23 October, 2017

30 Fascinating Cat Facts You’re Dying to Know!

21. Cats sweat! But not the same way humans do.

Little kitten sleeping in a weird position

Cats sweat! But not the same way humans do. Cats have sweat and scent glands on their paws. They sweat through their paws and will then use that to mark their territory. If your kitty cat is rubbing their paws on you they are letting everyone know you’re their human! Image Source

20. Your cat isn’t “crazy”, he/she is strategic!

A cat about to jump

Have you ever noticed that your cat runs around after using their litter box? Cats do that because they want to confuse potential predators who may use their poop scent to track them. They instinctually and strategically avoid their predators! Image Source

19. Cats walk like giraffes and camels!

A grumpy-looking cat walking

Cats walk in a very peculiar way. They move their right paws first, then their left paws simultaneously. Other than cats, giraffes, and camels, no other animals walk like that. Image Source

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