23 October, 2017

30 Fascinating Cat Facts You’re Dying to Know!

18. Cats can’t taste sweet things!

A cat eating food from the ground

Cats don’t have the required taste receptors to taste sweet things. In fact, cats are believed to be the only mammal who can’t taste sweet food or drinks. Now you don’t have to feel bad about not sharing your frozen yogurt with your cat!

17. Cats were first brought to the Americas as rodent hitmen.

Rat kissing a cat

Cats were first brought over to the Americas to help get rid of the huge rodent population. But as you can see, some cats are lovers not fighters! Some cats will actually hunt for little critters and bring them home to gift them to their humans. Image Source

16. Orange cats are usually males, while calico cats are usually females.

A cat with two colors

One interesting cat fact is that orange cats are usually males, while calico cats are usually females. Every once in a while, you’ll bump into a cat that is half orange, half calico, like the one on this picture, and its gender is anyone’s guess. Image Source

15. Your cat REALLY loves grooming itself.

Mother cat grooming her kitten

Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves. In fact, a cat can spend up to 1/3 of its waking hours grooming. Cats groom themselves to promote blood flow, help regulate his/her body temperature, and to relax. Mother cats also groom their kittens to promote bowel movements.Image Source

14. Cats groom each other.

Cat grooming another cat

Cats groom each other in a grooming ritual called Allogroming. They sometimes groom their humans or pet companions as well, as a way of showing affection. Cats have even been known to groom their dog siblings. Image Source

13. Cats’ nose pads are similar to a human’s fingerprint.

A closeup of a cat nose

Each cat has a unique nose pad, similar to human fingerprints. A cat’s nose has 200 million scent receptors, more than most dog breeds. Just for comparisons sake, a bloodhound’s nose only has 40 million scent receptors than a cat. Image Source

12. Cats have an attitude.

Sleepy cat yawning

If a cat yawns in the middle of a confrontation, it’s not because they are tired, it’s actually giving attitude. Cats yawn during confrontations to end it, similar to humans saying “talk to the hand” when they just don’t want to hear it anymore.Image Source

11. Cats miss their humans.

Fluffy orange cat sleeping

Cats love sleeping on things that smell like their humans, like their pillow, chair, or dirty clothes in the laundry basket (or floor). They do that because they love and miss their humans. Sleeping on items that smell like their humans allows them to feel safe and content. Image Source

10. Most cats are lactose intolerant.

A lactose intolerant cat drinking milk

You may have seen hundreds of movies and tv shows featuring cats drinking milk, however, most cats are actually lactose intolerant. While they are attracted to the smell of milk and love the taste, it can actually give them an upset stomach. If you absolutely MUST give them milk, buy a can of kitten milk which is specially formulated for cats. Image Source

9. Head boops = Love

A dog and a cat "headbooping"

Want an interesting cat fact? Check this out: when a cat ‘boops’ his/her head against yours he/she is saying you are part of its pack. These head bumps are called “bunting”. For a cat to instill that kind of intimate honor to you, it meant he/she really loves you and considers you family. Cats do the same thing to other cats and even dogs that it’s fond of. Image Source

8. Cats are so manipulative!

A crying kitten

Cats decide when they want your attention. If they decide right now is the appropriate time for love and affection, but you’re too busy with other things… like, oh say, WORK… they will use a special pur that sounds like a baby crying to get your attention.Image Source

7. Cats meow to communicate with humans, not each other.

A siamese kitten meowing

Cats don’t meow at each other, they use other sounds to communicate. Meowing is a behavior that cats developed in order to communicate with humans. It’s their way of “vocalizing” what they want. It’s kind of like living with someone who speaks a different language, but insists on talking to you like you understand. Image Source

6. Cats can be toilet-trained.

A fact cat in a toilet bowl

One of the coolest facts about cats is that they can be toilet-trained. In fact, there are companies that sell toilet seats specially for cats. The toilet seats allow the cat to sit comfortably while they poop without falling in. There are also products that will help you train your cat to use the toilet. Just don’t let your little furry friend lay inside of the toilet like this little guy.Image Source

5. Cats can jump really high!

Cat jumping to catch a butterfly

One cat trivia that most cat owners won’t find too surprising is that they have amazing jumping abilities! They can jump u to 6 times their body length. The average cat is about 18 inches long without including their tail. That means they can jump up to an incredible 9 feet high!Image Source

4. Your cat is asking you if you want to play!

A cat's curved tail

Have you ever noticed that your cat sometimes makes the shape of a question mark on his/her tail? This means that they are asking you, “do you want to play?” Next time you see your cat do that with its tail, go grab a toy and go play!Image Source

3. Cats will let you know if they consider you a friend.

Two kittens in a cat bed

When a cat drapes its tail over a human, another cat, or a dog it signifies friendship. This is how cats demonstrate that you have created a special bond with them. They’ll only do this when they feel entirely comfortable around that person or animal. Cats will also lay on your lap or up against you to show affection and share body warmth.Image Source

2. A housecat is like a small house tiger.

A cat that looks like a tiger

Interesting feline facts: Did you know that housecats share 95.6 of genomes with tigers? It is believed by scientists that they share the same ancestors, both because of their genes and because of the behaviors they exhibit, which are similar to that of a tiger. Tigers and cats both scratch, play, stalk pray, punch, and are territorial.Image Source

1. Some cats can swim. In fact, some LOVE water!

A swimming cat

Some cats can swim. In fact, some LOVE water! Some of the breeds that usually like water include, Turkish van, Turkish angora, maine coon, Bengal, American bobtail, Japanese bobtail, Norwegian forest cat, Abyssinian, ragdoll, and manx.Image Source

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