Need a New Cat Scratching Post? Here are Our Top Picks!

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Cats may have adorable paws, but they contain destructive claws. Only your furry family member knows how to go from shredding your furniture to warming your heart within minutes. We can help you find the ultimate cat scratching post for your feline friend so that your couch can stay intact, and your kitty can get the exercise she needs.

There are many pet products out there. You can choose between space-saving wall-mounted posts or something like the Bergan Turbo Scratcher. Divert the attention of their claws with something fun like the cardboard mixing deck by DJ Deck. Choose between a Trixie cat condo or a carpet scratching post; cat owners are spoilt for choice.

Rated 4.50/5.00
Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy
With a detachable scratchpad, you will be able to change it with a new one when you feel that the current one is wearing off. You will be able to increase the durability of your cat’s favorite toy by replacing the scratchpad with a new one. Not only does it help keep their claws in shape, but it is great way to reduce any kind of stress they may face.
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Rated 4.00/5.00
Suck UK Cat Scratching Toy
Comes complete with illustrated, easy to follow instructions, they are pet accessories for you both to enjoy. A great addition to cat-loving houses. Distract your animal and save the sofa! A fully functional scratcher design by Suck UK, makers of the greatest gifts on earth!
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Here is Our List of the Best Cat Scratching Post Picks of 2020

Providing a scratching surface is one of the many ways that you can take care of your cat’s health. They get to stretch, sharpen their claws, relieve stress, and mark their territory.

If you’re looking to buy a vertical post, find something that is tall so that your cat can stand on its hind legs and stretch upwards. For a horizontal scratcher, choose something that is as long as your cat’s body; the average length is 18 inches. You want to see them stretching out the extent of their bodies.

ginger kitten playing with cat scratch post ball

The Catit Style Cat Scratcher

Starting with the most affordable, the Catit Style Scratcher is a favorite for many reasons. The corrugated cardboard gives your kitty the pleasure of shredding, while they can also use it as a lounger. Scratching is profoundly satisfying to your cat, and their ability to shred something feels good to them. 

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip$6.26
Combining contemporary shapes with stylish patterns, the Catit Style Scratching Board is a modern twist on conventional scratchers. The Catit Style Scratching Board provides your cat with a corrugated scratching surface, while helping to protect your furniture from claw damage. A cat's need to scratch is instinctive. It helps them to sharpen and remove the dead outer layer of their claws, stretch and flex their bodies and work off energy. Catnip is included and by using the Catit Style Scratching Board, you are helping your cat stay active and healthy.

Coax your furbaby into using it by sprinkling the organic catnip nearby. You can flip the scratcher over and let your wild child give the other surface a good scratch when the one side is completely worn.

The SmartCat Pioneer Cat Scratch Post

Cats love to stretch; they even have a yoga pose named after them. If you’ve ever tried the cat pose, downward dog, or the warrior pose, then you will know that stretching feels good. It feels right for your kitty too. At 31 inches, this tall cat scratching post stands above the rest and creates the perfect place for your furbaby to stretch and scratch to their heart’s content.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post$49.99
Cats need a scratching post that will allow them to get a full stretch. The 32-inch post height allows the cat to stretch vertically while using the post (important for territorial marking purposes and for toning muscles). The finest materials and workmanship guarantee the scratching post will remain attractive and useful for years

Stretching elongates muscle tissues while increasing blood pressure and flushing out toxins that could lead to stiffness. With the amount of time that felines spend asleep, it is an integral part of their day.

The AmazonBasics 2-in-1 Cat Post and Hammock

Even grumpy cat will love this post, although they may not show it. This 2-in-1 Scratching Post and Hammock provides a place for rest and play. The dangling toy is removable and replaceable, allowing you the chance to prevent your kitty from getting bored. Natural jute fiber rope creates a durable surface for their sharp claws. And when they’re done, then they get to climb to the top and pass out for the rest of the day.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock$27.49
Give your kitty the purrrrrfect playground with the AmazonBasics Cat Furniture. This deluxe, scratch-friendly environment allows your pet to relax or entertain themselves for hours on end, keeping their claws busy and their mind content. Place near your cat's favorite window or anywhere he or she likes to spend time, and watch the fun begin. The cat hammock and scratching post is a great deterrent for cats with a proclivity for clawing things they shouldn’t, such as drapes, blinds, furniture, and more.

