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By: Lara Baines Updated: April 16, 2020

cat wearing cat diapers

Cat diapers and their usefulness may be largely misunderstood by cat owners. The fact is that some cats really need diapers. Cat diapers may be used to overcome temporary ailments or to solve long term issues. Read on to see how!

It Seems Silly to Some, But Some Kitties Need Cat Diapers! 

Living with senior cats, kitties with health problems or those that mark their territory, rule out the idea that cat diapers are silly. Why do otherwise socially acceptable cats suddenly squat on beds or in clean laundry piles? What is the reason for spraying jets up against furniture, a wall, or door, or onto any vertical surface?

By thinking cat-like, cat parents understand that kitty is a control freak who just wants to be in charge. Removing stressors or spending more time with your anxious kitty might just solve the problem. But sometimes, they (you) need a little help.

Female Cat Spraying

Did you think only Toms spray? It comes as a surprise when neutered males or lady cats exhibit this untoward behavior. But, it is quite common, and Miss Kitty’s reasons are usually related to anxiety issues.

Anxiety may be the result of an absent owner, bothersome neighbors, a new pet in the home or an un-cat-friendly dog having access to the house. Other causes may be issues with the litter box or medical ailments typically associated with a cat’s bladder.

Urinary Incontinence 

This issue with this kitty constitution may range from rare to often. Always have the cat checked by a vet to determine whether the cause is psychological or medical in nature.

Surgery or neutering may lead to temporary loss of control of bowel and bladder control, in which case Kitty will overcome it. Diapers can get you over the hump. Medically induced permanent incontinence is out of the control of both cat and owner, and no amount of behavioral reconditioning will help.

Cat urinary issues, an impaired bladder, or obstructed urinary tract occurs usually in middle-aged or elderly, and large breed cats.

Symptoms include dribbles on floor, carpet or furniture; moistness in the lower abdomen region, and on sleeping areas. Genital skin irritation; and involuntary urine leakage are also signs that something is wrong.

Causes of incontinence may include (but are not limited to) obesity, diabetes, an underdeveloped bladder and/or bladder stones. Other potential causes are birth defects, Chronic Inflammatory Disease, the aftermath of sterilizing, and specifically situated lesions or tumors.

sick kitten wearing diapers for cats

Cats in Their Golden Years 

As with the best of us, the body stops working as effectively with age and accidents can happen as kitty gets on in years. Age-related factors such as blindness, dementia, arthritis, and hampered mobility may cause incontinence in the twilight years. When in doubt, get the vet to check the old girl or boy.

Other Medical Conditions That May Require Mittens to Wear a Diaper 

Leaky kitties may have any of a number of medical causes, including:

  • Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD)
  • Bacterial Bladder Infection
  • Increased urine production caused by kidney failure/infection, diabetes, liver disease, or increased thyroid hormone levels
  • Manx syndrome
  • Cushing’s Disease

Like Dog Diapers: Diapers for Cats are Not a Substitute for Potty Training! Male vs Female Cat Diapers: What’s the Difference? 

Kittens will learn to use the litter box from their mother, but bad manners, preferences, and medical issues may change theis behavior. A kitten wearing diapers should not be doing so because their owner is too lazy to potty train them. Diapers are a solution to medical issues in cats, not for neglecting potty training!

Feral female or male cats, or rescued kitties may never have had the opportunity to learn where to go potty. But if they are going to live in your home, this is something they have to learn. Stat.

Diapers should not be a long-term consideration or option if kitty can learn litterbox-behavior.

Male vs Female Cat Diapers

The main difference between male cat and female cat diapers is that the female cat diapers cater more specifically for cats on heat, while the male cat diapers focus on spraying.

Stud & Queen pants are an alternative to kitty diapers. Studs are for boys and Queens for ladies, but the difference between the two lies solely in the name as they are actually identical.

a sick indoor cat who is still in diapers

How Stud Diapers Work 

Stud diapers consist of two layers of super absorbent, comfortable fabric. The inner layer is of cotton flannel and the outer layer is of breathable cotton.

Elastic on the inside caters to mobility and fit, while adjustment and closing are up to a hook and loop catch. Stud pants also often have a superabsorbent pad-insert.

Types of Kitty Diapers Available 

Diapers don’t come in quite as many variations as the kitties themselves, but the options do cater to many situations, variations, and types.

Washable Diapers for Kittens

Cloth diapers are typically machine washable and reusable. They have inner pockets for inserting a super absorbent disposable or washable liner. In the long run, these are the most cost-effective (and sustainable).

Disposable Diapers

As the name suggests, you just use and then toss these absorbent diapers for cats.

Kitten Diapers: Cat Baby Onesies 

Designed around the shape and anatomy of the kitten, the onesie fits snugly. It allows for wearing disposable or washable pad inserts or baby diapers, and are a simple solution to escape ‘cattists’ and shifting absorbent pads.

How to Measure Your Cat for the Right Size Kitty Diapers 

Measure kitty’s waist by placing measuring tape just in front of the hind legs, around its midsection.

injured kitty wearing a cat diaper

How to Use and Change Diapers for Cats 

The key word here is “gently”. Place the length of the diaper beneath the cat’s belly and pop the tail through the tail opening.

Pull the diaper close to the body and bring the short end over the cat’s back to meet the long end.

Wrap comfortably around the midsection and secure the tabs to hold it in place. Disposable diapers may need some help staying put, so you might consider using a diaper harness or a baby onesie.

Common Questions on Cat Diapers

Why has my middle-aged female cat started soiling my clean laundry off the line?

Can my female cat wear a Stud Diaper? 

Can I rely on simple solution disposable diapers instead of potty training my house cats? 


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