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March 13, 2019

Flying with Your Pet: American Airlines Pet Policy

American Airlines has a strict pet policy in place so it’s best to know ahead of time what you can and cannot do/bring when flying with your furry friend. Take CertaPet’s Free Screening Test American Airlines Pet Policy for In Cabin Travel American Airlines does let pets into the cabin to travel with you, but with certain stipulations. Firstly, the …

October 19, 2017

Flying with Your Pet: United Airlines Pet Policy

In many cases, flying out for a family vacation typically means leaving your pets at home. However, United Airlines makes it possible to take your pet along for the ride. United Airlines pet policy provides accommodations for pets whether they’re allowed to sit in the cabin with their owner or transported separately. In-Cabin United Pet Policy Make sure to follow …

March 18, 2019

Traveling with Emotional Support Dog – Tips and Tricks

Traveling with an Emotional Support Dog can make or break a vacation depending on if you plan properly. We at CertaPet wanted to make sure all of our ESA owners have all the ins and outs for what they need to travel with their ESA.  Let’s ensure your vacation goes smooth and is an enjoyable experience for both dog and owner! Take CertaPet’s …