January 22, 2018

Cat Fails: 44 Unbelievably Funny Cat Pics

Cat makes a funny face while looking into a camera

Funny cats failingfunny kitten failsfunny cat pics, however you want to phrase it, it all boils down to a single point: It’s one of the greatest topics on the face of planet Earth. Who doesn’t like hilarious cat pics? No one, that’s who. So, without further ado, let’s look at some cute and funny kitties and have a laugh together, shall we? Image Source

With Bonus Content! Demystifying kitties with some fun cat facts along with unbelievably funny cat pics

44. The Cat That Wanted To Be A Burrito

Cute cat burrito

And to start us off with the funny cats failing: this is burrito cat. If all burritos are awesome, and all cats are awesome, then are all cats burritos? We’ll never know. Image Source

Cats Demystified: Nail Biting
There are multiple reasons that your cat may bite or chew on his nails. One reason is that they are just grooming; a little cat manicure of sorts. Another reason, though, is that he may be anxious, and nail biting or licking is just a bad habit to calm the nerves.

43. The Cat That Was Scared Of Everything

Wide-eyed cat looking shocked

It’s ok to be scared of things that are, well, scary. But if you’re scared of everything like this cat, you may have a bad time with life. Just another one down in the funny cat picsImage Source

Cats Demystified: The “Eye Of The Tiger”
If your little kitty is giving you, or something else, an intense squinting staredown, sometimes called the “eye of the tiger”, this often means that your cat is getting ready to pounce! So watch out, he’s on the prowl! Cats will examine their prey before pouncing to make sure that their attack will be as precisely calculated as they can manage. Don’t worry, though, if you happen to be the prey, it’s usually just for fun and games.


42. The Cat That Just Wanted A Silly Hat

Cat wearing a cute silly hat

Funny cats failing? More like funny cats winning. Wearing a hat can be a great way to improve your look, but don’t tell this cat that his hat is ridiculous. Well, go ahead and tell him, he won’t care. Image Source

Cats Demystified: The out-of-the-blue sprint
Does your cat ever, just out of nowhere, seemingly at random, decide to sprint at full speed across the house? It’s funny to see, but there’s an explanation. Cats need exercise, and they tend to bore easily, so a super fast jaunt is a good way to take care of both needs. Speaking of super fast, did you know that cats can run at speeds of just over 30 miles per hour?

41. The Cat That Couldn’t Stop Begging

The cat that begs

Begging is one thing, but this is taking it a bit too far. Just give the cat a treat, already. Talk about some funny kitten failsImage Source

Cats Demystified: Sitting with legs spread wide open
If it’s a female, it may be considered less than ladylike, if it’s a male, they may call it “manspreading”, as it’s been recently called. Whatever you want to call it, we’ve all seen cats sitting or laying with legs spread wide open. Since cats don’t think about indecent exposure, this is actually just a sign that your kitty is very relaxed and fully trusting of you. When animals expose their belly, it shows that they know you’re not a predator, and they feel like you will protect them if one happens to wander by.


40. The Cat That Just Wanted More

Fat cat with a double chin

This cat may have already had a bit too much to eat in life, or not enough exercise, but he’s still ready for another treat. Image Source

Cats Demystified: Rubbing up against you or the furniture
When a cat glides his body against you or the furniture, he’s actually trying to transfer his scent, marking you and the environment as his own personal property. That’s right, when a cat rubs against you, he’s often claiming you for himself. That is, not to mention that it feels good, somewhat like a back scratcher may feel good to a human.

39. The Cat That Wanted To Be A Rock Star

Singing cat holding a microphone

I think we may have found the next American Idol. Lets just hope that the judges don’t have anything negative to say, it will crush this poor cat’s dreams. Don’t tell him that he’s just another one of those cat failsImage Source

Cats Demystified: Short, quiet meows
Cats in the wild don’t meow. Domestic cats have adapted the ability to “meow” through interactions with humans, as a way of getting our attention and winning over our affection. A sweet, short meow is your cat’s way of saying “hello, I like you”. If you witness your cat displaying this behavior, it means he loves you.


38. The Cat That Was Terrible At Hiding

Funny cat attempts to hide between sofa cushions

Of all the hiding places, the couch cushions are one of the rost; that is, when you can’t fit. Just pretend that you don’t see him, and he’ll be happy. Image Source

Cats Demystified: Leaving poop uncovered
Many people choose a cat as a pet for how clean they tend to be. Cats will naturally use a litter box, and usually cover up their business when they’re finished. But what about those times when a cat leaves his poop uncovered? There are a couple of reasons, one of which is that he is angry with you, but the more concering reason is that he may be sick. If you see this behavior, it’s time to go to the vet.

