cat bed. When their day becomes stressful, they can just go into their little hiding place and unwind. There are a lot of options out there, from different models to different colors and styles.

Why Not Make Things Fun with The Shark Cat Bed?

The LikeDog Shark Bed is amazing! It’s a fun and playful shark-shaped cat bed will look cool in any room. Besides looking awesome and being a conversation-starter, it’s an easy bed to clean and has self-warming material. It also resists dampness. Overall, shy and self-conscious cats will love this hideout.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Washable Shark Pet House Cave Bed for Small Medium Dog Cat with Removable Cushion and Waterproof Bottom$69.99
Perfect For Small And Medium Pets
The shark shape suitable for pet within 12KG perfect for your family pets.This self-warming bed is perfect for any time of the year, it is soft, fluffy and inviting with micro-suede exterior and warm plush sleep area. It can be folded into a lovely pet sofa.The self-warming lounge sleeper is the perfect snuggle spot for a smaller pet, pillow is detachable and washable.

Special Design For Outdoor Or Indoor

This spacious, multi-pet house is the perfect shelter for any outdoor or indoor pets.The shelter with a heated bed that keeps up to four felines warm and comfy in cool temperatures.The waterproof bottom fabric keep pets warm and dry and offers a comforting shelter that is large enough for up to four kitties. Easy to assemble with hook & loop fasteners, meaning no tools required.


Material:Fiber Cloth,Oxford Cloth and PP Cotton Filler
Outer diameter:50x50x38cm (19.68''x19.68''x14.9'')

Package Include

1 x Washable Shark Pet House

Keep Things Natural with a Meowfina Merino Wool Bed!

The Meowfina Merino Wool Bed is one of the classiest-looking cat beds on the market. It’s been shaped and styled to look exactly like a pebble you would find at the beach. It’s made entirely with Merino wool (one of the best out there!) and is free from harmful chemicals. It’s also very easy to clean.

For the High-and-Mighty Kittens Out There: Elevated Cat Beds

Does your cat like heights? If so, getting an elevated cat bed is your best option. It’s perfect for kitties who like to feel in control. They can read the entire room and know if they’re in danger.

Cat Window Beds and Cat Trees/Condos with Beds

These beds, like the Oster Window Cat Beds, are perfect for curious kitties who also like heights. Once you attach them to your window, your cat will have a fantastic view to enjoy when they’re relaxing on their bed. It’s scenic and entertaining; there will never be a dull moment.

There are so many different cat trees and condos in the market. You can choose whatever layout you like best. The most simple one we recommend is the OxGord Paws & Pals Cat Bed. The bed is elevated, it has a cushion that’s easy to clean, and it even has two built-in scratch poles!

The Best Bed for Cats Who Like to Keep It Snug!

The cuddliest kitties will fall head over heels with these beds. They’re the perfect place to snuggle after a day of endless playtime. These beds are so comfortable, your cat won’t be able to resist them.

small bed for cat

Small or Large, Young or Old: No Kitty Can Resist A Heated Cat Bed!

For kittens who live in cold countries, a heated bed would be a great investment. The Aopet Heating Pad Bed does just that: help your cat keep warm during cold days. You can adjust how hot you want the bed to be! It’s the purfect bed for cats with arthritis, for newborn kitties, and pregnant cats.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Aopet Dog Heating Pad Pet Electric Blanket Heater Mat Cat Warming Waterproof Heated Beds with Chew Resistant Cord Overheat Protection Warmer Grey 17.7"x17.7"$28.99
Waterproof and Warmer♥♥Aopet Pet Heating Pad with waterproof Oxford provides safe and soothing warmth when your pet lies on the pad...

What do Luxury Cat Beds Have in Common? Fluffy Fleece and Velvet!

Your cat will look regal in one of these classy and fancy-looking cat beds.

The Best Friends Donut Cuddler Bed will look cool in any room. It won’t scream “cat bed,” but rather add an element of décor to the room. It’s fluffy and its donut shape helps support your cat’s neck and head while they’re asleep. The fleece comes in two different colors, and quality and comfort are always guaranteed.

The MidWest Homes for Pet Delux bed is great for cats of all sizes. It’s available in seven different sizes and it’s lined with synthetic high-quality fur. It’s machine washable and comes in three different colors for you to choose from!

Cheap Cats Beds Are Not Always a Good Idea

The beds that we’ve listed have much cheaper knock-offs available for purchase. But before you buy the less expensive version, you should know that you won’t be getting the same bed. The selling points that make the most expensive bed so worth it don’t exist in the knock-off.

They often don’t have the orthopedic memory foam that’s ideal for older cats with arthritis. They’re just designed to look the same, not have the same quality. You can see how different they are when it comes to the materials that have been used.

kitty looking for a shark cat bed

Safety First! Know What Materials It’s Made Of!

Before buying a bed, look into what materials it is made of. You don’t want to buy anything that will be toxic to your cat. Nor do you want a cat bed riddled with chemicals! Since your cat will be spending a lot of time sleeping and lounging on this bed, it’s best to be safe.

