Spoil Mittens with Her Own Cat Christmas Tree This Year

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Wondering why you should consider getting a cat Christmas tree for Mittens?

If you own cats, chances are you know that Christmas home décor is a bittersweet experience. Most years cat owners proudly decorate the entire surface of their Christmas trees. However, two or three days later, the bottom third is almost entirely bare. And, what can one attribute this premature Christmas tree denuding to? Well, feline intervention of course. Warning: do not hang your Venetian hand-blown glass baubles within reach of your kitten’s mittens!

Here Are Our Picks for the Best Cat Christmas Tree Options of 2019

So, if you are super into the Christmas spirit and don’t want to forego your festive décor because your pet is partial to playing with the tinsel, we have a few fantastic yuletide solutions for you!

The Laamei Tree Bed Comes in at a Close 2nd Place

Whether you need a nice soft bed for your geriatric cat or an enticing cave for your playful kitten. The Laamei Cat Tent is a warm and comfortable kitty bed suitable for cats or small dogs. This cat bed is easy to clean. You can just pop it in the washing machine.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
laamei Cat Tent Cave Bed$25.99
Enclosed cave cat bed, comform cat's habit as well as the safty of pet. Prevent cold air from being poured into it. It also keeps the internal temperature firmly locked. Pamper your small pets with a warm and soothing place just for them. Great for small cats or dogs and other small animals with burrowing instincts.

This cat tent comes with a handy design feature: The top part can zip off. So, if your cat is not keen on small, dark places, this Christmas tree pet house can double as a pet bed.

kitten who needs a cat proof christmas tree

Cats and Christmas Trees: The Kitty City Christmas Tree Tinsel Tower

Distraction is better than destruction! Divert your playful kitten from disassembling your artificial tree with the Kitty City Christmas Tree cat tower. At a height of 4’2”, this four-story cat tower is sure to keep your kitten playing for hours on end. For extra fun, this cat Christmas tree comes with catnip filled plush toys and jingle bells that you can attach for extended playtime! The large center post is covered with natural woven sisal. So, your feline can scratch to their heart’s content.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed$143.68
Your feline friend made the nice list this year, so what kind of gift would be best for the holidays? A scratching post? A cozy perch? A fun toy to swat? How about all of the Above – thanks to the Kitty City Christmas Tree perch. It’s four levels of constant play-then-snooze fun that any cat can enjoy. Each level has a soft fleece pad with a scratching post at the center, plus 9 pendant “ornaments” for more fun all around. It’s simple to assemble and has a wide, stable base for peace of mind. Set one up this December and say, “merry catmas to all, and to all a good night!”

The On2Pets Cat Climbing Tree Condo

For something that looks a little closer to nature, the On2Pets Cat Condo Furniture is a great option. This cat tree house is especially great for apartment dwellers. The 5-foot tall fake tree is made from pressed wood, carpet, and silk leaves. It mimics a real tree. Your cat can climb, play, hide, and nap in this realistic-looking cat tree.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
On2Pets Cat Condo Furniture$125.49
Provide your cat with the ultimate outdoor climbing experience without ever leaving the safety and security of your living room. The On2Pets Luxury Cat Tree House is an innovation in modern cat furniture, the purrfect blend of utility and aesthetics. This realistic cat tree provides your cat with a paradise of its very own inside your home, a place where it feels safe, secure and can relax all it wants. Provide your cats with their very own As they peer out from behind the verdant canopy of silk leaves, they will feel safe, secure and well hidden, which appeals to your cat's natural instincts to stay up high and undercover.

Go OTT with the Collections Etc. Christmas Cats Tree

For those who love all the Christmas bells and whistles! The Collections Etc. Christmas Cats Tree ornament is perfect for your centerpiece display. This Christmas tree figurine is made from resin. It is decorated with colorful, hand-painted ornaments, bauble lights, and festive felines!

cats and christmas trees cat with red hat next to tree

Keeping Your Christmas Cats Away from Your Tree

What is more important than keeping your shiny ornaments and dangling decorations safe? Certainly, keeping your beloved four-legged friend out of harm’s way.

  • Broken glass and small holiday decorations can pose a hazard to our pets and small children. It is best that these are kept out of reach of our furry friends and little hands for now!
  • Some types of trees can be poisonous to cats and small animals. The oils produced by some real Christmas trees can be slightly toxic to cats. Subsequently, if your pet nibbles on the tree needles, they could develop minor irritations in their mouth and stomach.
  • Your feline really can’t resist the allure of the tree ornaments? Consider using a spray bottle to dissuade your cat from climbing the tree. Every time that they come close, spray them with a little water from a spray bottle. Hopefully, with time they will lose interest and avoid the tree.

Get a Cat Proof Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree Defender is a great solution for keeping Mittens away from the Christmas tree. This plastic barrier acts as a cat deterrent to prevent them from climbing into your Christmas tree. Once the festive season is past, you can use this handy gadget for protecting your potted plants from feline disruption too.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Christmas Tree Defender & Potted Plant Protector$44.99
Christmas Tree Defender is also extensively used to prevent your pets from digging and damaging your Potted Plants. Designed for easy installation hidden at the base of the tree, Christmas Tree Defender is reusable year after year and adjusts to protect all sizes of artificial and real trees as well as potted plants. Christmas Tree Defender’s barrier restricts pets from climbing into the tree, and in doing so helps prevent the tree from being knocked over and breaking lights, ornaments and household items caught in the path of falling Christmas trees. Keeps your cats and small pets away from harm. For installing on Christmas trees, it is IMPORTANT to conceal and camouflage the product in the tree at least 2 inches behind the branches and cut any overhanging part if required. For installing on potted plants, please cut and adjust according to the size of your potted plant.

Another genius invention is the half parasol Christmas tree. The branches only start halfway up the 6-foot parasol artificial tree. So, tempting shiny candy canes and sentimental ornaments are hung out of reach of curious cats and playful pups.

Stabilize your Christmas tree with a tree stand. Should Mittens decide to launch herself into the branches of the tree, the tree stand should help to prevent it from falling over.

5 Tips and Tricks for Keeping Mittens Safe Come Christmas Morning

  1. Make sure to Christmas lights’ electrical cords and wires out of reach of playful paws.
  2. Christmas ornament hooks can be harmful if ingested. Don’t leave any lying around while decorating the tree.
  3. Paper decorations are easily shredded and can become a choking hazard. Make sure to hang them high enough so that felines can’t reach them!
  4. Similarly, ribbons are super fun cat toys but can be dangerous too.
  5. Fake snow or artificial snow can also be hazardous for kitties. Keep this in mind when planning your holiday décor.

grumpy cat with wreath around its neck

Let Mittens in on the Christmas Spirit and Celebrations

Most pet owners regard their cats and dogs as a part of the family. Why should they not take part in Christmas eve festivities like the rest of the family too! Whether it is with a cat Christmas tree pet bed or a fancy festive collar, there are so many ways that you can get your furry friend to look and feel part of the festivities.

Common Questions About Cat Christmas Trees

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