37. The Cat That Wanted To Eat Like A Person

A white cat sitting on a table like a human

When it comes to good etiquette, this cat almost has it down. Great posture, his elbows are on the table, though, but that’s ok, we’ll forgive him. This is a funny cat win, not one of the funny cat failsImage Source

Cats Demystified: Hissing
Many may already see hissing as an obvious sign that the cat is angry or irritated, and this is usually true. It can also be a sign of fear, though. If your cat hisses at you, don’t take it too personally, they’re emotional and exressive creatures, and he’ll come back around to loving you in no time.

36. The Cat That Instantly Regretted His Decision

This is one of those moments that you remember and think “Why did I do that?”. Instant regret followed this photo. Image Source

Cats Demystified: Attently sniffing at your face
Felines are very curious creatures, and what a more curious thing to wonder about than a human? To a cat, we’re fascinating. We do so many strange things that cats just don’t quite understand. When a cat gets up close and personal with sniffing your face, it’s because he’s both interested in you and showing how much he loves you.

35. The Cat That Created His Own Armrest

Chill cat sitting in a box

Hey, if you’re going to rest in a box, at least make it your own, right? What better way than to craft your own special armrest! Image Source

Cats Demystified: Pointing of the ears
Cats pointing their ears in a particular direction is, to some, an obvious way of paying close attention to the small noises that are occuring in a particular direction. That observation is correct, the kitty is just focusing, potentially getting ready to pounce or run away.

34. The Cat That Photobombs Your Picture

Cat photobombing a wedding picture

This would have been a fabulous photo of a good looking couple, that is, if not for the brilliant photobomb by this crazy little kitty.Image Source

Cats Demystified: Ear twitching
If you notice your cat’s ears rapidly twitching, don’t be alarmed. Twitching of the ears is often an expression of anxiety of the cat’s surroundings, and is completely natural. It helps the kitty hear, quite quickly, any movements that may be occuring around him. The anxiety will pass, cats are naturally worrysome of predators sneaking up on them, but he’ll be comfortable again in no time.

33. The Cat That Really Dislikes Children

A cat avoiding the touch of a child

When you just really don’t want to be touched. This cat is thinking “Just what do you think you’re doing?” Image Source

Cats Demystified: Loud, aggressive meowing
While a quiet, short meow is a loving gesture, a loud, long, aggressive meow is a sign of aggitation, or in some cases, begging. When a cat gives you that mean meow, he’s not necessarily saying he doesn’t like you, he may just be unhappy because he’s hungry and is demanding that you give him some food.

32. The Cat That Mastered The Stink Eye

The “stink eye” is a difficult skill to master, but this cat has it down. He’ll win at a staredown any day. Image Source

Cats Demystified: Imitation of a human baby
When cats learned to meow at humans, it was a way of immitating a noise that we tend to respond to with the most emotion: the cry of a baby. Sometimes, though, they take it a step further and will even immitate the movements of a baby just to get your affection and attention. Cats are clever, aren’t they?

31. The Cat That Figured Out How To Shower

Most cats hate getting wet, but not this one. Since human showers are a bit too much for a cat, he got a bit innovative with the sink. Image Source

Cats Demystified: Chattering
Have you ever noticed that strange tooth chattering sound that a cat sometimes makes? For the longest time, it was a mystery as to why cats make this noise, but recently it’s been discovered that it is a sign of pure frustration. Sometimes a cat will chatter at a bird that he can see through the window, this is because he’s frustrated and irritated that he can’t get through the glass to chase the bird.

30. The Cat That Wanted To Be A Statue

Two cats playing in a cat tree

Believe it or not, some people do actually make a living as a “living statue”. This cat is well on his way. Image Source

Cats Demystified: Literally acting “crazy”
Cats, just like any animal, can actually go crazy, or at least appear to. There are multiple reasons why a cat may act like he’s gone crazy. One reason is that he may have fleas and just can’t handle it the constant itching, another may be internal parasites. If your cat is acting more strange than usual, have him checked out by a vet as soon as possible.

29. The Cat That Ruined The Rabbit’s Day

Little kitten playing with a bunny

That rabbit just wanted to say hello, but this little kitty will have none of that! It’s pounce time! Image Source

Cats Demystified: Laying directly on your things
For places to lay down and take a nap; keyboards, laptops, books, these are all fair game in a cat’s mind. The reason for this behavior is that a cat knows that you use these things, and feels like you’ll give him more attention if he’s nearby or even on top of them. So don’t be too annoyed when your cat lays right on top of your stuff, it’s just because he loves you.