Because cats have sensitive noses, natural materials (such as cotton and wool) are the best. However, some cats are unbothered by synthetic materials, so keep that in mind.

Cat Beds for Sale!

You won’t have trouble finding places that sell cat beds. The trick might be in finding something within your budget that is still high-quality and comfortable. Luckily, most online retailers carry cat beds!

Where to Buy Anything from Small Cat Beds to Large Cat Beds

Amazon is a great place to start. It seems that they have anything you may be looking for. Whether you want to buy a small cat bed such as the Cat Pet Iglo, or a large one such as the FurHaven Dog Couch, they have your back. You can filter through price or search for the cat beds bestsellers!

Even stores such as Walmart and IKEA are now selling cat beds! If you have cards for these stores, you may be eligible to get a discount on your purchase. Besides, the beds they have for sale are high-quality and more on the affordable side.

If you like strictly online sellers particularly, eBay also sells cat beds. They’re shipped from all over the world and they vary in price and quality. Look at the reviews to help you choose the right bed for your cat.

Accidents Happen! You Need to Be Able to Wash Your Fancy Cat Bed!

Picture this: your cat has a flea infestation that you need to solve very quickly. After you give them the treatment and brush their fur to get rid of the fleas, your cat goes back to their flea-infested bed. You’ve just spent money and hours getting rid of fleas, only for them to right come back!

This is one of the reasons why you should invest in a washable cat bed. Not only will it be easier to keep clean, but it will also keep parasites off of your cat’s living space.

A Washable Cat Bed is the Only Option Worth Investing In!

For cats that get particularly dirty or wet, the Petlo Orthopedic Pet Sofa Bed is the best option. The bed cover is removable and can be put in the washing machine. Because the fabric is water-resistant, you could even simply wipe it clean with a moist towel. Hairs, dirt, and water will never stain or ruin this pet sofa bed.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Petlo Orthopedic Pet Sofa Bed - Dog, Cat or Puppy Memory Foam Mattress Comfortable Couch For Pets With Removable Washable Cover (Large - 36" x 28" x 9", Grey)$199.99
With Petlo's Memory Foam Pet Sofa you can rest easy knowing that your furry one is lounging comfortably on this high grade lounger that is easy to clean and maintain. About This Product: - High Density Memory Foam Pet Sofa - Therapeutic - Improves Health, Mobility & Energy - Removable cover - Machine Washable & Easy To Spot Treat - Available In Different Colors & Sizes - Easy To Assemble - Neutral Design With Petlo you can provide the comfort that your furry companion deserves. This pet sofa is designed with the best materials so your pet can experience the most comfortable lounging experience possible. Our high density memory foam is superior to cheap uncomfortable fillers like cedar chips, cotton batting, low density foam that can be less comfortable. Your pet can use the outer bolster as a head-rest or nestle under it depending on their preference. The neutral cover matches all interior decor making it suitable for many different environments. It's easy to spot treat, remove hair from and is removable and machine washable. Replacement covers are sold separately. This pet sofa is very easy to assemble and maintain. The bolsters are pre-loaded in the fabric cover. In two steps, you're done. Simply insert the memory foam base & zip it closed. Choose between two different colors and several bed sizes. Sizes Include: - Small - Large - Extra Large Colors Include: - Chocolate Brown - Slate Grey Consider dimensions carefully, factoring in bolster and your pets preferences lounging and sleeping position/ preferences. At Petlo we are committed to producing quality products that we know you will love.

Not to mention that it has great orthopedic support for your cat! It helps reduce joint pain and is great for cats with arthritis or elderly cats.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cat Bed!

Once you start looking for a cat bed, don’t forget to keep the following things in mind. Not only will they make shopping easier, but they’ll help you pick the perfect cat bed.

  1. Comfort: If you want your cat to sleep on the bed you bought them, it will have to be a comfortable one. Try choosing one that has memory foam or one that has a fluffy bed cover.
  2. Temperature: It’s important to choose a bed that won’t be too hot in the summer or too cold during winter. Look for one that is insulated and pay attention to the kinds of materials used.
  3. How your cat likes to relax: How your cat relaxes tells you a lot about what kind of bed you should get. If they usually hide under blankets or chairs, go with a cat cave. If they like heights, an elevated bed would be ideal. If they like to sprawl, then a mat should be your pick.
  4. Easy to clean: Only a cat bed that is easy to clean is worth investing in. No one wants to sleep in a filthy bed, not even cats. Since they shed fur and leave dirt behind, a machine-washable bed would be your best bet.
  5. Materials: Cats have very sensitive noses, so you should choose a bed made out of natural materials. Cotton, unbleached bedding, and wool are the best options. However, some cats don’t mind the feel of synthetic materials. You can try them out gradually until you know what works best for your cat. But no matter what, only look for beds that aren’t made of toxic materials and aren’t chemical-heavy.

Common Questions on Cat Beds:

1. Are dog beds suitable for cats?

2. Do cats really need a bed?

3. Why does my cat not use its bed?

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