Soft Paws and Sharp Claws: A Guide to Cat Nail Caps

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white cat with blue cat nail caps

Even the cutest kitten can do great damage when they stick out their sharp claws. In the wild, cat claws are super useful in helping cats defend themselves or catch prey. However, indoor cats use their nails to scratch up furniture and the carpet. Luckily, cat nail caps prevent Mittens from ruining your expensive furniture (and your skin)! These easy-to-use nail covers will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Who Doesn’t Know Those Cat Paws and Sharp Cat Claws?

Has any cat clawed at you, whether by accident or on purpose? If so, then you know just how sharp their nails are. Kitties spend a lot of time caring for their nails using cat scratching poles and trees. Cat nail maintenance includes a lot of scratching at those that sisal rope pole (or sofa)!

Despite Their Soft Paws, a Cat’s Claw Can Do Serious Damage!

On one hand, you want your kitty to keep their nail tips sharp and healthy. But on the other hand, you don’t want them ruining your furniture, soft surfaces, and hardwood floors. Plenty of pet owners spend hours and loads of money on trying out solutions to stop these problems.

However, sometimes, nothing seems to work. Behavioral problems are too deep-rooted in some cases. Not even using clippers to trim cat nails stops your couch from being destroyed all the time!

What Are Cat Claw Covers or Cat Claw Caps?

Cat claw covers (or cat claw caps) are small plastic nail covers that you apply to your cat’s paw, directly to the claw tip. By covering the sharp nail tip, Meows can’t destroy the living room furniture anymore. This is the most effective solution to the clawing problem.

You may have heard people suggest declawing your cat. We don’t think you should. Declawed cats can never again defend themselves against predators. In addition to that, declawing a cat is a cosmetic surgery performed by a veterinarian. Thus, a lot of pet insurance companies won’t cover any of the costs!

Cat nail caps are a much better solution. They can be removed at any time, they don’t damage their soft cat paws, and they’re significantly cheaper!

cats soft paws with pink cat claw caps

Soft Claws and Purrdy Paws: They Come in All Shapes and Sizes!

There are so many kinds of cat nail caps on the market. We’re sure you will find the right ones for your feline best friend!

The Soft Claws Nail Caps grip perfectly to your kitty’s nail tips to end the problem of destructive clawing. Their new and improved “cleat lock system” helps the caps stay in place for four to six weeks. In addition to that, they come in eleven different colors that resemble nail polish. Choose the stylish feline nail caps that best fit your kitty’s personality!

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Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cats, 40 Count$12.99
Save your floors and furniture with Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cats. A safe and pain-free alternative to declawing, Soft Claws works by simply capping your cat’s claws with a vinyl cover. It applies easily with a safe and non-toxic adhesive, and will not interfere with the normal extension and retraction of their nails—which means even the fussiest kitty won’t mind wearing them. So your cat can go about his routine of pawing and playing, and you don’t have to worry about unwanted scratches. Easy to apply and long-lasting, it’s made right here in the USA.

Choosing the Purrdy Paws Soft Cat Nail Caps is also a great idea. These kitten claw caps are made from vinyl and are available in three colors: clear, glow-in-the-dark green, and black. Besides being fashionable, the entire 40-unit package should last you at least 16 weeks.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Purrdy Paws Soft Cat Nail Caps, 40 count$11.99
Protect your furniture and guests from scratching the humane way with the Purrdy Paws Soft Cat Nail Caps. These soft vinyl nail caps are veterinarian-developed and approved to keep yourself, your family, and your home scratch-proof. They’re safe and non-toxic for cats, and are super easy to put on your furry one―simply glue each nail cap to your pal’s nails with the included glue, and they stay on until your pal naturally sheds his nails. Plus, they’re available in many fun colors and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your pal. The set includes 40 nail caps, two glue tubes and one glue gel tube, plus applicator tips and instructions.

Lastly, the Kitty Caps Cat Nail Caps cater to kittens of all sizes. Their extra-small caps are great for cats under 5 pounds, while the large units fit kitties over 13 pounds. If you can’t choose what color caps you want, don’t fret! Each packet comes with caps of two different colors to spice up Mittens’ look.