28. The Cat That Gives You Scary Hugs

Scary cat showing its claws

Evil cat wants a hug. Will you hug him? Image Source

Cats Demystified: Rolling around in the street
Rolling around on the ground is one way a cat will show you that he wants to play and that he trusts you. It takes time to earn the trust of a cat, so if you see this behavior, be joyful that he has so much love for you. As for laying and rolling around directly on the pavement; it’s often the warmth of the concrete or assfault that attracts a kitty to roll around on it, coupled with their joyful desire to get some attention.

27. The Cat That Thinks He’s Better Than You

When your cat thinks he’s better at pokemon than you. “I told you”, said this cat, as he slowly tilts his head to show how ridiculous he thinks his owner is. Image Source

Cats Demystified: Falling asleep on your chest
While there is no scientific data for why your little kitty may love falling asleep on your chest, but it’s safe to assume the reasons. One reason is obvious; he loves you, trusts you, and feels safe sleeping on you. Another reason may be that the rhythmic beating of your heart, coupled with your breathing, is comforting and helps him fall asleep much in the same way that it comforts a baby. As long as you’re not bugged by it, let him sleep and cuddle as much as he wants since it’s great for bonding.

26. The Cat That Knows Something You Don’t Know

Fluffy cat laughing while covering its mouth

This cat knows a secret, and it’s about his owner. It’s too embarassing to share, though, but he’ll keep laughing to himself. Image Source

Cats Demystified: Sneaking and slinking around
Cats are naturally very sneaky little critters, and it’s one of the things they’re most known for. There’s a reason that thiefs are sometimes called “cat burglars”. Being one of the more intelligent animals on our little blue planet helps to aid their clever sneakiness. If you see your cat slinking around, don’t be alarmed, he’s just being his clever, smart, and sly little self. It’s a good thing.

25. The Cat That Thinks He Is To Cool For You

The "cabbage cade" meme

This is how a cat stays cool, in more ways than one. That leaf hat shows how ahead of the trend he is, and keeps his head cool from the sun! Image Source

Cats Demystified: Kneading you with his paws
When a cat kneads you, or other objects, with his paws, it means he is very content and happy with his current situation. Kneading is usually coupled with extended purring and some of the cutest eye expressions that you’ll ever lay, well, lay eyes on. When your cat kneads your leg, it’s one of the greatest signs of affection and love that you could receive from a little kitty. Sometimes, though, if the cat still has his claws, he may accidentally dig into your leg with them, and this can be a bit unpleasant. Try not to get mad, though, as this could discourage him, making him think that you don’t feel as affectionate towards him as he does towards you.

24. The Cat That Thinks Cute Eyes Will Win You Over

Cute cat with big, round eyes

The big cute beggy eyes always do the trick. This cat is definitely used to getting what he wants. Image Source

Cats Demystified: Laying with tummy poking up
Have you ever noticed how sometimes a cat will lay on objects in a way that makes his tummy poke up? This is usually because as he is falling asleep, he is wishing someone would come and pet him. A nice belly rub is one of a cat’s favorite things, that is, when he is comfortable and in a relaxed mood. The arched back can also be a good stretch, which adds even more appeal to this sleep position.

23. The Cat That Thinks Your Finger Is A Gun

Cornered kitten with its paws up

This one really knows what funny cat pics are all about. “Are you a robber!? Wait, you’re not a robber. BUT IS THAT A GUN? Oh, it’s not a gun. Whew.” Image Source

Cats Demystified: Being a “night owl”
As it turns out, a domestic cat’s earliest ancestor is the African wildcat, which is a nocturnal animal by nature. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the “night hunter” trait has been passed down even as far as our modern domesticated felines. Plus, the quiet of the night can either be boring or incredibly interesting for a cat. When it’s quiet to you, your cat hears all the little sitters of bugs and rodents that may be crawling about in the walls or outside the windows. If you want to curb your cat’s night time activities, though, be sure to give him plenty of activities to do during the day, this way he’ll be tuckered out when nightfall comes.