Super Trendy PetStages Cat Scratchers

Sometimes you want to put that unsightly cat scratching pad away. The PetStages Cat Scratcher’s X design allows you to be able to fold it up and put it out of sight when you need to. Although you’ll first need to coax Mr. Whiskers to get off his relaxing spot. The corrugated cardboard encourages scratching with its satisfying ripping sound. The sturdy design can hold large cats too.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Petstages Cat Scratcher Cat Hammock Cat Scratching Post$15.59
It’s easy living with the Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher by Petstages. This sturdy, basic hammock is sure to be your kitty’s favorite perch and scratching post. Corrugate material is great for scratching, and encourages kitty to scratch their own furniture, not yours. Best of all, it’s infused with catnip, so your kitty will love the scent! Most cats stay inside all of their lives, separated from the stimulating, engaging activities that are naturally available outside of the house. To help address your cat's instinctual needs, Invironment products offer a variety of natural materials, textures and activities to provide the Invironment that kitty craves, making them a safe and happy cat!

kitten's claws on scratching post for cats

The AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Posts Trio

Give your tabby that little bit extra with this AmazonBasics Triple Cat Post. The three pillars create a sturdy design, and with three scratching surfaces, it’s one of the more longer-lasting posts available. Natural jute and coconut rope keep your kitten’s claws healthy. You’ll enjoy seeing your cat climb and swat the attached toy.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post with Toy$23.99
A go-to spot for releasing energy, relaxing, or satisfying the urge to scratch, your furry friend will truly appreciate the AmazonBasics triple scratching post. An endless source of fun, he or she will spend hours interacting with this product’s features. Cats have a natural impulse to sharpen and condition their nails through scratching, removing dead layers and generally following their instincts. By providing an outlet for these compulsions, you’ll save yourself from potential property damage — and keep your kitty happy and healthy at the same time.

The Dimaka 29″ Tall Scratching Post for Cats

Vertical cat posts allow your feline friend to stretch, play, and climb. The Dimaka Tall Cat Post comes in a variety of colors so you can choose one that will blend into your home decor. The cat scratching post is made with thick cardboard and wrapped in natural sisal. Save your furniture from its inevitable demise.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Dimaka 29" Tall Cat Scratching Post$23.99
Scratching Post Tree is made with thick cardboard tube and wrapped with natural fibrous sisal; base tower are made with heavy chipboard covered with soft plush, safe and stable, avoid tipping and wobbling, provides reliability and stability, wooden material , handmade

Funky PetnPurr Cactus Cat Scratching Posts

Pet owners who have a love affair with indoor plants will enjoy the way that the PetnPurr Cactus post blends into their indoor garden. This scratching surface, shaped like a cactus, is made with a sisal rope that will withstand the nails of even the toughest kitty. If you’re looking for something cute and functional, then this is perfect for your pet.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
PetnPurr Cat Scratching Post with Teaser Ball$41.89
Built from high-quality sisal materials – the same materials used in high grade carpeting, your cat can scratch, claw, climb and stretch at will – saving your furniture and other fine home furnishings.

black cat scratching cat post

Why Not Get Crafty and Make a DIY Cat Scratching Post?

Bring out the double-sided tape and glue gun, and let’s get crafty. Whether a holiday project or a repair on your heavily used cat post, you can make your DIY cat post for your beloved emotional support cat.  You can also wrap table legs, chair legs, or hardboard that you find in your garden shed.

Once your kitty has familiarised themselves with their new cat scratcher, you can wave shabby furniture goodbye. Let them scratch to their heart’s content while you kick back and enjoy seeing them play.

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