Cat Facts: All You Need to Know About Your Cute Kitten!

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Cat facts

For centuries cats have captured our hearts in more ways than one. From throwing things off tables to purring incredibly loud. This article will cover all you need to know about cat facts.

Interesting Facts About Cats

There are simply way too many fun facts about cats out there. So, we decided to narrow the cat facts down to our top 10 coolest facts.

  1. Did you know pet cats are considered crepuscular? This means that pet cats—and in fact, feral cats too, prefer to sleep throughout the day and remain active during the night.
  2. Do you love big cats? The Maine Coon is considered one of the biggest and fluffiest domesticated cat breeds.
  3. Have you ever felt your cat’s tongue? Well, cats have raspy tongues that feel like sandpaper. This evolutionary mechanism allows them to pick up and tear meat from bones.

What is a Group of Cats Called?

Here are some more amazing cat facts! Did you know that a group of cats is actually called a clowder.  However, if a particular group of cats is not familiar with one another, then they are referred to as a glaring.

Female cats are often referred to as a “Molly”, while a castrated male cat is called a “Gib”. Finally, a litter of cute kittens can be called a “kindle”.

Purring: The Power to Heal

Have you ever wondered why you feel so relaxed around a purring cat? Well, here are some fun cat facts about purrs.

Cats can purr at a frequency between 20 to 140 Hz. According to science, these purrs generate gentle vibrations that decrease blood pressure and lower stress in humans. So it comes with no surprise why our cats make great emotional support animals.

Why do Cats Pant?

Although we’ve discussed some of the most fun cat facts. It is important to understand some cool science cat facts as well. Panting is a physiological response that is seen in both dogs and cats. Now panting is more common in dogs than it is in cats. It is normal for a cat to pant in response to heat, anxiety, or stress.

That being said, sometimes it is considered abnormal for a cat to begin panting. For example, if your cat is not under stress or anxiety—or if they aren’t in an overheated condition, then panting is considered abnormal.

Cats Through the Ages

Cat facts through the ages! Here are some felines that have won the hearts of both their owners and the public.

  1. Orangey was the frisky feline that won the heart of Audrey Hepburn who played Holly Golightly in the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  2. Did you know, even Abraham Lincoln loved cats. The tabby cat was once owned and adored by the late president of the United States.
  3.  Edgar Allen Poe, a famous author, had also once owned a cat by the name of Catarina. In fact, he loved his cat so very much that he wrote a story about her in 1843.
  4. Who doesn’t love Freddie Mercury! The former lead singer for Queen was well-known for his love for cats.

5 Fun Facts About Cats

Egyptian Mau Cat laying down

  1. Cats have an excellent sense of smell. In fact, their sense of smell is considered to be even more powerful than that of our dogs.
  2. Cats don’t have the tastebuds that detect sweetness. Because of this reason, most cats tend to avoid sweet-tasting foods.
  3. Domesticated cats can run up to 30 miles per hour. More specifically, the Egyptian Mau is considered one of the fastest cat breeds.
  4. Cats are incredibly agile and flexible animals. All cats have a natural righting instinct. It is this very instinct that allows them to land on their feet.
  5. As you must already know, every human being has fingerprints that are unique to them. Cats too have nose prints that are unique to them. This means that no one cat will have the same nose.

Cats and Kittens on YouTube: Best Cat Videos

Cats have taken over social media. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more! Cats are now the number one most popular subject on google. That being said, here is our pick on the best cat and kitten videos.

  1. Maru: The cat that loves boxes
  2. The kitten that loves surprises.
  3. The classic Nyan Cat Rainbow video
  4. The cat that loves some good tunes!

Cat Day, Caturday. Famous Felines in the World of Instagram

We don’t just want to bore you with any cat facts. If you’d love to check out some popular feline friends, then check out these insta-famous cats!

  1. Lil Bub: The sad-faced feline friend taking over Instagram.
  2. Venus: The perfect Halloween feline friend.
  3. Smoothie: Aka the most photogenic cat on Instagram.
  4. Grumpy cat: The frisky feline who’s making headlines across the internet!
  5. Atchoum: The kitty cat that looks like a plushie!

The Fattest Cat in the World and other Felines in the Guinness World Book of Records

Fat cat sleeping

Do you love cat facts? Do you love the Guinness World Book of Records? Well, here are some amazing cats that have gotten their name listed on the Guinness World Book of Records.

  1. Merlin the friendly feline with a loud purr! Merlin was acknowledged for having the loudest purr by a domestic cat in 2015.
  2. In 2013, the Guinness World Book of Records introduced a cool new cat breed known as the Selkirk Rex. These adorable felines were acknowledged by the World Book of Records for having a curly thick fur coat.
  3. In 1989 the Guinness World Book of Records crowned Himmy as the World’s Fattest Feline. Although Himmy has since passed away, he had tipped the scales at 21.3 kg.
  4. Who says cats can’t do tricks like dogs? Didga the cat was awarded a place in the Guinness World Book of Records for being able to perform 24 tricks in under 1 minute.

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