22. The Cat That Really Likes Your Playlist

Sleeping cat listening to some music while wearing earphones

Falling asleep to music can be a great experience for a person, but what about a cat? Well, this image says it all. Look at how happy he looks! Image Source

Cats Demystified: Doing his “business” outside of the litterbox
As with leaving the poop uncovered inside the litterbox, dropping a little package outside of it can be a way of showing you that he’s very angry with you and wants to teach you a lesson. Jealousy can be a motivator for this behavior, such as if you have a new guest in the house and your kitty just isn’t quite happy with the attention you’ve been giving your friend. However, also as with leaving poop uncovered in the litter box, pooping outside of the box could be a sign of a health issue, so be sure to take him to the vet just to make sure. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

21. The Cat That Didn’t Expect You To Sneak Up

Surprised cat inside a cardboard box

“Ahh! Where did you come from? You’re not supposed to be in my box!” Image Source

Cats Demystified: Biting you
Cats will bite you for a number of various reasons. One common reason is stress, other reasons could be that he’s actually angry with something you’ve done. Don’t be too alarmed if your cat does nip at you, but if the bite is very hard, a decent way to regain dominance is to grab the scruff of his neck, just behind the ears, and sternly tell him “no”. A frequent biter could be a sign of past trauma, so if you’ve adopted a cat and he happens to bite often, don’t blame him for it, something in his past may be haunting him.

20. The Cat That Think He Is A Superhero

Cool cat wearing a Batman mask

The mask fits so perfectly! Look at those eyes! A true superhero, indeed. Image Source

Cats Demystified: Attacking your feet
If you have cats, you know all too well of the sudden foot attack that a cat will make every so often. This is perfectly normal behavior; think about it, your feet are small and move around like their natural prey. It’s just a cat’s way of having a little fun with you, but if your cat still has his claws and you happen to be barefoot, this can be a bit of a nuisance. If you don’t want your cat attacking your feet, give him plenty of toys to play with, as this could distract him from your shuffling toesies.

19. The Cat That Defends The Pyramid

Weird-looking black cat inside its "pyramid"

“This is my pyramid, and you can’t come in.” Image Source

18. The Cat That Wants To Be “Puss In Boots” When He Grows Up

The real-life "Puss in Boots"

“When I grow up, I want to be a swashbuckler just like Puss In Boots from that Shrek movie!” Image Source

17. The Cat That Was Soon To Be Dinner

A cat on a mountain lion's head

This big cat doesn’t scare me. Look at how I ride on top of his head with ease. I am the master of the jungle. Image Source

16. The Cat That Didn’t Know How To Use Bread

Cat wearing a bread on its face

This bread makes a great frame. Want to hang me on the wall? Image Source

15. The Cat That Outgrew His Bed, But Didn’t Care

A fat cat sleeping in a small basket

“Sure, I’ve gained some weight, but I’m still going to sleep in my basket.” Image Source

14. The Cat From Transilvania

Black vampire kitten with fangs and bat wings

“Does I looks scaries yets? Boo!” Image Source

13. The Cat That Actually Thought He Was Bread

Silly cat sitting next to warm bread

We’ve seen pictures of cats with bread on their face, but this cat took it one step futher: He apparently thinks he actually is a loaf of bread. Image Source

12. The Cat That Was Just Too Bashful

Shy cat hiding its face in its paws

When you’re just too shy to have your photo taken. Image Source

11. The Cat That Is Ready For Battle

Cat wearing a paper bag with "Wookie Armor" written on it

Battle hardened armor is what this kitty asked for, and that’s exactly what he got. Image Source

10. The Cat That Never Came Down From The Tree

He’s been up there a while, feeding off of the insects that crawl by. He’s not coming down any time soon. Image Source

9. The Cat That Found An Easier Way To Hunt

Kitten threatening two ducklings with a gun

Ok, this one is obviously photoshopped, but it’s hilarious. Image Source

8. The Cat That Was Not Happy About Being Wet

Angry wet cat

This is the “I hate being wet” dance. Image Source

7. The Cat That Wanted To Be “The Fonz”

Cool cat wearing sunglasses

“Am I as cool as a person yet?” Image Source

6. The Cat That Was Way Too Scared Of Falling Off The Couch

funny cat falling off a couch

Funny cats failing; there’s just nothing better. “Ahhhhh, I’m falling and I can’t get up!”, he says. Image Source

5. The Cat That Found A Way To Live In The Internet Image Source

Cat inside a computer monitor

When you want to be an internet star, but you don’t know how to use the internet, you could just literally live inside the computer.Image Source

4. The Cat That Won’t Let You Take A Photo

Cat hiding behind bed

“I sees you takings a photos of mes…” Image Source

3. The Cat That Hates You Because Of Bath Time

“Just don’t get any on my face and we won’t have any problems.” Image Source

2. The Cat That Says “Why So Serious?”

The Joker cat

The Joker is a famous character, and this cat just couldn’t resist dressing up like him. Image Source

1. The Cat That Came From Heck

Scary cat hissing

This is one of the most evil looking cats that wasn’t photoshopped… Image Source

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