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Kitty Caps Cat Nail Caps, Color Varies, 40 count$8.99
Love your cat up close with the Kitty Caps Original Cat Nail Caps. A safe alternative to declawing, these caps fit right over your feline’s nails with the help of some kitty-safe adhesive. Working to prevent snags and scratches by covering up those sharp ends, these nail caps protect your clothing, furniture and even your skin from those unsuspecting swipes—and they’re totally safe and easy to apply! And for the fun-loving kitties, there’s even variety of colors to glam things up.

Better Add Applicator Tips and Tubes of Adhesive to Your Basket!

To apply cat nail caps you will need applicators and tubes of glue. The Soft Claws Applicator Tips package comes with 100 pieces. When attached to the tube of glue, it makes applying the adhesive correctly much easier.

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Soft Claws Applicator Tips Refill, 100 count$19.89
Help your pet get her Soft Claw nail caps on with Soft Claws Applicator Tips Refill! These tapered tips are designed to snap firmly on all Soft Adhesive tubes, so you can accurately apply the adhesive to small dog and cat nail caps. The refills are made in the USA with non-toxic materials and come with 100 tips per pack. Plus, they are developed by a veterinarian, so you can feel confident using them on your furry friend. And once she has her nail caps on, you won’t have to worry about destructive scratching!

If you’re looking for a great non-toxic tube of glue, we recommend the Soft Claws Adhesive Refill. Its formula promotes good, safe adhesion between the claw cap and the cat’s nail tip.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Soft Claws Adhesive Refill, 6 count$11.95
Help your pet get her Soft Claw nail caps on with Soft Claws’ Adhesive Refills! Every purchase comes with six tubes of adhesive, so you can accurately secure your dog’s or cat’s nail caps. The vacuum action vial helps stop the contents from coming out, keeping your pet’s fur, your furniture and your fingers adhesive-free! And you can feel confident knowing that the refills are made in the USA with non-toxic materials and developed by a veterinarian. Once you place your BFF’s nail caps on, you won’t have to worry about destructive scratching!

When used together, these two products allow the cat nail caps to stay in place for up to eight weeks. How convenient is that?

image of a cat's claw

Are Cat Nail Caps Safe for Mittens?

Many pet owners wonder whether cat nail caps are safe. The answer is yes, they are! After all, they were developed by a vet as a non-surgical solution to cat declawing. Plus, they’re only a temporary solution, and you can decide not to use anymore at any time!

Indoor cats don’t need to regularly use their nails. So, wearing cat nail caps doesn’t interfere with their lifestyle too much. Outdoor cats, however, do need to make use of their sharp claws to protect themselves. If your cat spends long periods of time outside, this product is most likely not for them.

Another worry people have is that cat nail caps damage the nail bed. This is simply not true. If you buy the correct size of caps and apply them correctly, there will be no damage.

Lastly, there are also some concerns that with kitten claw caps, cats can’t extend and retract their nails. This, too, is a myth. Cat nail caps only cover the nail tips, not the whole nail. Your kitty’s claws can still retract and extend with these caps!

Weighing Up the Cat Nail Caps Pros and Cons!

Cat nail caps have many pros. For starters, they don’t allow your cat to accidentally hurt anyone. This is great if your kitty is around elderly people, children, and guests often. Since they prevent Mittens from destroying the couch and the carpet, they save pet owners lots of money! And the best part? Kittens aren’t hurt at all by them.

The only disadvantage we can think of is that your cat will no longer be able to claw at predators. But that is only a problem if they’re an outdoor cat! Indoor cats have a life of royalty with no enemies in sight.

How Long Do Cat Nail Caps Last?

One application of cat nail caps can last anywhere between four to eight weeks. It depends on the brand of caps you buy and on how well you apply them. But, generally speaking, they hold up really well for an entire month!

So, Are Cat Nail Caps Cruel or Kind?

Cat nail caps are the most ethical solution to destructive clawing. The materials used are safe, they don’t interfere with a cat’s ability to extend and retract claws, and they don’t damage the nail bed. What more could you ask for?

cat with blue cat claw covers

Have a Look at Some Cat Nail Caps Reviews!

Who better to talk about cat nail caps than pet owners? Here’s what customers had to say:

“The nail caps were so easy to put on my cat’s nails, she didn’t fuss or fight me at all. They are still on her nails, I was so skeptical at first, and I’m so glad I went ahead and bought them, I’ll be buying more to keep around.” — Jaymi

“We have a vinyl sofa, and the cats like to claw at it. We put them on the cats, and they stayed on. Yaaayyy, we saved our sofa!!! — Debbie

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