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21 June, 2018

Delta’s New Regulations, Bans “Pit Bull Type” Dogs and More

Announced yesterday, Delta released new regulations on breed restrictions and limitations for an ESA owner. Going into full effect on July 10th, Delta Airlines bans any “pit bull type” dog, service/emotional support animal or not, from onboarding the plane. Additionally, they will only be allowing one ESA per customer on the flight as well. As either a frequent flyer or CertaPet customer, what does this mean for an …

5 June, 2018

Dog Found Dead in Cargo on Delta: How Can Our Pets Be Safe?

On May 30th, Alejandro, an 8-year-old Pomeranian, died on a Delta Airlines flight from Phoenix to Newark with a stop at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. During the layover in Michigan, the dog was found unresponsive by a Delta flight attendant. As a pet in cargo, the death of Alejandro raises many concerns about Delta’s flying conditions for animals. Alejandro’s Owner – …

2 June, 2018

Southwest Airlines ESA Policy 

Do you know the Southwest Airlines ESA policy? Before you pack your bags—and your pooch or kitty, make sure you’re well aware of your responsibilities as a passenger! People suffering from emotional and mental disabilities such as post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and depression, may find the entire travel ordeal to be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, emotional support animals are there …

29 May, 2018

Frontier Airlines ESA Policy

Traveling with your ESA has never been easier! The Frontier Airlines ESA policy acknowledges that traveling with an emotional support animal is intended to be a therapeutic experience. Unfortunately, if you do not prepare properly your emotional support animal may cause you more distress than comfort. While Frontier airlines allow pets, emotional support animals, and service animals to fly the …

29 May, 2018

Delta Airlines ESA Policy

Traveling with your ESA on Delta Airlines can be easy and hassle-free! Why? This is because Delta Airlines ESA policy has slowly become one of the more popular airlines that ensure travelers enjoy their airplane rides with ease. If you’re a person looking to travel with Delta Airlines—either with your pet or your ESA. Then make sure you read this …

23 May, 2018

United Airlines ESA Policy

United Airlines ESA policy is designed to ensure that everyone experiences a hassle-free airplane ride! All you need to do is ensure you’ve met all their requirements so that you and your ESA can travel stress-free!