Looking for Your Purrfect ESA Match? Try a Cat Cafe Near You!

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What exactly is a cat café? A cat cafe is a public space that usually takes the form of a coffee shop. It is a place where people can go to interact with cats. Most cat cafés associate with an animal shelter or rescue organization. The felines at these establishments are generally adoptable!

Attention Cat People! Cat Cafes are Everywhere, and You Need to Visit Them! Stat!

Don’t have the time or space for a full-time feline in your life? A cat lounge is a purrfect space to relax and shrug off life’s stresses while enjoying purrs and cuddles! In recent years, cat cafés have become so popular. There is one in almost every major city!

A Look at the Origin of the Cat Cafe Concept

The first cat café opened in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998. Cat Flower Garden started a new craze that took the feline-loving world by storm. The Japanese were the first to take this concept to heart. In 2004, the first Japanese cat café opened its doors in Osaka.

Nowadays, Japan has over 150 cafés. In Japan, most apartment buildings prohibit the ownership of pets. The popularity of cat cafés is attributed to the fact that people want to interact with cats and kittens to help release the stress of their big city lives.

Today there are cat cafés all over the world. Spain, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Korea, and the United Kingdom al have these cafes. America’s first cat café opened its doors in November 2014. The Cat Town Café in Oakland, California, is a cross between an adoption center and a coffee bar. Patrons can go there to hang out with the resident kitties while enjoying a cuppa joe!

The Emotional Support Cats Give Us is Undeniable!

The core idea of an emotional support animal (ESA) is having a companion that helps to lessen the negative symptoms of a person’s psychological or emotional disability. These superstar animals do this by calming their owners and lessening emotional pain. Cats are purrfect contenders for people in need of an ESA. They are intelligent and affectionate animals. Cats are able to provide a calming and comforting presence for their humans.

kitties lounging about in a cat cafe near me

Kittens for Adoption? Many of These Kitties are Up for Adoption!

The central idea behind most good cat cafés is to create a safe space for both felines and humans alike so that people could potentially meet their furever friends. Many of the cats and kittens at cat lounges are available for adoption. What a great idea! To be able to get know a few different personalities and types of cat before deciding on the one that would suit you best!

Why You Can’t Take Your ESA Cat to Normal Cafes!

Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), pet parents with ESAs enjoy the protection of two pieces of federal legislation. The Fair Housing Act (FHA) dictates that ESA owners have the right to reasonable accommodation. This means that one should be able to stay in a house or apartment even if designated as a “no-pets” property.

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) states that ESA owners can travel by airplane with their ESA on board with them. This is especially useful for sufferers of aviophobia (fear of flying) and agoraphobia (fear of places that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment). It’s also great for individuals who suffer from forms of anxiety, including social anxiety.

Despite these wonderful laws, most food establishments will not allow your cat to accompany you. In the U.S, very strict food hygiene laws are in place. This makes it difficult for even very clean animals, such as cats, to be in the same space where food and drinks are served. Owners of these establishments also need to take into consideration the needs and preferences of their other patrons. While you might be ok with your kitty sitting on your lap while you munch on your tacos, the guy next to you might not feel the same way.

From a Rescue Cat to a Country Cat: Any Cat Can Be an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

You don’t have to go out and buy a special emotional support cat, and frankly, you can’t get any animal as an already “in-use” emotional support animal. Any feline can be your ESA. They do not need any special breeding, training, or skills. Their main purpose in life is to be a source of comfort, companionship, and calm to you. For this reason, you can select any kitty cat to be your companion. In fact, you might already have a cat that ticks all these boxes.

To turn your moggie into an ESA, all that you need is an ESA letter. The Certapet 5-min pre-screening questionnaire will let you know very quickly whether you could be eligible for an ESA letter.

adorable kittens at the cat cafe nyc

Kittens Near Me? Cat Cafe Near Me? Oh, We Have You Covered!

Love the idea of spending some QT in feline company?! There are over 70 cat cafés in the US! Check out the list below for one close to you.

Get Those Cat Whiskers in Your Face at a Cat Cafe NYC

In keeping with the Japanese roots of cat cafés, Koneko Cat Café in New York, serves Japanese snacks, pastries, and sake. This bright space has an upbeat vibe and adoptable cats to cuddle with!

Brooklyn Cat Cafe Has Kitty Cats for Days!

The Brooklyn Cat Café is the only non-profit cat lounge in New York. This space is run by the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition. In their first year of opening, they placed over 250 cats in permanent new homes! They also host special events such as movie nights.

Adopt a Cat Near Me? Cat Cafe Los Angeles

At Crumbs and Whiskers, you will find some of the most friendly and adorable cats from Karma Rescue. Come and cuddle for a cause!

Cat Cafe Chicago

The Windy Kitty welcomes all cat lovers to come and curl up with a kitten and a cup of coffee.

Cat Adoption Near Me? Try Cat Cafe San Diego

Enjoy a cappuccino and a pastry and the Cat Café in San Diego. They work with The Rescue House to help find furever homes for all these adorable felines.

Cat Cafe Seattle

Seattle’s first cat café, Seattle Meowtropolitan, hosts cats from the Regional Animal Services of King County. Come and meet these cute kitties while enjoying a “catpucino”!

Orlando Cat Cafe

The Orlando Cat Café in Florida is about 4 miles from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This is a playful space where you can make friends with some adorable felines.

Cat Cafe Atlanta

In pet-friendly Alanta, there are a few cat cafés to visit. Amongst them, Atlanta’s first cat café, Java Cats in South-East Central Atlanta.
Happy Tabby Cat Café is in the historic fourth ward in Atlanta. Here you can enjoy a great cup of coffee while cuddling with kitties.

Looking for Something a Little Different? Try These!

Feel like nibbling on vegan snacks or sipping on cocktails whilst getting your kitty cuddle on? We have got all sorts of interesting cat cafés for you to choose from!

Blue Cat Cafe

The Blue Cat Café is in Austin, Texas. Have kitty chats in a casual, colorful space. Enjoy drinks and items from their vegan menu of sandwiches and “catdogs”!

Purr Cat Cafe

Boston’s first cat café works with local animal shelters. Purr Cat Café is a haven for homeless cats until they find a new home.

Last, But Certainly Not Least: The Pounce Cat Cafe & Wine Bar

Pounce Cat Café and Wine Bar is in Charleston, South Carolina. The setting is a living room inhabited by adoptable kitties. Chill out with a boozy beverage and a delectable pastry while getting to know some of the resident furballs.

Who Knows, You Might Find Your Purrfect ESA in a Cat Cafe!

If it is not just a once-off feline fling that you are after, a cat café could be the perfect spot to find your new four-legged friend. Remember: ESAs don’t need to come with any special skills or pedigrees.

All that you need is a great bond and the assurance that your furry friend will be there for you when you need them most. Certapet can help you with this. To find out whether you are eligible for an ESA letter, complete the 5-min pre-screening questionnaire!

Common Questions about Cat Cafés

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